#1. I doubt seriously you’re a Black person. Your writing and grievance style is very White centered, White focused.

#2. Your probably took someone’s face from an actual account and used it to create this Medium account. I get that alot from Medium trolls.

#3. How smart can you be to read my thoughts, every — single — day and disagree with them, yet you keep reading? I don’t even write everyday. Some months I only publish 2–3 times per month. My rhetoric is mines, and you most certainly don’t have to keep reading them. You just like to bitch, but you want to use this profile to pretend you’re a Black person to do it thinking it’s going to turn Black people against one another. Classic White Ops. You’re not fooling me boo.

#4. You’re full of [XXXXX].

Please try Black Jesus, don’t try me.

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