As Reparations Discussions For Descendants of Freedman Continue, Vultures Begin To Swarm

Other racial groups have always seen descendants of Freedmen as their life preservers and piggy banks.

Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

Vultures Smell Money And They’re Swarming

As Freedmen, African American descendants of slavery (ADOS), Foundational Black Americans (FBA), and other gain traction in their organization for reparations, vultures (other racial groups) have begun swarming. For example, since ADOS and FBA have been advocating for reparations, non-Black people like Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York (AOC) have attempted to co-opt the movement and redirect discussions to groups who came after us and who came here willingly for a “better life.”

Recently Cortez invoked reparations for “minority families” for America’s poor Covid response. Minority means everything under the kitchen sink today thanks to intersectionality. Should rich gay White women, transmen, or people who were disabled due to no fault of their own receive reparations simply because under the Civil Rights Act they are deemed minorities? Word matter. Stories matters. Specificity must matter.

Muddying the waters by Cortez is intentional. A while ago she went made a comment about Latinos being Black and equating African Americans and the Latinx communities as one in the same because she wanted to insert the Latinx community into the Black Lives Matter Movement, a movement started for the Black grassroots by the Black grassroots before it was co-opted by vultures.

Cortez received a lot of pushback from the Black grassroots for her comments and we’ve been side-eyeing the young-un ever since. She knows she’s a White passing grandfathered Latinx’er and she doesn’t fool up with Black people outside of work, unless they’re famous of course. I digress.

Nobody wants to be associated with African American Black people until we’re either mobilized and moving towards goals, fighting for rights or reparations, or they need us for something (i.e. votes). The more we try to separate ourselves from other groups, to advocate for ourselves, the more other groups latch on like leeches to enjoy the ride.

Cortez also recently demanded reparations for migrant families, blaming America for conditions in their home countries. Migrant families came here on there on, African American Black people did not. And while America may have played a role in the conditions of their countries via geopolitical war games, that has nothing to do with African American Black people. She continues to couple her calls for reparations with ours. Again, it’s intentional.

It’s politics, it’s an effort to usher in that Hispanic/Latinx power that Biden told us about during his call with Civil Rights misleaders, and most importantly, it’s an effort to decenter African American Black people. America’s stepchildren can’t have any attention show to them without some other group getting mad and needing to compare themselves to us. The LGBTQIA+ community, feminists, disabled people, Asians, other non-White ethnic/racial groups, and even White men for godsakes love comparing themselves to the plights of African American descendants of those enslaved, our struggle, and our trauma.

Vultures gonna vulture. It’s worked so well and so often for them, they just keep doing it. African American Black people have helped themselves almost to extinction. We’re the poorer than all other groups, our communities are the most gentrified, our women earn the lower wages than all women in the workforce, professional or otherwise, our men have the highest unemployment rates , the most incarcerated, killed at higher rates by police, Black women are abused sexually more than all other groups of women, we’re selected less for juries, and let’s not get into America’s history of specifically targeting us.

So please don’t try to tell me all minorities are created equal. We’re not. The only people who seemingly cannot understand this or choose not to understand this are the vultures and leeches desiring to co-opt, erase, and move in get something they've apparently deemed valuable.

In my opinion, AOC clearly doesn’t understand what reparations are for, nor does she care about who should be entitled to them. She definitely has no respect for African Americans as she works to erase and bulldoze us every chance she gets.

The Oppression Olympics is real with people from other groups and immigrants, and these folks will express their anti- African American Blackness in a myriad of ways.

People like AOC are people we can always count on to counter anything we do. Clearly, she sees something in it for her or the people she cares for, even if those people came into the country illegally. Even if those people already have privileges and power. This is why specificity matters.

Other groups are eyeing ADOS reparations efforts as well.

Edgar Villanueva, someone else who has inserted himself and his organizations into the reparations movement for Freedmen currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of Native Americans in Philanthropy, NDN Collective, and is a Board Member of the Andrus Family Fund, a national foundation that works to improve outcomes for vulnerable youth. He has zero experience with reparations nor does he appear to have experience working with Black communities.

You’ll notice there is a theme here. Non-Black people and advocacy groups with non-Black issues are attempting to attach themselves to anything that will help us (Black folks) help them. Something in the milk ain’t clean, and this pattern of people and groups inserting themselves into Black reparations discussions without formal relationships with grassroots is highly suspicious. Black folks need to really pay close attention to these folks, their words, and their insertions into our grassroots advocacy for Black issues.

Vultures and grifters are going to vulture and grift. They just can’t get a way with it on my watch. These folks need to know we see them and we know what they’re doing.

Our Reparations Can’t Be For Everyone

When Native Americans sued the government for reparations, they didn’t include anyone who was not Native American. They even excluded Freedmen living on reservations. When the Japanese sued the government for being held in internment camps, no one called to consult with Black people. When Jews received recompense for Holocaust atrocities, African Americans weren’t included because African Americans were not present when crimes were committed. Groups have the right to advocate for their own interests and seek recompense. So do African American descendants of enslavement.

Other groups are “joining” our fight for reparations with no conversation, and with no rationale for joining. Some of the groups aren’t even known allies of ours. As we mobilize in an effort to secure reparations for our 400-plus years of trauma and counting, other groups are rolling up to the line trying to take over or in the least insert themselves in our claim(s).

For instance, recently, a group called Decolonize Wealth hopped onto the scene to suddenly to speak on reparations for Freedmen. Most of us had never heard of this individual or his organization before.


I’ve been following a number of movements centered on reparations and one led by someone with the last name of Villanueva isn’t one. Yvette Carnell, the Founder of Breaking Brown and the catalyst for the ADOS Movement that I’ve followed for years, noticed Decolonize Wealth Fund’s recent post and immediately became suspicious. Decolonize Wealth Fund is a fund via Liberated Capital, a donor community and funding vehicle aimed at moving untethered resources to Black, Indigenous, and other People-of-Color communities for liberation and racial healing.

In my personal opinion, an organization currently created to assist Indigenous and other People of Color branching into reparations for Freedmen are uber problematic because it 1.) Muddies the Black and Brown waters (different groups have different issues and needs), 2.) Erases us and lumps groups together unnecessarily as Black people are desperately seeking to disaggregate ourselves for the purposes of reparations, policies for African Americans, 3.) For this Liberated Capital group raising money for the Decolonizing Wealth fund, there are no Black people associated with the venture, and 4.) Non-Black groups attaching themselves to reparations cause for Freedmen would be a way for Liberated Capital to use money secured for freedmen to aid other groups (via interest accrued by the funds received or by selecting organizations and groups they’ve deemed eligible) which may be problematic.

People and organizations coming out of the cracks suddenly volunteering to help us without a track record of having a relationship is always a red flag for me and a lot of Black people. If you’re coming from a position of power and in a capacity of leading instead of following and on the humble, it’s a red flag.

No African American Freedmen Black people in leadership (circled in red). Screenshot from the Grapevine website:

Another thing that was a red flag was the organization is associated with the Schott Foundation, a Democratic Party dark money trojan horse apparently used to buy off Black politicians, co-opt Black movements and mislead Black voters politically. The National Black Justice Coalition’s head has ties with the Schott Foundation, who had ties to former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gilliam and all of his campaign troubles.

The Schott Foundation is anti-reform education foundation under federal investigation funding dark money that’s tied to a number of Democratic Party political candidates in the past. These foundations and funds are often used to mislead us. I hope you read the piece. It’s political season, and we need to be savvier in our politics.

When it comes to money, new people and Black people, we must follow the money trails. All of them. Every connection. Every single time.

Without ceasing.

It seems everyone wants everything we have or in the least somehow be next to us because they understand we are the nation’s movers and shakers. Black people get things done, for everybody except themselves. Also, grifters are going to grift.

Folks are beginning to get really slick with their grifts though. Many Reparationists are feeling as if we’re surrounded by vampires. The attempt to colonize Freedmen's reparations by Villanueva stood out like a soar thumb. Yvette Carnell (ADOS), founder of the ADOS movement and active grassroots Reparationists called out what appeared to drifting and territory encroachment.


I followed the money of the Decolonizing Wealth (read my comments of the Tweet above) and found the organization had little to do with reparations activism prior to our 2020 call for reparations. We figured out this donor-advised fund is likely seeking to be a conservatorship for reparations money if there ever is any and they are seeking to position themselves to be in the running or is some sort of trojan horse set to counter/decenter ADOS.

Crazy right?

Check out the list of previous grantees the Liberated Capital organization worked with. Most of the grantees were Native American and Hispanic organizations. The organization decided to branch out with no connections or conversations with people who would actually be receiving reparations. Few of the grantee organizations if any were African American or served Freedmen if any at all. Are Black people just supposed to allow any old group to swoop and offer assistance to us when they have no track record of helping our people in the past? I don’t think so.

No other racial group allows inserts us into their advocacy. We’re fine with that. We all have different issues and different fights with this racist government. But don’t co-opt our shit because your group can’t get anything popping. We’re not maids, mammies, and builders for other groups to just suckle when they get hungry or need a house to gather themselves in. We’re seeking to disaggregate for the purposes of reparations, and folks seemingly are upset about it.

Black people have been everyone’s life insurance policy for so long they just can’t stop leeching off of us. They are so comfortable (and disrespectful) these days they just do it in our faces. It’s up to us African Americans and Freedmen to teach folks how to treat us. It’s also our responsibility to control our narrative. Too many times people come in and tell us what’s right and wrong with us and force us to take us issues and advocacy which isn’t ours.

Those days are over. We Bag ladies are giving folks back their bags and stuff so we can carry our own bags, care for our own children, build our own communities, and fight for our own justice. If we don’t do it, no one else will.

Accusations of Xenophobia Abound

I’m perplexed at the accusations of xenophobia African Americans face when attempting to delineate themselves from other groups of Blacks. No one accuses people of Asian descent of being xenophobic if Mongolians desire to be disaggregated from the Chinese, people from Thailand, or people from India. While they all may live on the same continent, the cultures, languages, and religions are not the same.

America teaches us to all use catchall phrases to group people because America doesn’t give a shit about anyone except White people.

Before you attack me for being anti-Black, think about a few things. It’s okay for Nigerians to have Nigerian pride and Jamaicans to be proud of Jamaican heritage and lineage no matter where they are on the earth.

Chinatowns are all over America, and here in South Florida, there is an entire community called Little Havana where Cubans resettled after Castro’s coup. Black Americans don’t have a Blacktown anywhere and if we wanted to name one Blacktown folks would be upset about it. America has Germantown, and Little Mexicos too. In Miami, there is a section called Little-Haiti where Haitian Americans have lived since the 70s and 80s. People want to be among their own. People like to be where they know they are safe.

The Mexicans I know hate being confused with Cubans, Guatemalans, or Venezuelans. They are proud of their lineages and they make sure they aren’t confused with Colombians or Dominicans although here in America White Supremacy gave them all the catchall label of Hispanic/Latinx because Americans couldn’t be bothered to learn about where people come from. What’s important to White people in America is that all non-White immigrants will be subjugated to Whiteness upon arrival.

But you want to tell Black people their need for specificity and disaggregation is wrong. We’re all Black, we must get along all the time, and what ours belongs to everyone.

Those responses are rooted in zero-sum. Please check your selfishness and biases if you have such feelings.

Reparations for African American descendants of slaves are imperative and in order for us to finally get what we’re owed, we need to disaggregate ourselves from all other Black people in this country to tell our stories. Disaggregation is not xenophobic, it’s separating histories, it’s clearly defining our culture, it’s telling our own stories, making claims against the government no other Blacks in the country can make because they don’t have a 400-year history, and it’s making a case against White Supremacy.

Anyone unable to understand this is simply moving selfishly and is looking at what’s in the best interests for them personally instead of what’s best for African Americans collectively. What kind of fool gets upset because I get repaid for a debt owed to me? An old fool I suppose.

Other Black people who believe we may get reparations and they could possibly be excluded are participating in zero-sum thinking and/or leapfrogging which are tools of White Supremacy that help none of us in the long term.

The bottom line is that anti-Blackness is real, and plenty of people all over the globe engage in it. Hating African Americans for attempting to disaggregate themselves for the sole purpose of reparations is insane.

African American descendants of slaves aren’t trying to join Jamaica’s call for reparations from Britain. According to Jamaica’s Information Services, “The establishment of a Reparations Commission and the Terms of Reference by which it should operate covers, Jamaican descendants of slaves, wherever they reside, whether in Jamaica or in the Diaspora in order to consider the interests of the large external Jamaican population. This is highlighted to clearly delineate the work of the Commission and the Jamaican Government’s power to demand compensation.”

Jamaicans haven’t included African Americans in their claim, nor are we demanding to be included in their claims because a bag (money) is at stake. We weren’t there. It’s not our business. It wasn’t our trauma.

But I’m rooting for every Jamaican to get what they’re owed. They all are entitled to be compensated for their generational trauma, land theft, poverty, and debts caused by underinvestments.

Racial and ethnic groups attempting to include themselves in our reparations are nothing more than grifters. People today who are moved by feelings instead of history have been most problematic. African Americans are not xenophobic, we just need specificity to make our claims against the people who not only enslaved our ancestors but continued to practice racial discrimination after freedmen were emancipated and after Reconstruction to this every day.

Remember, America had quotas for Black immigrants until the 1960s. It's kinda hard to claim reparations when their families weren’t here during or immediately after slavery. Furthermore, you don’t find many Africans and Afro-Carribeans outside of Metropolitan areas. All African American descendants of slavery have roots that be traced back to the deep South. Very few slaves were brought here from the Caribbean during slavery.

In fact, not all Black people were slaves. There are people hailing from the African continent who have never been enslaved. Should they receive reparations? Blackness is not a monolith, and we need to come to terms with this.

We experience being Black in America differently for obvious reasons. If you know, you know. Let’s acknowledge that and not be offended when different Black groups are fighting for their own interests. At the end of the day, the resentment is a result of Black folks taking on White Supremacy’s zero-sum mindset.

Not our monkeys, not our circus.

This is business for us, and for once African Americans need to put themselves first. We can’t keep believing we gotta wait until we get to heaven to receive justice and reparations for all the dirty shit White people and their trusty gatekeepers from hell have done to us. We’re poor. We’re sick. We’re struggling. Black folks are dying.

White Supremacy is the root of it all.

No one called Native Americans xenophobic when they sued for reparations. No one calls them xenophobic for kicking Black Choctaw and Black Cherokee Native Americans off of reservations. Black Freedmen just want to advocate reparations without it being a competition. We also need to get our ducks in a row to cut down on grifters.

I have thoughts about what we should be doing to get ready for reparations.

What Reparations Activists Need To Do Now (ASAP)

There are several things ADOS, FBA, and Reparationists need to do to prevent the co-opting and drifting of reparations by other groups looking to cash in on reparations. Other groups have been able to position themselves in ways Freedmen Reparationists have not because we have never received recompense unlike other racial groups in America such as Native Americans, Mexicans, Jews, and the Japanese.

Get Educated /Skilled on Reparation and Reparations Management

Black people need to be able to manage their reparations, have appropriate, highly skilled persons as well as concerned community members capable of directing resources where they are needed. We need communities developed, people to manage those cities, develop banks and credit unions to hold Black reparations funds and to support Black business, nonprofit, financial literacy education, tech specialists, Black systems to sustain Black people, educators, Black people skilled in business, city and community planning, everything. We need trusted conservators nationally and those people need to be trusted by the people.

Get skilled so we can be ready to hit the ground running.

Form Community Development Vehicles ASAP

If reparations are provided to descendants of Freedmen today, Black communities have few Black-owned, Black-operated community development vehicles ready to put the money to work to build. Local communities need to develop Community Development Corporations (CDC), Community Financial Development Corporations, and land trust groups. We urban planners and other such individuals who may have the vision to plan for our future.

Create Lobbying Groups For Local, State, and Federal Politics

In order to get anything done in America, you must through it through politics. Politics simply put is pay to play. Black people haven’t been good at playing politics the way White Supremacy requires. With reparations in hand, we’ll have the leverage we’ve never had before. We need attorneys, individuals with bachelor degrees, and other experienced professionals ready to do battle for our community with crooked politicians as professional lobbyists. We need lobbyists now, but we definitely will need them if we receive reparations.

Data Analysts and Data Collectors Will Be Essential

We need to begin collecting and maintaining data on ourselves. We need to count ourselves, study ourselves, and disseminate data to others about Black people. When we control the data, we can control our narratives. Having people who understand how to collect and maintain data will be essential for managing our reparations and competing for other pots of funds as those opportunities present themselves. Data tells stories and we need our own data collection plans, policies, and processes for our benefit.

We will also need software engineers to develop proprietary databases so that our info won’t be sold or compromised.

Attorneys Will Be Necessary

During the reparations process and afterward, we will need intelligent, hardworking attorneys (not ambulance chasers) well-versed in Merikkka’s legal system to represent our interests, projects, etc. If you don't understand the law you can’t do much of anything. We need good Black attorneys and great White ones who can work without sabotaging our grassroots efforts.

Secure or Develop Strong Proposal Writers

People with strong writing skills are going to be essential to pushing reparations agendas and conveying plans for Freedmen to governments. These individuals will need to have government-speak and policy experiences as well as great writing skills. People able to think clearly and create plans for what to do once reparations are received are going to be vital pre and post-reparations.

Follow The Money

There is plenty of dark money in politics meant to keep us divided. When new groups approach grassroots reparationists efforts, especially those not run by Black people, your antennas should go up. Follow the money and you’ll find the dead cats on the lines.

Develop A Nation Building Mindset

To be direct as possible, we need to think of our nation-building the same way we think of getting out of poverty. As a class or group, we’re poor. We’re starting over with almost no wealth, no liquid assets, but we have plenty of people willing to use their skills and abilities to lay the foundation for a pathway to our future. Being poor is hard and requires a lot of work, more work than many are accustomed to, and more work than most Black folks are willing to put in. Reparationists serious about being ready for the possibility of financial recompense are going to have to have a nation-building mindset prior to the money hitting the bank account.

If you’ve been poor, you know how to make something shake. Making something out of nothing is what we do best. To win this long fight against the government for reparations and care for the collective, a mindset change is required. We’re going to lose battles, but you can’t give up because the nation is depending on you. You can never stop nation-building because dumbasses are focused on professional sports, entertainers, gossip blogs, or other things that won’t and can’t build us up. Someone gotta lay foundations, plan, develop the blueprints and build the communities so that the people can come.

Be about nation-building business at all times, and connect with like-minded individuals online and in-person (when the air is clear of course).

Develop Legal Vehicles To Prevent Co-opting

If you didn’t read my piece I wrote on the debauchery of Black Lives Matter and how the movement was stolen and co-opted by the grifters, you should. Black people have a history of coining phrases and slogans, protesting, and then suddenly losing control of the messaging because those affiliated with the original advocacy groups failed to incorporate and become a legal, responsible vehicle able to fundraise, holding their communities and themselves accountable, and preventing grifters from coming to town raising money off of your efforts.

We live in a nation where anything goes and we have a legal system that respects certain ways of doing things. A legal advocacy group or nonprofit legitimizes your efforts and prevents dusty Black men with blue vests like Deray from writing ass organizations like the National Black Lives Matters organization from coming to your town co-opting your movement. Developing a strong, responsive, working localized nonprofit organization is a fairly easy task though many feel it’s intimidating.

I’ll share a quick version to get you started.

To start, you’ll need to visit your respective state Secretary of State’s Office online to conduct a name search for your new nonprofit business. If the name is available, you’ll need to secure it right away if you’re not ready to formally incorporate the business at the time of the search. There is usually a small fee to reserve business names in your state. Once that’s done, you’ll need to select a business structure.

Depending on if you’re a group or an individual, for-profit or nonprofit, your business structure may vary (yes, nonprofit organizations are businesses, just tax-exempt ones). I recommend the tax-exempt route, to begin with, to avoid issues and branch out once your advocacy is fleshed out.

Next, you’ll need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and register your business in the state where the business will be headquartered and where the physical work will take place. If you’re creating a national advocacy organization, you’ll need to make its home where the founders reside. Once your organization/business is registered in your state, you’re ready to do business. Make sure you read your state laws regarding how your business structure is supposed to operate and reporting requirements in order to avoid getting jammed up.

Lastly, you’ll need to apply for federal tax exemption if you want to be able to accept and make grants, lure prospective donors with a tax-exempt donation perk, engage in economic and community development via a public-private partnership, and avoid heavy tax bills. Doing the right things at the very beginning will help your group avoid huge headaches, save you lots of embarrassment, and stop grifters who are positioned to take advantage of Black suffering. Basically, it cancels everyone’s life insurance policies.

If you’re afraid of completing the process yourself and believe you’re not going to do your filings properly, there are legal software programs such as Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer who aid in the business and nonprofit filing process for a fee in addition to all the filing fees for the respective state filings. Everything costs money, so be prepared. Nothing in life is free. Creating a nonprofit organization shows you’re ready to do business and helps your group develop a track record.

People always want to know if you have experience building and maintaining large sums of money with verifiable experience. Creating this type of organization provides the proof and track records you’ll need. For management and administration support after your organization is formed, visit, click here to visit the National Council of Nonprofits for free resources.

Keep Your Eyes Open

As the New World Order transition continues, expect to be disrespected, co-opted, talked down to, receive suspicious offers of help out of nowhere, and be falsely accused of being Russian bots, threats, etc. by the mainstream. I’ve seen quite a few Black Empowerment groups vilified by the mainstream media over the last two election cycles. When I saw the ADOS labeled as Russian bots after I’d watched the group grow organically online for years, I knew the government was back up to its old bullshit trying to control its opposition.

Vet All Black People

We all know anti-Black people exist across the diaspora, but we refuse to vet them which allows them to destroy us from within. They basically do the job of White Supremacists. There are a lot of greedy, disrespectful, anti-Black, and anti-African American Blacks all over the diaspora. Anyone off code and unclear about the goals and objectives of Black Americans should be excluded from reparationists endeavors. There are plenty of non-ADOS folks who are happy to lend hands and voices to our efforts, but we can’t have folks off-code.

The biggest mistake of every grassroots Black empowerment group in the US that had the support of the people was to vet the Black people in its ranks, constantly. The Black Panthers were infiltrated by the FBI and possibly the CIA. So was the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Nation of Islam, and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Black activism is a threat to America and the world for that matter. If we take back what’s ours, White people won’t have shit, so they all are vested in keeping us from loving ourselves, fighting each other, and ignoring the fact they all support the government’s mislabeling of Black empowerment as Black extremism.

Black folks need to be vetted when dealing with anything related to Black empowerment, especially Black immigrants as they tend to have a blindness to America’s violence and exclusion of African Americans from mainstream society.

Some of us will sell our mammies down the river for the White gaze, a pat on the head by the police, an opportunity to be the only Black in a room, and a couple grand. Black liberation includes quests for reparations and White Supremacy will do anything to stop us from freeing ourselves, including using Black people to control our opposition. Vet, vet, and vet again!

We Blacks aren’t loyal despite all we’ve been through, sadly. Some of us love White Supremacy more than we love ourselves.

Processes to vet us should be built into all reparations efforts as well as any other Black empowerment endeavors. I am pro-Black, but I also understand we don’t all have the same motives or affinity for all Black people. In certain situations, in order to liberate ourselves, we must disaggregate from Black people across the diaspora unwilling or unable to fight White Supremacy with the enthusiasm and rigor we have and be uncompromising when we doing so.

Expect Excuses, Pushback From White People, Lots Of It

None of this is new. Most White people practice racism and inequity habitually and they benefit from the system whether they admit it or not. When they aren’t physically engaging in it, they are verbally practicing opposition to equity with excuses and pushback. Expect it. Practice not being surprised. Learn all the tired excuses they use and develop comebacks using data. Don’t bother reading White views about White opposition written by White people. They all say the same thing and most journalists trying to talk about reparations do so using the same viewpoints which center on White thoughts, White opposition, and White rationales on what wealth should look like for us.

Remember, most White people believe in zero-sum. In their small minds, someone has to lose in order for another to win. Most Black and indigenous groups didn’t live or think like this prior to colonization. Decolonizing your mind requires not engaging with White people in reparations discussions if and when they present zero-sum angst. It’s not our job to try to keep convincing covertly racist White people they need to do right by us. Those days are long gone.

We just need to show them their debts, give them their bills, and demand their recompense. Period.

African American Black people need to be about their business and planning for their futures. If they don’t do the work, no one else will. Folks are standing around waiting to take our places and willing to undermine us at every turn to stab us in our backs, steal our rights, and take our reparations away if we let them.

We’ve cared about everyone but ourselves for far too long in America. It’s time to focus on ourselves, guilt-free. Self-care is the best care.

Marley K., 2022

Follow me here on Medium, YouTube (Marley K), Twitter (MarleyK20), on my website, or support my work via Ko-fi (MarleyK) and on Venmo (MarleyK20). They are censoring me and other Black activists heavily these days. Thanks for reading.



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