No One Seems To Care We’re Witnessing Genocide In Our Failed State

America has multiple genocides going on all at once and it’s scary as hell.

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

Most Americans Still Just Don’t Get It

If there is one thing I’m becoming increasingly aware of, it’s that most people in America don’t know how close this nation is to the brink of collapse. America is a failing state, and we’re going out like suckers in the most humiliating fashion. It’s embarrassing. It’s avoidable. It’s also complete and total insanity. America would rather be White and die than surviving as a diverse country it seems, and so death is having its way with her right about now.

We have some of the dumbest, most diabolically evil leaders at the state levels in the country leading us right to our civil war. At the national level, we’re being led by a combination of nice tyrants and racist traitors. We have a septic system running the nation.

I live in Florida, one of the numerous states in America led by racist White dudes hell-bent on maintaining White power at the expense of anyone and everyone, including our children who have no way of protecting themselves. From mask mandates, voting rights, or laws to punish people opposing the government (mostly Black people), America is being held hostage by a White Taliban that it has never been able to control. Ya’ll Qaeda in all of its glorified ignorance and intolerance would love nothing more than to wipe us, Black folks, completely off the face of the earth.

As White Supremacy/anti-Blackness is attempting to realign and refine itself for the next phase of global order during what’s being called by many the “Great Reset Agenda” (see The World Economic Forum’s Global Reset Plan) and the New World Order, those living to maintain Whiteness/White rule and corporate rule are going to deploy all of the tools they’ve been creating since the Great Depression to thin the undesirable groups in our society.

There will need to be fewer People of Color, Blacks, White sympathizers, and stupid people on this earth in order for their plans to go off without a hitch. We’re problems for White Supremacy because we’re never comfortable with its extermination, domination, and subjugation. Basically, we just won’t be happy being dominated, killed, and/or culled for slaughter through some long-game grooming process. We’re not happy because it’s unnatural, but that’s another story for another day.

What you need to know is that genocides are occurring all over America, and because of the way American’s are educated, most folks don’t realize it’s happening. Americans also don’t realize they are in witnessing slow-motion but in real-time genocide, and they have been for some time now.

When I use the term genocide, I’m sure most folks envision the Jews being led to their deaths by Germans during the Holocaust, maybe the genocide that took place in Rwanda between the Tutsis and the Hutu, or the genocides that are taking place in Myanmar. There have been many genocides committed in the world. America just doesn’t do a very good job telling us about them, in part because America doesn’t want to rehash its own genocidal history.

But make no mistake about all the death we are experiencing in America. It’s nothing short of nice, State-Sponsored genocide.

What Is Genocide?

The term “genocide” was first used by Polish lawyer Raphäel Lemkin in reference to the systemic extermination of Jews by Nazis. The term comes from the Greek prefix genos, meaning race or tribe, and the Latin suffix cide, meaning killing. Genocide (see the Genocide Convention’s narrow definition) is the killing of people based on their race or tribe.

If you understand the aforementioned definitions of genocide, you know how America has engaged in genocide and against which groups. If you’re non-White, you probably can pick a spot on the map on earth that tells a story of genocide (war) committed by America. War of any kind is genocide by another name with a more noble-sounding excuse tied to it.

Stages of Genocide

According to Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, President, of Genocide Watch and Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, there are ten stages of genocide. Those stages of genocide are (1.) Classification, (2.) Symbolization, (3.) Discrimination, (4.) Dehumanization, (5.) Organization,(6.) Polarization, (7.) Preparation, (8.) Persecution, (9.) Extermination, and the final stage, (10.) Denial.

According to Dr. Stanton's ten stages world map assessment of genocide globally, the United States is on stage (6.) Polarization and (10.), Denial.

According to Genocide Watch, the Polarization Stage is when “extremists drive the groups apart, and hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda.” If you’re alive and have been paying attention, you’ve seen how the Republican Party has hijacked the entire political system and turned into one big party of extremism. Polarization is the racist glue that holds the party together. Additionally, federal and state governments have refused to do anything substantive about the politicization of extremism or the extremism piped directly to citizens via our phones, the internet, and on television via 24-hour “news” and entertainment daily. The entire system has been hijacked by extremism.

And while conservative polarization is mostly being carried out by right-wing sites run by racist sociopaths distributing propaganda sympathetic to White rule and White mediocrity, in my opinion, Democrats don’t have clean hands when it comes to genocide either. They engage in nice racism as a way to polarize the people. Democratic Party polarization looks and sounds different, but has the same effect as the Republican Party’s polarization. The Democratic party polarizes differently by ignoring Black issues and their own anti-Blackness which normalizes the polarization, cherry-picking buffer classes, and immigrant groups to fight for, pit us against each other to fight for crumbs and seats at the table, use subliminal messaging to convey to the state which groups are a priority, combine certain subgroups they’ve deemed unimportant to their overarching White Supremacist agendas, and they treat Black voters as if they are the help which highlights the lack of power and the presence of White dominance in our political structure.

The Denial Stage of genocide is what we’re all blindly living through now and what we’ve been experiencing since Trump was elected. Covid was the catalyst that helped led to the genocide which in turn has led to the denial of the genocides occurring. The murders are still free.

The Denial Stage according to Genocide Watch is “the final stage that lasts throughout and always follows a genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres.” The site also noted, “During and after the genocide, lawyers, diplomats, and others who oppose forceful action often deny that these crimes meet the definition of genocide.”

Looks and sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Republicans attempting to block the investigation of all crimes committed by themselves and the Trump administration. One minority fringe party (the Republicans) has far more power than the other and is much more organized to carry out its sinister plans.

For instance, senior citizens in nursing homes are being allowed to die because they are considered to be a drain on social support systems at the end of their lives despite all they’ve contributed to this country before they got old. Untold family members had parents and relatives die because racist governors played god, deciding who lives and who dies. And just look at how Governors across the South in places like Florida and Texas sending kids to school in a deadly pandemic and tying the local district’s hands-on mask mandates.

In Florida where I live, the Broward County School district is being punished by the State Board of Education for requiring masks for all students and staff. Why are school boards and parents being punished for doing what they’re charged to do, and that keeps kids safe while they are away from their parents? Why is the fringe minority getting to dictate what happens to the rest of us? Masks are one of the only ways we can protect ourselves from inhaling Covid, vaccines can aid in preventing us from dying from it, and yet State governments led by White Supremacists want to have the right to kill our babies, our future.

Withholding rights to make choices for ourselves under the guises of liberty choice in a pandemic is a kindler, different type of genocide, but it’s still genocide. The White right is batting 1,000% when it comes to their genocidal fantasies. We have a Confederacy of Dunces is ruling the nation, and we’re all going to suffer because of it. Some of us are going to die. These folks love White more than they love doing what’s right.

Our school children and college students are getting infected with Covid all over the nation. Teachers are dying, afraid to go back into the classroom, and both teachers and students are carrying the virus back to their homes to infect/kill loved ones and all for what? Parents are being forced to miss work because they are quarantined due to having contact with kids who were in contact with adults or students at school who tested positive.

It’s madness.

White folks have politicized a face covering and a virus just to keep Trump’s lie alive. The way White folks are keeping up this big lie for a known con-man is very revealing about how White Supremacy works.

White Supremacy’s full sincere desire to cull the Blacks and Browns from White faces and White spaces to remain in power. Racists lawmakers, political strategists, and the pro-White wealthy are using the law, employment, the economy, policing, the criminal justice system, and anything else at their disposal to include crises to help them achieve their ultimate goal of killing off their problem children, the non-compliant, and those not interested in continuing White rule.

Because America can’t actually go to war with its own people (thanks to the internet and television), they must use other, quieter means to conduct the business of gathering and culling off the citizenry. Covid is one way, but it’s definitely not the only way.

America Has Been Playing The Long Game, Until Now

America has been planning for its latest genocide for a long time now. This nation is an expert at committing genocide. None of us should be shocked. We’ve all learned about previous American genocides so we should know better. But we’re complacent with it. In fact, we’re acting as if it’s not happening at all on our watch.

Part of the problem is America has taught us that only shithole countries mistreat their citizenry. America never truly reveals to the world just how shitty it is to its own people, let alone engaging in state-sponsored killing. And even when genocide and plans of genocide are revealed to us, none of the White courts such as international tribunals or national courts do anything about it. No one is held accountable and very few lead large-scale fights against the system. We’re for the most part compliant little robots worried about our checks, thrift savings, and statuses in society. We’re sitting around twiddling our thumbs just taking it all in.

The Lack of Concern and Misdiagnosis of Genocide In America Is Appalling

Just scroll Twitter or watch your favorite news outlets and you’ll find paid and unpaid legal analysts spewing dated legal analysis of current events in politics and matters of the State that definitely qualify as genocide, yet these analysts (who are mostly white) often fail to take into consideration actual accounts of what’s happening to certain targeted racial groups in America in its totality from a genocidal point of view. The same can be said for politicians and the mainstream media on their coverage of matters of racial strife and how the government responds to such incidents. Funny how most White people can’t see genocide at home but can spot it elsewhere around the globe.

(For More Context, Read: Yes My Dear, All White People Are Still Racists)

Just because genocide isn’t being discussed in the media in America doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Genocides are being planned as we speak. Trump created an entire pop-up internment camp system for illegal border crosses that racists have deemed a problem. To them, illegal folks being here means they are coming to get the jobs Ya’ll Queda weren’t going to do anyway, and those folks would be using public benefits they believe only they are entitled to consume. White Supremacy/racism is vested in keeping everything for themselves. It’s self-preservation, and good White folks engage in it too when they don’t counter-White Supremacy/racism. Choosing the path of least resistance with zero confrontation appears to be the option of choice. That choice has had deadly consequences.

America Is Planning For Genocide In Plain Sight

Recently, the Army began posting positions for Internment Camp/Resettlement Specialists. Why does America, the land of the free and home of the brave, need Internment Camps? Internment Camps are for the imprisonment of large groups of people to be held without charges. Who is America planning on holding without charges and why? No one really knows, but we all should be caring and paying attention if you’re a decent human being.

But no one cares it seems.

People are sleepwalking. It’s just another day, in a year, in the Confederate States of America. People like myself are sounding the alarm all over the place much like people did who were watching Germans prepare to kill Jews do nothing about their sociopaths. Folks always think it’s not their problem and they’ll have time to fight tomorrow until they can no longer fight.

Genocide and the planning of genocide are happening in plain sight, and because most people have been trained to trust the untrustworthy and discount freethinkers, this country is able to quite handily pull off genocides at the drop of a dime. We have already forgotten about the men, women, and children separated at the border during Trump’s administration and parceled out all over the country. Many of those people have died and are dying. Kids were taken away from their parents and placed in a broken foster care system, and for what?

It’s all about the cruelty. The cruelty is the point.

Genocide is the only way this nation can exist. White America thrives from the cruelty, domination, and extermination of non-Whites. When their own die as they execute their Nazi-like killing fantasies, those Whites are considered collateral damage.

It is what it is.

It doesn’t matter who is in power when it comes to this type of genocide, the failure of citizens to recognize the genocide is the real problem. For some racial groups such as African Americans and poor Latin American migrant workers, they are always hunted regardless of whose in power. State-sponsored genocide is a part of doing business as a nation. We’re living in some scary times.

Our Ignorance Is Consent To Genocide

America is in two stages of genocide in part because the majority of White folks are in denial about racism/White Supremacy. The other reason we’re in two stages of genocide at the same time is because of an unwillingness by many folks to call a thing a thing in this country. White folks hate discussing victims of genocide like African-Americans and, illegal immigrants, and Hispanics. They have no issue discussing the Holocaust and remember the atrocities committed by Germans. The winner of the war gets to label things, and unfortunately, White people have a habit of overlooking and mislabeling atrocities committed against non-White people.

Just one more microaggression we Black folks deal with on the regular.

Too many folks are so busy trying to be a melting pot, they don’t realize they are on the fast track to genocide and that they should instead be on genocide watches like Black folks and Native Americans. Nobody knows America and how they engage in genocide like Black folks and First People.


America is in multiple stages of genocide against multiple groups because this nation has multiple racial groups it's constantly grooming for State-sponsored genocide at the same time. America just pursues Blacks with more intensity than other groups, but make no mistake, if they could round up all the undesirables at one time and get rid of them they would. Covid is also playing a huge role in the genocide of Blacks, People of Color, children, the elderly, the obese, disabled, and other groups in this nation, and folks ignoring the warning signs and flashing red lights. Things are going to get ugly soon, like as soon as the economy tanks or some other big crisis comes along allowing those in power to take advantage of the nation's ignorance.

If you’re not White and not rich in America, you’re in danger.

I consider Trump’s response to the rapid spreading of the Covid-19 genocidal in nature because he knew this virus was deadly months before it arrived on our shores and yet he and his administration failed to tell the truth about it, including every doctor that took the Hippocratic oath, helped life for him, and didn’t combat his lies with the truth. Trump’s premeditated genocide was to help him get reelected. Trump even told a reporter (Bob Woodward) how deadly the virus was who also withheld the info so he could publish at a later date in his book on Trump’s presidency. Trump and his trusty Nazi-in-Chief Steven Miller set out to kill as many of us as the racist administration could so Trump could become our King and racists could live openly racist.

They knew the virus was killing more Blacks and People of Color, and yet they allowed the virus to fester unchecked for months, almost a year. That’s evil.

America Is In the Denial State of Genocide

America is in the Denial Stage of genocide when it comes to the Covid response by states who are committed to their Whiteness and in opposition to Black and other groups not grandfathered into Whiteness. We’re reliving the end of the Reconstruction Era. In case you’re confused, neither political party is going to save us. They are two different wings on the same bird. We’re on our own. We must call out state-sponsored murder.

For me, I feel like most of America has been rendered immobile because those of us who are sane are in one of the stages of grief. We’ve gone from being in shock to bargaining, to depression, to anger, and now acceptance. And while we may not have experienced the first four stages in the same order, the last stage feels like is where most of us are.

It’s the stage of acceptance.

We’ve accepted defeat. We’ve accepted the bad people as normal. We’ve accepted intolerance and indifference. We’ve accepted racism is a part of our lives. We’ve accepted horrible leadership who are apathetic to the plights of others. We’re accepting genocide with our silence and complacency.

It feels like we’ve accepted defeat. I don’t see a lot of fighting I must say. The fact that we’d allow our young children to go into schools without mask mandates, allow teachers to be verbally and physically bullied by MAGA, watch Black men get killed in the street, let poor elderly people die unnecessarily in nursing homes, allow non-White families to starve, and allowed State-sponsored genocides to go unchecked for centuries is quite telling.

Americans have accepted defeat and it hurts like hell. We love bragging we’re the richest, smartest, best, most caring, and blah, blah, blah. What we are is a nation of mostly cowards, selfish asses, racists, and enablers of White Supremacy, incapable of defending our children, victims of racialized violence, and the most vulnerable populations from Covid and crazies. Our action game in this country is shameful if it’s not about getting money or sex. To stop genocide, you must first recognize it, then act.

“It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”

~Mahatma Ghandi

The world is watching us and waiting for action.

Black people are being murdered by Whites. Jews are constantly being targeted by Whites. White government officials are forcing kids to attend school with children whose parents are racist serial killers who could care less about catching or spreading Covid-19. Spanish-speaking immigrants are being held in detention centers by predominantly White Customers and Border Patrol Officers. The politics of this nation excludes Blacks leaving them powerless, unable to properly defend themselves from genocide. Native American women are disappearing from reservations and no one knows a thing.

Black folks are suddenly being found hanging from trees, and only Black friends are turning up dead with bunches of White folks present. Historic inequity is killing us. Gentrification is killing us. Global warming brought on by White Supremacy is killing us. Corporate greed carried out by White businessmen and White billionaires are killing. Big Pharma which is overwhelmingly White is killing us.

We’re just dying. We’re dying because we live in a nation that loves Whiteness more than it loves its existence. It would rather fail than share power. White folks in America would rather die than help this country live. There won’t be an army of anything coming to save us. But there will be more covert wars and genocides.

Both are hiding in plain sight.

Marley K.

August 2020. All rights reserved. Follow me.




I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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Marley K.

Marley K.

I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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