To All You Runners, Leeches and Rats, Planning To Leave Our Failing State

How White settler of ya’ll. Goodbye and good riddance.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

After reading Umair Haque’s latest essay, “It’s Time To Make Your Escape Plan For a Collapsing America,” and for some reason, I was extremely salty about it. I wasn’t really upset at the piece itself, because it’s the truth, and I’ve been saying the same thing for years myself. I think I was upset by Haque’s imploring people to leave America because of the coming fall of this racist empire. The comments were filled with racists and immigrants living here in the states discussing their mapped-out exit strategies and plans for living elsewhere as if White Supremacy and White violence are constricted to the United States’ borders.

White people really believe they can go somewhere else on earth to escape the wrath of White people. Don’t they realize they are the reasons none of us can have nice things? They are the root of all of our modern problems. Them leaving here and seeking refuge is quite the fodder, but I’ll go there later.

And while I’ve toyed with the idea myself a few times, leaving America to shelter elsewhere has never really sat right with my spirit. I equate leaving America to leaving my unclean home to go live in a hotel because I’m too lazy or afraid to clean it up so that I can be comfortable in it.

If I did the dirtying up, shouldn’t I want to clean it up — unless I never considered it my property in the first place — right? That’s the attitude most White people should have, but apparently, they don’t.

Cleaning up their messes is someone else's job.

White runners considering fleeing America don’t see any problem with running because they have no connection to this land, the people on it, those harmed by their actions and the actions of their ancestors, nor do they feel any responsibility or obligation to clean things up. They just run, and they’re planning on running. They remind me of the song by Christopher Cross “Ride Like The Wind,” just running, free.

Running seems selfish and heartless to me. But that’s what White Supremacy is all about — selfishness and heartlessness.

Lots of well-off immigrants practice these religions too — the religion of running.

Many immigrants leave their poor homelands for greener pastures, but as soon as there is trouble, clouds, or a brief drought preventing them from enjoying their lives in peace with a little prosperity, they’ll pack up and leave to return from whence they came. The burden of getting things right belongs to the natives. I know a lot of people will argue that prospective immigrants have always traveled the world in search of better opportunities which is fine, but these people should also be mature enough to understand the way was paved by others for them to enjoy and prosper from. Shouldn’t they just take as well as give back to their respective new nations in return for the privilege?

The burden of fighting injustice is always placed on the poorest and most disenfranchised of societies so the wealthiest and most privileged can live well. These folks act as if they are guests in foreign lands. Most immigrants consider where they originally hail from as their real homes.

It says you’re here, but you’re not here. White people are the original immigrants though they hate to see themselves as such.

Sadly, White people in America never really allow anyone other than White immigrants to feel at home, I guess it’s natural for immigrants to flee back to their homelands when things get tough here. They didn’t create racism. Most times their homelands are suffering because of White Supremacy. Why not come to where the money resides.

But back to Umair’s piece…

Umair’s essay suggested folks reading his work get their passports and leave America. Although his plea wasn’t specific to anyone or any place, I could see the wheels in White minds turning based on the comments of his piece. Leaving America for them is much simpler and safer than staying, cleaning the house, and fighting injustice.

How do the well-off leave the poor and defenseless behind to fend for themselves in a failing state? I guess they pick up and leave their fellow human beings behind the same way Puritan settlers did when they left England for the New World. Characteristics in colonizers are in all of us now I suppose.

When the going gets tough, the rich, the weak, the privileged, the users, and the abusers among us get going like rats or roaches scattering when you turn the lights on. They flee to go hide until the coast clears. Sometimes they leave and never return.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Runners have no skin in the game, literally, and they damned sure are in denial about America’s history. Haque often connects what’s happening today in America to fascism. But America was racist, lynching, segregating, brutalizing, subjugating, and exterminating Blacks long before a Hitler was ever born. Not only did American slavery and Jim Crow give way to fascism, but America also gave asylum and refuge to many Nazis so that they could learn from them, and spy for them in exchange, for a peaceful life free of scrutiny and prosecution.

America is the king of imported and exported homegrown terrorism, White mobs, and murder thanks to White folks, so I have no clue why Whites/Anglo/European people are so afraid of their own people. White folks are acting brand new as if they don’t know what to do to fix themselves.

Their solution to self-inflicted financial instability and violent, racist White people is to put on their running shoes and go somewhere in the world safer and less Whiter than the place(s) they’ve destroyed. White people want to be immigrants and refugees now. It’s funny as hell. White people have no problem ignoring the suffering of others, but when that suffering gets too close to home, they wanna “Hit The Road Jack,” like Ray Charles.

What none of the runners ever consider is that someone else always bears the brunt of the costs associated with the relocation of immigrants. Here in America, it’s African Americans. If you go to Canada, anywhere in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, or even Europe, it’s going to be the same thing. Immigrants often harm those in the lowest classes of the national social order.

Another group pays the price for your comfort even if you have money to pay your own way.

No one wants to discuss the financial, social, and environmental costs associated with immigration and mass exodus because of wars and national regime changes. White folks are ready to bail on America. Black folks will surely be expected to fight and clean up the mess. Allies are packing their backs and preparing to relocate. It’s going to be tough for those of us that stay behind.

I believe White settlers shouldn’t be able to go anywhere on earth except back to other White settler states (i.e Europe, the UK, or Canada). Why allow the unreformed, unapologetic racists to export their destructive ways anywhere else in the world? Haven’t we suffered enough already? White people broke America, and they continue to make it a place where non-White people can’t live in peace.

Everything happening in America today was caused by either hatin-ass White folks, greedy-ass White folks, ignorant-ass White folks, or apathetic-ass White folks. They shouldn’t get a pass.

Every problem this nation has is tied to White Supremacy and racism. They didn’t fix things here. What do you think these folks are going to do somewhere else on the planet?

They’re going to do the same thing.

There are hardly any places left on earth to flock to and destroy except, wait for it…Europe! American White people can go back to Europe and do what they’ve done to the rest of the world, right?


Most White people are trying to go to Black and Brown places where folks are already struggling and dealing with the impact of colonizers. These places are already dealing with climate change created by rich, mostly White nations, industrial revolutions, tech innovations, and fossil fuel wars led by mostly White men, and in many places across South America, natives are dealing with hyperinflation, food shortages, and climate issues because of America.

White Supremacy’s tentacles are everywhere. You can run but you can’t hide.

In Black nations such as Haiti, Sudan, Chad, they’re are dealing with coups and coup attempts caused by or backed by America and their allies which causes nearby countries to also be destabilized due to the influx of refugees seeking support, work, and/or asylum. White dollars, White votes, White wars, and White apathy are wreaking havoc in the world, and when it’s time for White folks to reap all they’ve sown, they can’t deal.

White ex-pats are relocating all over the globe using their ill-gotten gains to buy up land and properties that were left behind after slavery ended because nations have been too poor to develop them. White settlers are buying up real estate and hunting rentals overseas as travel restrictions are lifted. Rich folks are planning to escape to their future and poor folks are planning to survive the present.

I bet a lot of these old runners quote Dr. Martin Luther King frequently and have #BLM in one if not all of their social media profiles.

Thinking about some of the safe, peaceful escape destinations our scary White settler classes are planning on relocating to like the Caribbean islands, they are some of the most indebted places on earth thanks to racism. White folks take the sweet and ignore the bitter.

Mimosas while waiting on that Social Security check to hit the bank sunbathing in Costa Rica anyone?

Yes, I’m salty because I’m probably never getting social security despite having that money taken out of my check since I was 15 years old. Runners got theirs and didn’t care if I got mines.

Love that for us.

The code of greed and hate will live on destroying nations and continents as long as White people can globetrot across the earth when things get too hot for their liking or the resources they want to exploit start getting low. They’ll stand together in solidarity punishing poor Brown nations while starving and dividing Black people until they need to move those places to feel safe from threats they’ve manufactured in their respective homelands. White folks will tell immigrants to go back to their countries, and won’t give a second thought to fleeing to that country in a pinch.

The nonsense of it all honey.

To all the American White folks who think going somewhere else will absolve or save you from what’s about to come, it won’t. Wherever you go on this earth, when we see your pale skins in Black or Brown places, we know what you’ve done to make life miserable for the rest of us (directly and indirectly) and we know why you’re there. Your reputations precede you.

Instead of White people being ashamed of the way they’ve allowed this country to go to hell, owning up to their mistakes, and taking care of business like good, decent, upstanding global citizens fixing and fighting, they’re cutting and running like cowards.

Let me tell you all something White folks, there is nowhere on this earth for you to hide anymore. White Supremacy’s days are numbered. Your colonizer model to sustain yourselves has run its course. We know wherever White people go, trouble soon follows, so there is no need to seek refuge in someone else’s paradise. So how about you all just stay here in your own shithole country and clean up the shit you guys made.

Have you no shame yet oh ye White settlers?

Of course, they don’t have any shame. Shame is not in the White settler’s dictionary, nor is it in the White capitalists’ resettlement guides and instruction manuals. Shame and Whiteness don’t have a connection apparently. Neither does taking responsibility for the nations they leave behind. Runners with White settler mentalities are as dangerous as the violent White mobs waiting on the call to order for violence in America for several.

These runners have no conscience.

They have no discernment.

They do not have a true sense of community.

They think and act as individuals and not collectives.

They destroy and do not build.

They take and don’t give.

When the going gets tough, they get going.

Runners don’t care about the health and wellbeing of anyone but themselves. I’m glad they’re leaving. Hope they don’t come back. We don’t need moochers unwilling and unable to fix their problems in our country.

I’m sending my love to all the Black and Brown nations. I’m wishing you all the best too. You’re going to need it. You all have no idea what you’re getting yourselves into. We’re not sending you our best and brightest. We’re sending you quitters, takers, and the weak-minded. Good luck building anything with people like that.

For those of you planning to stay behind to fight like me, you should be preparing to survive a collapse and a rebuilding process. The main thing that we must do is to stop fascism/White Supremacy from taking hold in America. This means we must do several things, including:

  1. Demanding the Democratic Party to select forward-thinking progressive candidates willing and able to fight White Supremacy and domestic terrorism. This must be a priority.
  2. Having Presidents that represent the future, not the past. This means old White mean need not apply. Sorry White women, you’re not progressive either. You’re a Plan B for White Supremacy. Besides, we’ve had 45 White people already for 250 plus years. I think it’s safe to say we know what’s going to change if we keep doing this.
  3. Combating White Supremacy on the left and right prevents domestic terrorism from being addressed.
  4. Creating additional political parties. America is too big and too diverse for so few options. Two parties will never be enough for 300 million people.
  5. Dismantling our media system. Good journalism is dead. Most of these folks are legacy hires or have proximity to Whiteness. Media today is in the business of making profits and misleading the people. We need new media. Create/be the media we need to have.
  6. Teaching our children the real history of America. Without knowing what happened in the past, we are doomed to repeat it.
  7. Overhauling every system in this country, especially the justice system. If we don’t punish White supremacists, they’ll continue rising to power again and destroying nations.
  8. Reparations must be paid to African Americans. This country cannot continue mistreating us and pretending it’s not happening. There is no moving forward without making amends for generations of neglect.
  9. Working together. Either we have one nation or we’re several nations inside of a nation.
  10. Removing the Supreme Court and starting fresh. The institution is corrupt, biased, and illegitimate.
  11. Ending the racial caste system. Do away with the color social hierarchy, and
  12. Demanding a new, fairer governance structure. You can’t expect fairness with the existing systems.
  13. Not electing any more White people. You’re killing us and the earth. Literally.

Hitler killed six million Jews and millions of other victims he and his followers deemed Untermenschen (subhumans) or socially undesirable. I’m Black so I know I’d be on that list. Nazis wanted global dominion. White people have already achieved global dominion. Additionally, Hitler and the Nazi regime killed an estimated 19.3 million civilians and prisoners of war. Many of the nation’s best and brightest left Germany after losing their jobs. They didn’t stay and fight, they took their skills and wealth and went on to help other nations doing everything from developing bombs to biological warfare.

We know what you’re going to do runners. Just go already. We’ve seen this very White settler movie before. We know what you do when the going gets tough. The weak get going. I for one hope they hurry up and leave. The soldiers staying behind need to know who we can count on as we ready for the upcoming battle. Fighting Nazis, racists, and White Supremacists is hard work and not for the faint, the weak, or snowflakes.

So go ahead, prep and plan.

To all you runners, leeches, and rats, goodbye and good riddance. Enjoy your vacations. I hope they’re permanent. With citizens like you who needs enemies.

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Marley K., 2021




I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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Marley K.

Marley K.

I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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