The Black Diaspora Is Divided, It Helps White Supremacy Prosper

Until we see ourselves in each other, a divided Black diaspora will never prosper for our own benefit. (Part I of II)

Photo by Roger Sekoua from Pexels

A Sea Of Blackness Is Beautiful To Me

When I visit the Caribbean and see Black people on their own land in their own countries hustling and bustling making their ends meet with little White interference it fills my heart with joy. Visiting Black countries where the leaders are Black, the money is Black, and the governance structure is completely Black, even if behind the scenes is a beautiful thing. It’s something many of us in the United States will never know as long as the dominant society rules and reigns the nation because, in America, the White man’s job is to control, police, dominate, subjugate, and exterminate Black bodies.

When visiting Black countries, I feel a sense of safety and freedom I’ve never been able to feel here in the United States.

When visiting places outside of American where Black structures exist, Black-owned land is everywhere, and Black countries are thriving (at least giving the appearance of thriving anyway), I find myself at times filled with envy because I know as an African American descendant of slaves, my family will never know what it’s like to be in a state where we have control and we’re free of White Supremacy. That’s never been in America’s plans, and it doesn’t appear it will ever be. It’s something many Black immigrants across the diaspora have no concept of. They take what they have for granted. They don’t view what they have the way many of us do. Many Black don’t simply don’t care.

But somewhere during the trip, I get a jolt of reality letting me know I’m not a Black they respect. I’m not from their island or nation. I don’t have their shared Black history. They let me know I don’t matter, like when I try to patronize Black businesses in Little Haiti and they overlook me because I’m light-skinned and I don’t speak Creole, or when I visit Barbados and the women running the food stands at the Fish Fry frown when I speak to them without a Bajan accent ordering my food. Black people have a way of letting African Americans know they don’t like or respect our kind. They let us know in no uncertain terms we’re not one of them.

What have African Americans ever done to these Black folks for them to treat us that way when we’re visiting their spaces? Aren’t we all Black descendants of the diaspora? No matter how nice and polite I am to my people when traveling, these folks have a way of letting each other know when a Black person doesn’t belong, and that’s a damned shame. Sometimes they treat White tourists better than they treat us as if our money is a different color. How do we develop our own Black exchanges, support our peoples' businesses, invest in our own systems, or travel to our own Black nations, when our own people don’t want anything to do with us because they don’t see themselves in me the way I see myself in them?

It’s crazy.

As White Supremacy educates Black folks across the diaspora, they teach us our best and brightest aren’t supposed to stay and build up our Black communities. Many Black people are given the best public education government money can buy so we can get jobs in Whitelandia to continue building it and making it stronger. Too many first, second, and third-generation Black folks have obliged the dominant society to our own collective detriment. Black parents, across the diaspora export our smartest, strongest, and most gifted Blacks like fine wines throughout the world to assimilate into the dominant structures and institutions which keep us bound. During the export and assimilation processes, somewhere in there, we’ve taught each other to hate each other, and that benefits no one except the dominant structure.

Black Folks Dislike Each Other And It’s Dumb

We Black folks across the diaspora fight each other for biscuit crumbs while White Supremacy steals our hard-earned wages, time, talents, and labor to provide their families with the finest meals, homes, and education money can buy as they collect and stash away wealth accrued from our stolen wages and reparations to create inheritances which will be passed down from one White generation to the next. While we Blacks across the diaspora are divided, White Supremacy prospers. When will we all understand this?

It’s my honest opinion, many of us already know the truth. A lot of us prefer to act like crabs in a barrel choosing not to care about those who are not their specific identity of Black (i.e. Haitian, Jamaican, Kenya, Somalian, etc.), others intentionally working against us. Some Blacks and African Americans believe pulling some groups down or helping White Supremacy oppress us will get a leg up, especially many Black immigrants who don’t see us all as one people.

I can’t tell you how many first and second-generation immigrants from across the diaspora I’ve had to check about their attitudes towards African Americans, regurgitating the same old White Conservative media racist tropes about us they use when they want to justify their anti-Blackness. The level of casual anti-Blackness I’ve encountered in my professional and social circles has been pretty eye-opening. Most African Americans either don’t talk about it because it’s an open secret, or we’ve just ignored it in the past because mentioning it really wasn’t do anything to make the plight of African American people better. My sentiments about anti-Black immigrants were they should just make their damned money, send their remittances, and hurry and go back where your anti-Black tails come from. We African Americans knew we are on our own and we were all that we had. Immigrants don’t see themselves as us when they’re here in our home.

These days, my attitude has changed. We need all hands on deck to prepare for the Great Reset of the social order and to begin preparing for further exclusion from the dominant society’s systems, but too many anti-African American Blacks across the diaspora are acting as though what’s on the horizon isn’t going to harm them. That’s one of the greatest underestimations of White Supremacy these folks have ever made. Black immigrants apparently don’t know America’s truly unwelcoming, anti-Black immigration history. They’ll learn soon enough like others of us already know. White Supremacy always breaks its tools. The problem is, these anti-Black Blacks will learn at the expense of those of us who are on code and one with Black people.

African American Black people are tired of saving folks who bet on White Supremacy before they bet on Black and tired of not be respected by those who co-opt our movements or the benefits from our movements. This includes our own willfully ignorant Black family members across the diaspora who will show solidarity with the very people who are trying to wipe us all from the face of the earth and who teach others to practice the ideology daily. There is a divide in the diaspora, and many are going to learn about it the hard way. The fissures have become tears, and with some communities, complete breaks. We can’t be our brother’s keeper and our brothers don’t offer the same in return. A trial separation (Warning: video graphic language)is in order.

If you allow guests to come into your home and disrespect you, it says more about the host than it does the guests. I couldn't imagine going to visit or live in a place where I hate the people, because I know what that feels like being Black in America. I would never visit another country and disrespect the values, culture, and people, regardless of ethnicity, especially if I was moving there because my country has nothing to offer me. That audacity (Warning: video graphic language) of some Black immigrants and African Americans in the diaspora is being called out and it’s long overdue. Black unity is an illusion, but folks are getting wake-up calls.

Black Folks Don’t View Our Blackness The Same

I’ve been saying for quite some time that while Black people across the globe may have Black skin, we’re not all the same. Being a part of a diaspora is no different than the diasporas of any other ethnic group, except for some reason, Black people have been conditioned by the dominant society to see themselves as individually much like White people which divides. African Americans know full well that all Black folks ain’t Black — ain’t Black meaning they don’t see Blackness through a pan-African lens the way we do. Sometimes we African Americans fight for Black people who have never done anything for the collective except harm us on behalf of White Supremacy for rewards and benefits.

These folks may be Black on the outside, but they are as white as the driven snow on the inside.

Unlike other groups (i.e. Jews, Israelis, Cubans, Venezuelans, Italians, Irish, Asians, Syrians, Germans, etc.) who are able to come to America, become the dominant society on paper and in real life when it serves them, and act as part of and on behalf of the dominant society invisibly, Black people cannot. And while every modern human evolved from the same small group of African ancestors and has African DNA (see here, here, here), White Supremacy managed to find a way to erase our past, make us all different, and divide us by skin hues. Those of the dominant society found ways to assign worth to human beings based upon the hues of their skins.

Whiter skins have been deemed the most valuable to society according to the dominant society, with slightly browner skins deemed second most valuable. Dark skins deemed Black gotta get to the back. Depending on the White person and the situations, even slightly brown White skins not seen by individuals in the dominant society as pure White (European) are cast into the 1% lot and mistreated according to the dominant society’s codes. Racial discrimination is code, it’s law, it’s the global order of things, and no one honest can deny such an order exists.

Black folks with darker skin complexions aren’t allowed to be members of the dominant society unless we assimilate, practice anti-Blackness, and screw over our own people or codeswitch so that the dominant society doesn’t feel threatened by our presence. There is no winning in the dominant society for the people with darker skin in the world also known as Black people.

I discuss our differences briefly in the thoughts below to help bring you up to speed on where I’m about to go. Black people being one, the same, and together is mythical.

No, We’re All Not Just Going Along To Get Along Anymore

There have always been only two types of Black people as far as I’m concerned since the rise of colonialism and all the other tidy names the dominant society has for the subjugation, domination, and extermination of Black people. They are 1.) the Black folks fighting White Supremacy, and 2.) the Black folks denying their own oppression to fighting against us alongside the dominant society. The latter Blacks are the anti-Black Black people who are sadly plentiful within the Black diaspora, and they are a huge problem because their philosophies, upbringing, and mindsets are hindrances to the liberation of Black people everywhere seeking to be free of White Supremacy. If we were all on one accord the Latinx/South American/Hispanic communities were, do you realize how powerful we could be.

For instance, after Asia, Africa is the largest and most populous of the seven continents on earth. There are more people on the continent of African than there are in Europe, North America, and South America. Black people of African descent are scattered across the earth and counted in many of these continents’ population totals. Black people are throughout the earth. White Supremacy has painted the narrative that our numbers are dwindling like theirs are which is why they urgently need to replace Europeans with other groups of non-Whites desiring to be grandfathered via our immigration policy. No White nation has any White people to spare. They need to call in their reinforcements in order to sustain their system of governance.

Imagine how powerful we Black people could be if we act like we knew we were the dominant society or at least one of the most dominant societies on the planet? Think about how much the world relies on resources from the African continent, resources they don’t control because of colonialism directly or indirectly. We will never know these realities as long as the dominant society has indoctrinated Blacks across the diaspora to be anti-Black and fight against themselves.

Marley K., 2021

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The Black Diaspora Is Divided, It Helps White Supremacy (Part II)

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