For As Long As Whites Have Oppressed Us, Our People Have Resisted

When it comes to revolution and fighting White Supremacy, African Americans may be weak right now, but we cannot faint.

“I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.”
—Malcolm X, Dec. 12 1964, New York City.

We’re Living The Second End of Reconstruction

My people are tired. A lot of us are afraid. Many of us can’t focus. Too many of us don’t realize weve given up. Some of us are slumbering, with gingerbread in our dreams. A great deal of us are confused. Only a few of us have given up. For as long as Blacks, Negroes, Africans, and now African Americans have come in contact with Whites against our will, we have resisted. For as long as Whites have attempted to marginalize us, we’ve resisted. For as long as we’ve been oppressed, we’ve revolted. We cannot stop now. We’re headed towards a second Reconstruction Era, and I don’t think African Americans in particular and aware of how close we are to having to physically defend ourselves.

Please study the end of the Reconstruction Era. Apply it to 2021.

We’ve been defanged. Assimilation has turned a lot of us Black folks into the White people of Black people. We’re under the impression we’ll be saved and protected because we’re living in White neighborhoods, shopping in stores next to Whites, and we work in the same space although most times Whites still make more money than us.

Malcolm X explained what happened to us in the perfect analogy to describe Black people in America and how our proximity to Whiteness weakens us.

“It’s just like when you’ve got some coffee that’s too black, which means it’s too strong. What do you do? You integrate it with cream, you make it weak. But if you pour too much cream in it, you won’t even know you ever had coffee. It used to be hot, it becomes cool. It used to be strong, it becomes weak. It used to wake you up, now it puts you to sleep.”
~ Malcolm X, - “Message to the Grass Roots Speech,” Nov. 1963,

Black people are in danger. We think our proximity to Whiteness will protect us from the bad-bad. Black people really believe America is going to save them from the wrath of Whiteness. If the passing and signing of the Asian Anti-Hate legislation haven’t taught Black folks anything about politics and White people’s intentions to keep African Americans at the bottom of society, then you’re incapable of being taught and you’ll be one of the sheep led to slaughter soon. African Americans have no specific protections. We haven’t had any since the Civil Rights Act of 1866. We still don’t have any new protections and the old ones have been lapsed or watered down.

Time is running out for Black folks in America. Again, read the history books. We are weak. We have too much White Supremacy in us and we aren’t detoxing and decolonizing fast enough. We’re talking when we should be fighting.

America doesn’t care.

To be more specific, White America doesn’t care. White people are only going to fight for what’s easy, and they are only going to fight for issues and people that benefit them.

We are getting ready to war with Whiteness. We’ve not had to fight like this to survive since the end of the Reconstruction Era. Black people are yet again at a juncture where Whiteness is fighting to keep us as the nation’s permanent serf class.

This is no time to lie down on the job trying to survive this sewage called America. This sure ain’t the time to faint either. Black people are under siege once again at every turn it seems. We need to remember we must continue to resist and we must recall what resistance to White terrorism looks like.

Resisting is what we must do.

Our struggle is different, our racialized traumas are never-ending, and our pain is unbearable. We are tired, but we cannot stop resisting our oppression and inequity.

The White confederacy-minded powers that be in this country want us African Americans to give up resisting, fully assimilate, stop fighting, adopt White Supremacy fully and submit like the rest of their buffer class picks have.

But we will not, we shall not, we absolutely cannot stop fighting what is unnatural to us. We must continue to rebel and resist to exist until we find peace.

White Supremacy (white terrorism is really what it should be called) is unnatural. It’s a system equipped with millions of tools and billions of people used to try to conquer our souls, steal our spirits, rob us of wealth and health, control our minds, and when we won’t submit, kill us.

Resisting is what Black folks around the globe have done and it’s what we continue to do. Resisting is what we do best, but resisting is not what we were put on this earth to do.

African Americans are getting ready to go through some things. I’m concerned about my people because so many of you are not concerned about the danger you’re in. White Supremacy is flexing on us the same way it did during Reconstruction.

White men are flexing on us the same political and violent ways they did that caused the Reconstruction Era period to end without being fully completed. This country was built for White people, and America is always going to allow White people to have their way no matter what.

No matter what happens going forward, you need to remember one thing. Our ancestors and many of our elders have always had to resist, revolt, and/or rebel against White Supremacy to exist in America. It’s the reason we’re tired. It’s the reason Black folks feel collective exhaustion.

As we prepare to go through this second Reconstruction Era (and we are going because there is absolutely nothing stopping us from going), I need you to get your minds right. You need to remember: 1.) White people are not going to save us. They never have, and they never will, and 2.) We will have to resist White Supremacy again, likely unlike any time we’ve resisted in our lifetimes.

White people are taking back what they believe what they are entitled to as White citizens of America, and the so-called good White people are standing by allowing them to, making all sort of concessions with racists so they can look like saviors and saints. If you think someone is coming to save you, you’re foolish. You better learn how to resist.

Get your backbones together.

Get your courage on fleek.

Figure out your survival plans, because things are gonna get rough.

We are on a course that will not be reversed because the drivers of the car don't give a shit. They’ve already declared they are perfectly fine crashing as long as no one else can get ahead. White terrorism is here to ensure this period of Black progress ends violently, and it’s not going anywhere. America has once again given White Supremacy the legs to run, fresh air to breathe, and food to nourish it.

We must be ready to be the resistance, and when necessary, we must revolt. In honor of Malcolm X’s birthday, I feel it is time we recall some ugly truths about the nation’s history where African Americans are concerned, Black rebellion, temporary Black liberation, and Black death associated with resisting White Supremacy.

You may not know our story. I’m here to provide you with a few nuggets.

Our Ancestors Resisted

Many of our ancestors resisted White Supremacy even before they arrived on this continent. They knew we weren’t meant to live in bondage and with White violence. I firmly believe all Black spirits understand what it means to be free, and most Black spirits know we must continue to fight to be free.

Suicide Was An Act of Resistance to White Supremacy

Many newly captured enslaved men and women committed suicide as an act of revolt during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Voyages. Enslaved Africans were chained by their necks and feet, forced to sit in one spot on a slave ship, starved, and many men women, and children were beaten and raped by their White captors. Many enslaved Africans made it to America, choosing to leap from slave ships into shark-infested waters to their deaths in order to escape the misery, depravity, and cruelty of Whiteness. After having lived free all their lives, the enslaved suddenly found their lives unbearable. Dying was better than living enslaved. Let us never forget our ancestors who understood their lives would be no better living under White Supremacy and resisted by revolting on their slave ships.

Nat Turner Rebelled Against His Enslavement

Sick and tired of White Supremacy and enslavement, Nat Turner, a formerly enslaved man, planned a slave revolt with 75 others enslaved in Virginia. By the time Nat Turner’s was over, he and other escaped revolters had killed 55 White people. He and his comrades were found six weeks later and eventually hung. In The Southhampton Insurrection (1900), William Sydney Drewry recorded that sadistic doctors skinned turned Turner’s body, boiling parts of his flesh down to make grease and others dried to be fashioned into a man’s money purse. The price for freedom is high.

Turner’s revolt was one of the bloodiest slave revolts in American history. That revolt freaked White folks out so much it led to many of the ways White people see us today. White folks fear us because of Nat Turner. They fear us because they know what goes around comes around.

Rebellion scares White people, but it doesn’t scare them enough to make them do right. The murders that come after rebellion scare Black people into submission to their oppression. Black people today are comfortable in oppression as long as they can stay alive. White folks know this and they continue to use the same tactics they’ve always used to keep us in check. America sanctions it all by not outlawing militias and sanctioning police violence (formerly slave patrollers).

Black rebellion against White oppression is always problematic for us. Just because it is doesn’t mean we should be afraid to buck the system and fight the powers that be.

The Stono Rebellion- The Biggest Slave Revolt In Our History

The Stono Rebellion is considered the greatest slave revolt in American history. The enslaved in South Carolina were oppressed by a brutal, violent system of forced labor. Slaves tired of unfair work systems, not being fed, and being beaten planned a revolt to escape to Florida. The enslaved were led by an enslaved man named Jemmy, whose plan to revolt began with breaking into a general store and taking firearms and gunpowder to fight White men.

While he and other runaway slaves were in the process of implementing their plans, they were discovered by two white men who were killed to prevent them from telling or killing them. Jemmy and the group of escaped slaves chopped their heads off, left them on the steps and went on to lead one of the largest slave rebellions in American history. The oppressed never stopped trying to get free. At some point, oppression becomes intolerable.

After the rebellion, of course, per usual, they killed the leaders of the revolt and anyone remotely associated with it. Familiar, right?

Whites attempted to pacify Africans and African Americans to prevent future revolts by modifying the Slave Codes, giving those enslaved Sundays off for Sabbath, clothing, more foot, and promising not to kill them. See how well that worked out for us now don’t we? Colonizers also instituted more restrictions on the enslaved, like banning the sale of alcohol to them, not allowing them drums (they used drums to let other slaves know it was time to raise up), and preventing anyone from teaching them to read and write. Not wanting Blacks educated has its roots in slave codes and fears of Black revolt.

Can you see the similarities in how Blacks are treated today? I can. South Carolina had a lot of slave revolts because Southern Whites tended to be the harshest, cruelest slave owners and negroes refused to be oppressed.

The Denmark Vessey Slave Revolt

Another Charleston, South Carolina formerly enslaved man planned a huge slave revolt. Demark Vessey, a self-educated formerly enslaved person from St. Thomas/West Indies was able to purchase his freedom. Freedom was still oppressive in South Carolina back in 1822, and freed negroes were treated like slaves still. Dissatisfied with his second-class status as a freedman, Vessey studied anti-slavery literature and read about the Haitian Slave Revolt of 1790 to plan his own city and plantation uprising.

The planned revolt included attacking guardhouses and places slave owners and Whites stored their weapons, the enslaved taking guns from their White owners, killing all whites in their paths, burning and destroying the city, and free the slaves. A house negro ratted to his/her White master, who alerted the military. Black people comfortable in Whiteness will get lower-class Blacks killed every time and think nothing about it.

The revolt was squashed.

You already know the rest of the story. The military came, swooped up Blacks plotting their freedom and colonizers hung Vessey. They also fined and imprisoned Whites who helped and/or supported the uprising. White folks have always punished White folks for helping Black folks get free, that’s why they leave us hanging so often. White people even fear White people. Damned shame!

Most revolts, successful or not always ended with the leaders being killed. Freedom isn’t pretty. Revolution isn’t glamourous, but it is necessary to let White folks know we are tired of their shit. Revolution is a love language for ourselves, and Blacks have always rebelled against White Supremacy.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Peaceful Revolutionary

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the White folks’ favorite revolutionaries to quote today for various reasons, mostly because he was nice, non-violent, and used one of the most violent racial groups on earth's favorite words…peaceful.

One thing to note is that like all revolutionaries attempting to free us from White Supremacy, most White people hated Dr. King until he died. None of our revolutionaries were revered until after they died. Dr. King was no different.

Dr. King’s advocated for racial equality and nonviolent resistance. Towards the end of his life, Dr. King expanded his fights to oppose capitalism, the Vietnam War, and poverty with his Poor People’s Campaign. King arranged sit-ins, protests, rallies, and all sorts of non-violent resistance, only to be met with dogs, violent police, wiretaps, blackmail, secret investigations, jail, White violence and hostilities, false labels, and constant sabotaging of his movements, all tools of White Supremacy.

In any event, Dr. King persisted. He was tired, frustrated, sometimes afraid, but he continued to lead the revolt in hopes of achieving our freedom from this oppressive, racist system.

Dr. King was the subject of the FBI’s COINTELPRO from 1963 until his death. I call it America’s psychological warfare program that still exists to this day. Where Black people gather, the federal government must meddle. The federal government even tried to get Dr. King to commit suicide in an effort to stop Black people from rebelling. America has never wanted us to have equal rights and any time we’ve rebelled against this nation’s will they’ve sought to put our fires out.

And still, we rise.

Dr. King was assassinated in 1968 by a White man, and it’s highly possible the FBI (the federal government) was behind King’s death. In an event, with rebellion, comes the loss of life.

The point is that when the negro had had enough, they rebelled as we’ve always done. Dr. King wasn’t afraid to die. In fact, in his last public speech, it was as if he knew he was going to die. I love Dr. King, I just disagreed with his non-violence message when we were the subjects of violence. If someone hits me, I should be able to defend myself. I believe Dr. King’s non-violent method is the reason White folks are so emboldened today.

Black people don’t fight back today, we go along to get along. We move on, just like White folks ask us to. We quell our righteous anger out of fear of making White folks uncomfortable.

Black folks have become comfortable in their domestic violence situation.

My position is don’t start any, won’t be any. I don’t start anything, but I’ll finish everything. I won’t pass the first lick, but I will serve the last. I won’t be turning the other cheek. I’m not forgiving, because I’m not religious. I’m not forgetting, because I’m human and doing what victims of trauma are supposed to do.

I protect myself because I know I’m all I got.

Malcolm X Revolted Against The Machine

One of my favorite revolters /revolutionaries is Malcolm X. I loved him because he did not give America any lavish praises. He spoke the truth about what America was and is to us currently. He didn’t coddle White folks’ feelings. Brother Malcolm didn’t believe in turning the other cheek when a man proved in fact he wasn’t your brother. Malcolm X did not believe in peaceful suffering because no such thing was in his Holy Koran.

Brother Malcolm didn’t believe in loving everybody, in spite of. He said, “I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.”

He didn’t allow White folks to disrespect him. He wasn’t afraid of dying for his freedom. He was a Black father who loved his children, his family, and his community, and he was willing to do whatever it took to protect them. Malcolm X was the Black man White men feared because they understood the power of Black men.

“The Negro revolution is controlled by foxy white liberals, by the Government itself. But the Black Revolution is controlled only by God.”
— Malcolm X Speech, Dec. 1, 1963, New York City.

Malcolm X understood the negro revolution was controlled by the White liberals and the government, just like it is today. The Black Revolution is controlled by us and our God. When we finally have had enough, we’ll revolt.

Brother Malcolm’s house was bombed though it’s unclear if it was solely the Nation of Islam or if the federal government was involved, giving the appearance the Nation was solely responsible.

Malcolm X revolted against White Supremacy until the day he died. Like Dr. King, Malcolm X knew he was under surveillance. He knew his life was in danger, but he resisted oppression anyway. Malcolm X died because he refused to be comfortable in inequity and oppression. Malcolm X didn’t want us to be comfortable in oppression either.

Rebellion is not pretty. Revolting is not easy. A sacrifice is required to rebel against White Supremacy.

Others Revolted Against The System and Suffered

Medgar Evers, the Black Panthers, Assata Shakur, Fannie Lou Hammer, Corretta Scott King, Fred Hampton, Stokely Carmichael, and so many others revolted and rebelled against the system. Rebellion and revolt look different depending on the era and the leader, but the desire was always the same, freedom from oppression, opportunities, fairness, justice, and they wanted America to pay what is owed us.

Most times, Black revolutionaries are either killed, brought up on some trumped-up charges, or forced to leave the country, especially if their form of revolution included self-defense. The one thing America hates more than anything is African Americans defending themselves. White people today love to talk us off the ledge in an effort to quell their fears. They give no thought to our self-defense. Apparently, only White people are allowed to defend themselves.

This must change.

We cannot have militias hunting us down, governments taxing up without providing appropriate representation, and police killing us sanctioned by the government. At some point, we’ve exhausted all our options. Black folks must begin to realize you cannot be nice to White people and think that it’s going to stop them from taking away your rights or stalking us at night in police uniforms.

Something has to give.

Once Again, We Must Rebel Against White Nationalism

We are living in a period that looks and feels very much like the end of the Reconstruction Era. At the end of the Reconstruction Era, the gains Blacks have made were swiftly being erased by White violence and apathetic “can’t we all get along” White folks. White folks were overturning election results (just like they are now), both Democrats and Republicans were claiming elections were fraud because we voted and they didn’t like the results (same as today). Black and White militias were going at it (except we don’t really have any Black militias). Southern Democrats’ (which are today’s racist Republicans) ignored the civil and political rights of blacks, and the federal government stopped overseeing interference in southern affairs led to widespread disenfranchisement of blacks voters.

The question is, are we going to do the same things we’ve always done that we know are unsuccessful or are we finally going to do something different? I’m sure you’ve seen the Asian Hate Crime Bill signed into law this week. Black folks have been getting lynched before Asians arrived on the scene by everyone and anyone White who wanted to take a stab at it. African Americans still don’t have race-specific hate crime legislation.

If you haven’t noticed America has turned the page by now, I don’t know what to say for you. White people have moved on. They can’t see the White violence on the horizon just like they couldn’t see Trump or the Insurrection on the horizon. We tried to tell them, they tried their best to White optimism their way out of our realities. Nothing new here.

We want the same things today we wanted in the 1700s, 1800s, 1960s, and today. Until America does right and stays right, African Americans must continue to rebel and revolt. Silence is consent. Not fighting back means we are comfortable with the way we are being treated. Not standing up for ourselves means we enjoy being knocked down and love staying down. Waiting on White folks to get right when they’ve never been right is insanity.

What We Know

White folks are not changing on their own, ever. Not enough to alleviate our suffering anyway.

White violence is woven into the fabric of America. White folks are supposedly more advanced, yet they are just as uncivilized with us today as they were when pilgrims massacred Native Americans. We get no respect.

White Supremacy doesn’t take a break. It never rests. It never sleeps.

America advocates for us being defenseless and turning the other cheek. So do many White people. It’s the reason they rush to the defense of property and call for peace, ignoring the fact we’re under constant assault.

America is a racist nation. Always has been, always will be.

Black people have been revolting against White Supremacy since before we arrived on this continent. We have too many examples of Black folks fighting against White Supremacy (a.k.a White terrorism).

We keep falling for the same ole Okie doke. Nobody is coming to save us. Democrats as they did during the Reconstruction Era (read the Compromise of 1877) have allowed federal laws to lapse so that Republicans can implement racist laws that harm Blacks specifically as we rise up in opposition to our oppression. They made “informal agreements” behind our backs, just like they do today.

No one has come to our rescue in 400-years, and no one will. We’ve always revolted alone. Anglo/European nations around the globe are quiet when it comes to African American suffering here in the states. White nations are silent when it comes to African suffering because, in order for Whites to thrive, they must harm Black bodies, take Black resources, and exploit Blac labor. They need us at the bottom of the social order so they can remain on top of it.

That’s how White Supremacy works. That’s how it’s always worked.

What We Must Do

African Americans and Black people must being to come together and prepare for what’s getting ready to happen. Black people not here to fight can skip out on the battles if they so choose and go back to their respective homelands, but most African Americans don’t have that luxury. This is our home. This is our fight. We already know we are all we got.

We need Black militias. Black folks need weapons. We need systems of communication. We need supply chains. We need to plan for White violence. We need to channel our ancestors. We need to prepare for battle. We need to stand ten toes down against White terror.

Racists White people already have their plans made and their sights set on us. We are the last obstacle to the White rule. African American Blacks people are the only ones who have consistently held White folks accountable in mass. If they get us out of the way, they can continue to rule the way they have for the past 400-years.

We can’t go for that.

We must regroup, rebel, and revolt. If you’re waiting on Democrats, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Republicans are playing chess, Democrats are playing craps.

This is no time to freak out. This is the time for you to plan, train, rehearse, fight, and practice individual and collective rebellion. If you’re weak, it’s time to take flight. You’ll duck and hide in a crack, play ignorant, borrow some White optimism and ride on that cloud until it disappears, or continue following your favorite political figures like groupies.

We are living in a failed state. America’s empire is at the end of its lifecycle. Most empires last between 225–260 years, with an average of 238 years by my own non-scientific averaging. We are living in a failed state on life support.

You might be tired and you may be weak Black people, but you bet not faint.

The end of the Reconstruction Era was ugly and it looks just like what we’re dealing with now. We’re going to end up in another Jim Crow Era. It’s inevitable if we don’t resist. If we don’t fight back, we will go back. In most states, Jim Crow 2.0 is already happening. We are powerless. because we aren’t on the same page.

Republicans have made it possible to commit genocide and infringe upon our civil and human rights. Democrats have made it possible by suggesting we wait, ignoring the impending dangers for so long we can’t stop the dam from breaching, They are applying their own warped logic to White Supremacy. We’re are on a collision course with White people and White Supremacy that we’re clearly not ready for.

We’re not in the headspace. We’re don’t have the weaponry. We don’t have the men folks in a position to protect families and communities. We rely on White systems as much as we did during slavery if not more to solve our collective problems.

Black people, you only have a few months before White folks start to flex, violently.

Are you a revolutionary or the snitching house negros?

Are you leading a revolt or are you taking flight?

Will you pick up where our ancestors and elders left off, or will you blaze a new path to liberation?

If you’re White, are you one of the five White abolitionists, a White bystander on the sidelines, or a White Supremacist?

Are you a Black person for rebellion, or are you in bed with Zaddy?

If you’re not fighting, please don’t do any harm to those who will be. We don’t need any more Black folks aiding White Supremacy and we sure as hell don’t need more blocking us from liberation.

Black folks have earned their academy awards for their supporting roles in upholding White Supremacy. It’s time to fight children. Scared freedom fighters run from fights. Freedom fighters run to battles. They strategize and plan to rebel. They know how the enemy thinks. They understand history.

A storm is a-brewing. Are ya’ll really about that revolution life like our ancestors, or will you continue being the master’s tools?

Marley K, 2021

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