The Only True Minority Group In America Are Descendants of American Slavery

But it’s getting harder to tell with so many different White and White passing subgroups claiming disadvantaged status standing in the picture.

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A Lot Of People Claiming To Be Minorities Aren’t

I know a lot of people are going to be pissed off by the title, but allow me to explain the rationale for my topic. But let’s be frank, so many different people get to be White and a minority, the word has been overused and misused as far as I’m concerned. There are a lot of White people (the dominant society) and White passing people (people with White skin who can pass as White living as a member of the dominant society every opportunity they can) who claim to be a minority, but really are a part of the dominant society. They aren’t disadvantaged in the least, and when it comes to their politics, they really demonstrate just how advantaged they really are. Caitlyn Jenner comes to mind, but that’s another story for another day.

No matter how disadvantaged some folks claim to be, their dominant society's advantages and traits manage to steal the spotlight. These folks stay on code with White Supremacy at all times.

There are many examples of people who have attached themselves to groups claiming to be a part of our disadvantaged status when they aren’t disadvantaged at all because they have multiple ways to not be disadvantaged. What they’ve really done is learned how to co-opt a designation meant for African American descendants of slaves and use it or themselves politically and legislatively. I wanted to talk about it because of an incident I experienced trying to write a different thought.

White People Have Hijacked Our Disadvantage Status (Again).

I was trying to find photos to use several pieces I was writing and it was a struggle because when I typed in the word minority on several of the photosites, White people came up. All sorts of White people, LGBTQIA+ slogans, rainbow flags, and Black and queer Black people with rainbow flags. What it means to be a minority as it relates to being disadvantaged in America has been co-opted. Members of the dominant society have found ways to include themselves in disadvantaged demographics once meant for African American descendants of slaves and Blacks and it’s really irked my nerves. This hijacking began with the suffragettes’ first wave of feminism, but as the need to gain advantages in the dominant society has grown, other ethnic and dominant society subgroups have figured out ways to use the status to their advantage.

The dominant society in America gets to decide who is disadvantaged so that it can award advantages. White Supremacy is a master at creating laws and legislation to take away from Black and African American folks. White folks figured out long ago figuring out a way to make themselves minorities helps them accomplish their goals. Just look at all the “minority” legislation passed this year for groups who also live as a part of the dominant society.

Determining who is and who isn’t a minority as well as where they rank in the system of things is a necessary evil to ensure we Black folks stay confused and White folks keep their numbers up. No other group is as subordinate to the dominant group no matter what they do in this country as African Americans and Blacks, including the immigrant Blacks who work really hard at distancing themselves from us African Americans.

Black people are the only people who have been in a constant war with national and state governments for both human and civil rights, rights White and many Brown immigrants grandfathered into Whiteness receive when they come to this country legally via the immigration process or illegally by hook or by crook get automatically. We need to begin to rethink what minority means, especially when America grandfathers so many nationalities and ethnic groups into Whiteness. Being able to choose to be White and a minority is a luxury Blacks and African Americans simply don’t have.

If you get to be a part of the dominant society when you feel like it and can opt-out when you want to, just how much of a minority are you. In my opinion, you’re in the majority, especially if you get to be a part of the dominant society.

We Were The First Minorities To Be Recognized By The National Government.

Black people were the only people to need a Civil Rights Act to protect us from White people. We were the first minorities. Most people often forget that. Freed slaves received protection under The Civil Rights Act of 1866 due to racial discrimination and other abuses they encountered post enslavement. They barely had any freedom because Black Codes were quickly enacted post the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. In February 1866 after a study of the plights of freed slaves in the South, Congress passed a bill extending the life and increasing the powers of the Freedman’s Bureau which allowed the national government to provide direct assistance to freed slaves.

No other group of people immigrating to America before that time or since then had to have such a bill specifically targeting them. Of course, because America did something for Black folks, racist Republicans felt it was necessary the basic civil rights of all their citizens were protected. Can you see the pattern here? It’s a pattern that continues today. White people believe everyone (everyone meaning themselves) should be included in all things, including any measures, laws, protections, or Acts, meant to protect Blacks that provide some relief from institutional racism.

White people don’t want us having anything they can’t have, even after centuries of theft and inequity. For example, all of us with eyes to see and ears to hear have realized Covid-19 has exposed every inequity in our society. When Congress finally passed the Covid Relief Bill, there were plenty of White folks who weren’t pleased. A racist story in the New York Post titled “Biden’s COVID Relief Bill is Chock Full of Anti-White Reverse Racism,” summed up the feelings of a lot of our minority status cohorts within the dominant society. I chuckled as I read the piece. The writer complained the entire piece because, despite all the inequity that made things so bad in the first place, she felt it wasn’t fair White people were being excluded from targeted relief efforts for historically disadvantaged groups — basically Black people.

It was a White woman who wrote the article I might add, a member of the highly coveted disadvantaged minority group. See how this duality works for them and harms us, Black folks?

Another example of how White people of the dominant society hate advantages that level the playing field is the way White farmers are protesting the Farm Bill specifically for Black farmers meant to forgive their USDA loans. White farmers are upset because they were excluded, alleging racial discrimination. You can’t even make this stuff up anymore. Minority status is about advantages and disadvantages, and sadly Blacks and African Americans have been grouped with a lot of people who have far more advantages than we ever will. These folks love claiming the minority status because it benefits them.

The true minorities in America can never gain advantages from their disadvantaged status because the dominant society believes “all citizens” should be protected, so they work to either include everything but the kitchen sink into the disadvantaged group or obstruct anything meant for African Americans and Blacks specifically. That’s how inequity continues to persist. This is why I ride so hard for Black folks. I understand how this country works. I’m educating Black folks on the jig so they can learn to advocate for themselves. When other advantaged groups are included in disadvantaged groups that were originally designated specifically for Blacks/African Americans, we do the work of advocating while members of the dominant group get all the advantages.

Black folks must stop working for people who don’t and who won’t work for your advantages and those who insert themselves as buffers to steal your designated advantages. And if you’re a good White person, you must begin to see the harm such insertions do to Black folks. Having dual statuses isn’t cool. If you’re a part of the dominant society, stay there and work on our behalf from the inside.

Don’t creep over and cross the lines taking advantages you already have because you are born into or blend into the dominant society!

Immigration & Grandfathering Out Of Minority Status

For those ready to cry about your White group that immigrated from Europe to America starting in the 1850s, immigrants came here on their own either for work, seeking asylum/refuge, or to farm — they weren’t stolen from their homelands. Additionally, a large group of Chinese immigrated to the United States between the start of the California gold rush in 1849 and 1882. When they began to out White people the nation’s White people in their financial and social achievements, America cut off its immigration program. The Chinese weren’t allowed to come to America for another 100-years. When they were able to return, they got an apology, reparations, and grandfathered. They now are considered White when they want/need to be White.

America has always provided immigrants they deemed essential to keeping the nation White and anti-Black with resources to help them establish themselves.

After the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, guess what America did to boost their numbers and increase their power ensuring Black folks would always be at the bottom of the social hierarchy? This nation allowed nearly 12 million White immigrants into the United States between 1870 and 1900. Between the 1870s and 1880s, the majority of immigrants coming into America came from Germany, Ireland, and England. These folks didn’t need any Civil Rights protections because as Whites, the Constitution already protected them. Some of these immigrants even came to American and participated in the slave trade just like the descendants of our current Irish President Jim Crow Joe Biden. Now, this is what I consider to play racecards, and Biden played his Irish cards to conceal his slave cards. The video in my opinion breaks down our current President’s anti-Blackness.

Source: YouTube- TD News Hip Hop Channel

In my humble opinion, when an individual or group can go from being a minority to being an oppressor, I question how much of a minority they were, to begin with. That’s why today’s definition of minority has me examining everything and every group claiming minority (disadvantaged) status. Everyone claiming to be a minority isn’t really one.

Fights Over Money & Minority Status Go Hand in Hand

During the late 1800s, White immigrants and White Americans began to compete for jobs traditionally reserved for the Chinese and they all started having race wars. Sometimes Black folks had to fight too. White people in America thought they deserved to have everything, the most, and be first which resulted in many fights among social and racial groups during times of increased immigration. America created the Chinese Exclusion Act after California created theirs, ending the immigration of Chinese for nearly a century.

Through all of this, Black people were still treated worse than any of these groups and had the fewest advantages to help us get out of our disadvantaged status. To this day, Black people still need a Civil Rights Act to ensure we are protected (on paper at least). No other group has required such an Act. Hell, Black people need the Civil Rights Act to do what it should’ve done the moment it was passed in 1866 because we’re still disadvantaged. Black people are the real minorities in America, but like White Supremacy teaches all of their grandfathereds, White folks can be disadvantaged minorities and oppressors. They see us as something else.

If you study the history of immigration and grandfathering and connect it to wealth and policy favoring in this country, it’s clear to see who the real minorities are in our society.

Black Women: Consistently The Poorest Minority Group Of Them All

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, Black Womeconomics, “The median Black household owns nearly 90% less wealth than the median white household and the gap is even slightly larger for single Black women relative to single white men.” This “gap” isn’t by accident, it’s by design. Wealth gaps occur when America intentionally underinvests in the very people who were enslaved to ensure there is always a gap between Whites, grandfathered buffer classes, and Blacks.

When your family isn’t allowed to accrue wealth, their wealth is stolen from them with obscure crooked laws like heirs property if they do accrue land, or systems work to ensure you’re never are able to catch up thanks to nationalized anti-Blackness, it’s hard not to be disadvantaged. Read Andrew Gaertner’s outstanding Medium essay on White White people own so much farmland. It helps to substantiate why Black people are the real minorities in the country.

Black People Were The Only Disadvantaged People Ever Mentioned In The Constitution By Group

Black people were the only minority group specifically mentioned in the Constitution as not having rights. They did give us was new names and identities to go along with our disadvantaged status. The dominant society has given us Black folks around the globe most of the derogatory names we’ve ever had. A part of their domination, subjugation, assimilation, and civilization efforts have included calling us names and ignoring our nationalities, cultures, and ethnic origins, erasing our past, and destroying our history in hopes we forget where we originated from. If you don’t know where you came from, you’re always going to be at a disadvantage, and that’s how the dominant society wants it.

Black doesn’t have a land or history associated with it like Jews are connected to Israel, Africa, and Europe. The same applies to Nigerians, Jamaicans, Bajans, Germans, or any other people on earth not from America. Native Americans or the nation’s First People have tribes and territories their histories can be traced back to and broken treaties to describe the broken promises. You don’t have to be a minority when you have a state, a nation, or tribe you belong to. You have a larger group of people you belong to. Black people in America are the only people unable to trace their roots directly back to where they were stolen from due to horrible recordkeeping. It’s yet another disadvantage certain minorities don't have to concern themselves with.

Minority Means Different Things To Different People

The definition of a minority means different things to different people in America. Some people under the cliche catch-all phrase don’t belong there, like White women for instance. White women are on no day a minority of anything. They fall right under White men when it comes to the social hierarchy of the dominant society. Every White woman came from a White man. You can’t get any closer to White power in the dominant society than that.

When people come from dominant groups claiming disadvantage status it’s always an internal flag for me. It sticks out like a Confederate Flag, a Republican, a White Supremacist, or a White feminist. It says to me they clearly understand the advantages they have, but they want more. At the end of the day, it’s all smoke and mirrors courtesy of the best propaganda machine in the world, America. These days, all sorts of advantaged White groups with plenty of White power are also labeled as minorities even when the data doesn’t support it, and most Black folks don’t even question the White Supremacy of it all.

Instead, we fight for already advantaged people placed in a category designated specifically for us 155 years ago. We fight for others to have advantages meant for us. Dr. Henrik Clarke once said, “Nothing the European mind ever devised was meant to do anything but to facilitate the European’s control over the world,” and he was so right. White people figured out a way to slip Whites and other favored groups into a category to benefit from relief meant for Black people. It’s time we wake up. The biggest trick ever played on Black folks is making us believe White folks and their designated buffer classes are disadvantaged. They are not in the big scheme of things and when the time is right, these groups let us know and make it plain.

Playing both sides is one of White Supremacy’s favorite games, and White and White passing folks in disadvantaged minority groups is nothing more than psychological warfare. Blacks and African Americans must do a better job of understanding the minds of White people.

“Nothing the European mind ever devised was meant to do anything but to facilitate the European’s control over the world.” ~ Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Even the labels we’re given as minorities really aren’t for our benefit, which is why it’s so important for Black people to not only recognize our disadvantages because of White Supremacy as a part of a diaspora and as individual Black/African American groups/cultures. White people have changed the definition of who is disadvantaged and what that means, and those changes hurt Black folks. Malcolm X breaks down concisely how America tricks Black people into believing (and helping) other groups labeled minorities who really aren’t disadvantaged. Take a listen to the short video.

I’m not saying some of these other groups aren’t victims of racism/White Supremacy, I’m simply saying many immigrants engage in racism/White Supremacy as part of the dominant society and are victims of it at times, playing on both teams (the good and the bad), playing offense and defense, and play both sides of the stick when it serves them individually and collectively. They have the ability to have an advantaged and disadvantaged status, and that’s something Black people aren’t able to get away with. We need to think about this as we play supporting roles and allies in the future. We need to always weigh the advantages and disadvantages to us and for us before we lend a hand to others crammed into the minority status along with us.

Not all minorities are minorities and none of those minorities are disadvantaged like Blacks and African Americans. Don’t let the guilt you into thinking otherwise.

As we get closer to being a completely failed state and possibly heading to civil war, Black folks need to understand there will not just be White folks we’ll have to contend with this go-round as our ancestors did after Emancipation Proclamation was signed. There will be plenty of so-called minorities who will be fighting against us and alongside White Supremacy (most hint-hint White women). They’ll fight right next to White men and other groups designated minorities and claim discrimination on the basis of gender, ability, race, or religion, in the same breath because they don’t want to be on the bottom.

No one wants to be on the bottom of the caste system with Black people. These advantaged/disadvantaged folks will do whatever they need to in order to maintain their advantages. I’m just keeping it real. It’s called survival. Black people must learn how to survive too and not feel guilty about it.

Black folks need to begin examining every group’s proximity to White power, how every group has benefited from a Civil Rights Act meant solely to protect and support African American Black people; review America’s immigration policies and practices, the purpose for it; and the role immigration has had in keeping Black people disadvantaged; study the wealth gap; consider America’s partiality towards White immigrants; and tally advantages and disadvantages. You’ll be surprised to find many folks claiming our disadvantaged status really shouldn't be.

We should overstand everyone clamoring for minority status isn’t a minority. It’s all politics, and that’s a game Black folks must learn how to play or we’ll continue to be disadvantaged.

Marley K., 2021

All rights reserved.




I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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Marley K.

Marley K.

I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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