Why The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Is Important To Black People

Decoding the Codes of White Supremacy

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There is a lot going on right now in the world as well as in the media so picking and choosing what’s important has been a little difficult for me. I’m trying not to be so married to a lot of it because it’s stressful. But there were a few quick nuggets I wanted to drop about Kyle Rittenhouse's trial that I wanted to teach on. I know White people are struggling to understand what’s so egregious about this case so I want to give my take on it.

The Judge

The judge is a modern-day White Supremacist right out of the Jim Crow playbook. He’s doing everything he can to derail the Rittenhouse trial, by either ensuring the verdict can be set aside due to his misconduct (for which there is no real punishment by the way). This judge has made a mockery of the criminal justice system in a way only a racist White man could. Judge Schroeder’s goal seems to be either tainting the jury to get a mistrial, having the verdict set aside to give the sentence he wants (which is no time at all), or to make it easy to get a new trial through Rittenhouse’s appeal process if he is convicted. And the chastising of the Prosecution has been hard to watch.

The judge is using all the White power he has at his disposal to ensure White terror is legalized and sanctioned by the state. If Rittenhouse walks, you’ll see White men gunning down protestors marching for Black lives and against racial injustice mowed down like freshly cut grass all over the nation.

Another tool the White Supremacist judge is using is wordplay, and we know how White folks love to play with words to suit their needs. The judge in the case stated the men killed by Rittenhouse aren’t to be called victims, but must be called looters (code for criminals). By changing the definition of crime on the spot, the judge is using the same racist strategies and codes the media and the criminal justice system uses when both victims and perpetrators or Black. The victims are made to be the criminals and the perpetrator of the crime is made to look like an innocent young White man who made a mistake. It’s all so psychopathic and evil.

And let’s talk about how the judge’s antics are over the top overall. This judge acts as if he came straight out of the Hee-Haw Law School for Hillbillies and Racists. It’s the weirdest shit I’ve seen in modern times and many others observing agree. The dude even made racist statements on the stand about Asian food. White Supremacy is getting bolder by the day. It’s undeniable. This is a part of the slow-moving coup I have been warning you about over the past few years, my friends. As you focus on Pelosi, Biden, Harris, the Squad, Infrastructure Bills, and farting (yes honey, farting), your state systems are loaded with racist obstructionists like Shroeder ready to let baby-faced White Supremacists and their mammies off the hook to kill another day.

Judge Bruce Shroeder, is making sure he gets his five minutes of fame much like the judge in the Casey Anthony murder trial. At least he had the decency to step down. We haven’t been so lucky this go-round. These are different times. I wouldn’t be surprised if all else fails he would simply adopt Rittenhouse and then set aside the verdict. That’s how in the tank Judge Shroeder is for murderous Rittenhouse.

The Dramatics

Kyle Rittehouse’s fake cry is straight from the womb of Karen. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it with the sound off first. It’s a sight to behold. But that fake cry is an important reminder of how White people resort to performing and manipulating when caught in a jam. Remember when I wrote about the way White folks teach their kids to be cunning and manipulative to get their way. Kyle Rittenhouse showed the world White Parenting 101. There is no way a Black kid could get away with such dramatic acting if they’d killed anyone in a white criminal justice system, especially not shooting two White men and wounding a third with a long gun.

Lastly, the mother. Rittenhouse’s mother is being coached by Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, none other than O.J. Simpson’s jury consultant. Dimitrius has been working with Rittenhouse’s defense team as he stands trial in Kenosha. Part of her job apparently is teaching Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, how to be a crying Karen in front of the cameras. It’s been a piss poor performance. All of it. White womens’ tears have gotten many of their murderous white sons off the hook in a pickle. See Jim Crow.

White Supremacy is working overtime to shine up their racists like new money. Fortunately for us, it’s the same ole stewing toilet bowl of shit you can smell from a mile away White folks always prepare to serve us. We see the plots. They tried it though.

The Lies

The Prosecution, with minimal effort from them I might add, has caught Rittenhouse in so many lies he could be a rug on a floor. The Prosecution was able to show Rittenhouse lied about many of the events that happened on the night of the murders. The surviving victims/witness also got caught in a lie which was also bad for the prosecution. At one point it was looking so bad for Rittenhouse when he was on the stand Tuesday, the judge (Rittenhouse’s court and self-appointed daddy) chastised the Prosecution so frequently and in such a manner the Defense felt compelled to inquire about a possible mistrial. The judge is doing the absolute most.

The Takeaways

There are several takeaways from the Rittenhouse trial. This trial is a huge flex for White Supremacy for a few different reasons. Let me make the vision plain for those who can’t connect the dots.

  1. This trial is serving White people notice, the good ones that is. The good White people who are willing to put their necks on the line for Black people in protest against racial injustice, police brutality, etc., will be gunned down and not considered a victim. Basically, they’ll be relegated to a Black status and treated as such. This trial is a warning shot of sorts. Scary White people will see this subliminal message, get back on code, and be White again. Black people are fully aware this happens all the time. We’re all we got. This trial is serving as a notice to scary Whites will work as well as Southern Strategy politics does. White Supremacy rules.
  2. The old White men imagery never gets old to White people. I don’t know why White people love old White men so, but the imagery of an old, racist White man doing wrong in a Black robe gives me racist Founding Father, antebellum, “To Kill A Mockingbird” type vibes. For White people, the imagery apparently is some E.T. phone home kind of bat signal to get White folks in line and on code. The imagery of old White men signifies good old-fashioned, ole-timey White power/White Supremacy. It’s like an alarm clock for White people. It moves them. They don’t tire of seeing White men in power as the rest of us.
  3. The law is for other people. This trial shows how White people will bend and change the laws and rules to benefit White men. The color of the law in America is White, and the judge and the defense are working overtime to ensure the world knows it.
  4. People forgot this was about Black lives. This protest was about the way Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man shot and paralyzed by police. The media has made the trial about a baby-faced White man and not the good White people victims who were shot for protesting Blake’s shooting. I just wanted to remind everyone in case they’d forgotten, and about the fact we still have no criminal justice reforms. We are back to the normal business of forgetting.
  5. Black people are always being watched by police as we fight injustice. A little-known fact was released in the trial this week about how the FBI and the Kenosha Police Department had detailed information on a list of 200 protestors. Freedom fighting is a tricky business for Black folks. We are not safe. Those of us risking our lives to speak out are often targets, entered into databases, and tracked/set up later. When we say we can’t trust the government, we mean it, and… we know what in the hell we’re talking about. COINTELPRO is still in full effect and until White people demand we have the same right to assemble free of prying eyes as they do, nothing will change. No one watches White people as they climbed the Capital building like monkeys, but they know everything there is to know about Black people.
  6. The slow coup is still on. The coup is happening at the state level(s). This trial is a perfect example of how White Supremacy has hijacked the system to flex its will on the rest of us. Remember Jim Crow lasted a hundred years or more and the federal government pathetically turned a blind eye to all the lynchings, criminal justice system injustices, racist judges, segregation, etc., and a part of the Compromise of 1877. If you think the way this judge is behaving is new or unfair, it’s history honey. White folks condoned it and it’s here flexing in our faces.
  7. Young White boys are ready to kill. There are a lot of young White males with firearms ready to kill at the drop of a time. Those of us who are their target must consider this at all times. This trial puts on display not only how they’ll kill, but how White mothers will drive them to crime scenes then lie to ensure their psychotic little babies don’t go to jail.
  8. White parenting is never questioned, scrutinized, or placed on trial when it comes to murderous White boys and men. If Kyle Rittenhouse was Black he would’ve been in foster care or juvenile detention and his mom would’ve been in some parenting class if not in jail for helping her son secure firearms as a minor. She definitely would’ve lost custody of her son temporarily. No one has raised the question/issue of why she was driving her kid across state lines to participate in watching grown folks’ property, nor are they questioning how she allowed her son to hang with known White Supremacists while on bail, fight girls, or violate the terms and conditions of his bail. White women are on trial as much as Kyle Rittenhouse is.
  9. Jim Crow is everywhere and people vote for it. The trial might be in Wisconsin but the Jim Crow governance structure that makes it racist is everywhere. There are hundreds of White judges in states all across America. White folks (and a lot of Black folks) elected them for one of three reasons: (1.) They didn’t bother to go through the record and bios of these judges, and (2.) White voters like their criminal justice system officials White and Blacks don’t care, so they do the White thing, or (3.) Voters just vote straight party ticket. Whatever the reason, White folks, the majority of this nation’s voters and supporters of White Supremacy have done the nation a great disservice by giving these judges such long appointments and tolerating such poor behavior.
  10. The system of White Supremacy works as designed. Racist judges, lying, murderous White young men fake crying on stands, white mammies sobbing in courtrooms trying to win over mostly- White and not all-White juries, White jury consultants earning a living teaching their guilty clients how to look innocent, and a White media ensuring they focus on all the things compelling to White people necessary to implant White innocence imagery is the system working as designed. If you don’t like how it looks, White people, please tear the system down.

White Supremacy isn’t dying, its flame is shining bright and its foot soldiers are playing their parts to help it remain in place. We are far beyond doing anything substantive to combat this issue. These folks are in a position and ready to answer a call, any call for their White Supremacist masters. If you think this is just another trial, you’re sadly mistaken. This trial is to see if White folks can kill without punishment.

Pay attention. Watch closely. White Supremacy is on code.

Black people need to be paying attention. The outcome of this trial determines just how close America is to Jim Crow and civil war. If you’re not prepared, you don’t have much more time left.

White Supremacy is moving fast, and there ain’t a damned thing stopping it. They aren’t hiding and we should all be alarmed by this. These are dangerous times, and it’s just the beginning.

Marley K. 2021

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