There Is A Reason I Never Get Excited About Black Politicians

Understanding How Black Politicians Further White Agendas

Jim Clyburn endorsing then Vice-President Joe Biden. Source: Greenville Post

Let me say for the record I am pro-Black, unapologetically, and all the time, but that doesn’t mean all Black people have to agree on everything or need to have the same views for Blacks. I have zero tolerance for anti-Black Blacks, gatekeeping Blacks, and the Blacks who get joy from helping Whites oppress us, and lucrative financial rewards enlarging White Supremacy’s territory.

I never get excited about Black politicians getting into White politics in a White Supremacist system, because I know they aren’t going to do anything specifically for Black people. America’s current political system as is has been designed to support and govern White people. The rest of us must fight for fairness and governance. We beg to be recognized. Every policy created is ade with Whites in mind. Black Americans and minorities demand equal representation.

America functions for Whiteness.

White people love arguing with me when I demand specific funding for Black issues or when I suggest all politicians running for public office should have an African American Black agenda that entails tangible policies and legislation benefiting African-American Blacks because of state, local, and federal government’s role in upholding inequity. How else do White people propose achieving equity? Equity and equality are not the same things.

Equality does not and cannot make things fair. We gotta achieve equity before we can even discuss equality.

Progress For Blacks Never Comes Via Black Politicians

Unfortunately, Black politicians never achieve real progress for Black people. Black politicians are usually nothing more than perfect tokens preferred by White people for the Black race by the establishment, and the acceptable non-White tokens picked for White people needing to prove they aren’t racist. Voting for Black people never proves White voters aren’t racist, because they all are inherently racist. White folks bold enough to vote for a Black candidate is usually preferred because they’ve assimilated enough to get buy-in from Whites.

Malcolm X told the world about folks deemed negro political leaders back in the 60s. Listen to how articulately he exposed the dilemma for Black voters. This clip of Malcolm X being interviewed at the University of California, Berkley back in 1963 but still rings true today in 2021.

African-Americans have never had a Black/African-American leader representing their interests, ever. Every move we make whether we know it or not is to accommodate White Supremacy, to quell White fears, to decrease White aggression (whitelash) regardless of party affiliation, or either to appease White gazes. Black leaders even when elected by Black voting blocks must still go along to get along with Whites.

Malcolm X- YouTube

Black leaders aren’t really Black leaders. They are Black leaders presented to us to help further White Supremacy.

African Americans Have Never Had Political Representation

Voting for African-Americans doesn’t equate to representation, so please don’t get it twisted. Voting simply means we were allowed to exercise our rights to participate in any given election cycle White folks allow us to vote. Allow me to make something clear, African-Americans have never voted for what we wanted because what we want and need is never allowed to even pass a ballot initiative. African-Americans are voting for the options White people gave us. Wypipo make ost of the voting districts, they create the rules, they give and revoke voting privileges, and they insist on reassuring Black folks whatever is good for them is good for all of us.

We can’t pick our own representation. We can’t complain about the representation we have or dislike, and we can’t vote for our interests, because there is never anyone offering what we want. White folks have a list of items they believe we care about (i.e. criminal justice, social programs, education, free healthcare). Anything outside of that either isn’t our business or unallowed because that’s outside of their low expectations for us.

That “what’s good for all of us” bullshit is nothing more than White folks gaslighting us, bullying us to neglect ourselves to keep the peace with them.

Voting for what benefits all of us ain’t worth a shit if we were never on equal footing to start with. You can’t just admit inequity and inequality exists then turn around and say we’re okay for voting for all of us having the same thing across the board, because this means you’re okay with inequity and you’re perfectly cool with doing nothing about it.

We have 400-years of inequity to address, and every year we vote for the latest big White lie is another year of interest White folks owe us. Your tab is overextended White America, and we want what you owe us. White people are the obstacle to all good and fair things for Black people, and Black politicians will never pry those things from the hands of the greedy ones.

When White folks are really sick of us insisting they do the right by us, they’ll pull out one of their favorite acceptable Blacks to appease African-Americans desperate for something tangible.

It’s what I like to call the old Black/African-American representation ploy. Standards are so low for us, all most Black folks are looking for these days is a safe Black face and we’re happy.

We forget all about the racist systems and infrastructures those people must work in. We toss common sense and White history out of the window, forgetting White people rule every level of society we need a change from. We pretend White people don’t have to like our Black representatives in order for them to be elected.

That appeal for Whites always needs to be something White folks can get into as superficial as looks (light skin, biracial, or married to someone White), speaking “articulate,” educational background (Harvard, Yale, Ivy League, or other famous Ivy Leagues schools), or past/current proximities to whiteness.

Whatever Black needs or concerns are, they always take a back seat to the needs of White people regardless of political affiliation. This is why we never have real Black or African-American representation. Sometimes African American Black folks need a strong Black man with sass and attitudes like a Dave Chapelle or Samuel Jackson to handle our business instead of those soft, non-threatening Black representatives chosen by White liberals.

Those leaders are political puppets, usually put in place to betray and trick African-Americans. We’re so busy they don’t do anything to bring us collective shame we forget to actually check to see if they did anything.

White voters, think about Black politicians and tell me what they’ve done for Black people. Even if African-Americans and Blacks represent a Black district, they still must support White districts before getting what they need or want for Black districts, and most days, Black politicians must still consider the good for all even when White politicians and White voters do not.

Black business must include White people in America.

There Are Always Black Puppets In Waiting

When I see a Black politician, I always look to see where they came from, what kind of politics, and who is supporting them. Who put him or her in their position? Usually, you’ll find there is some puppetry in the midst.

When disloyal White voters jump ship or a lured to the autocratic party by promises of more money, more jobs, and freedom, Democrats know they’ll need to shore up their Black vote, especially during cycles where the sky was falling for America which is usually the case during and after Republicans take the reins. They keep spotters out in the streets in search of the right polished negro to please Whites and Blacks. There is always a token Black ready to step up to the job.

Do we have Black people running for office? Yes, we sure do.

Are they representing our interests? No most Black politicians are sure not.

Black politicians further White agendas. The first Black President and the first Black Vice President are perfect examples. Check out their records for yourself:

Senator Kamala Harris’ Legislative Search Results:

Senator Barack Obama’s Legislative Search Results:

When you find, tangible, meaningful legislation specifically for African Americans created by two of the most powerful Black politicians in our nation's history that helps atone and repair Black folks, please let me know, I’ll be waiting. Having a Black face in politics doesn’t mean we have African-American representation or that we’ll benefit from their presence in the least. It also doesn’t mean when should settle and continue pretending it does.

We’ve been bullied by White and pro-puppet Blacks into silence about what Black representation means most times for us. It’s time we tell the truth. Nothing has changed, so we should expect the games that have always been played to continue to keep us silent.

Black politicians don’t equate to Black representation. In fact, they rarely do. The way America is set up, politics were never meant to represent us. Black politicians were never meant to exist, which is White people are so beside themselves these days.

Political representation was never meant for African-Americans, which is why White folks so freely tell us how they think we should vote, have no problem telling us what they believe is good for us, and it’s why they have no problem ordaining who they believe is best for us. At the end of the day, politics is never about us. It always about White people.

Politics is White folks' business until they want us in their business. Like the District of Columbia, Black people have taxation without representation. We’re not getting anything for our money. Dems will be calling us soon. Their chosen Black leaders have let a lot of African-Americans down.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they rationalize it this go-round. We may be down, but we’re definitely not out, and we surely aren’t asleep.

Listen as Malcolm X discusses Black tokenism and political tricks used by White Supremacy to con African-American voters. Conning us is big business.

Malcolm X: Source: YouTube

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