There Is A Reason I Never Get Excited About Black Politicians

Understanding How Black Politicians Further White Agendas

Jim Clyburn endorsing then Vice-President Joe Biden. Source: Greenville Post

Progress For Blacks Never Comes Via Black Politicians

Unfortunately, Black politicians never achieve real progress for Black people. Black politicians are usually nothing more than perfect tokens preferred by White people for the Black race by the establishment, and the acceptable non-White tokens picked for White people needing to prove they aren’t racist. Voting for Black people never proves White voters aren’t racist, because they all are inherently racist. White folks bold enough to vote for a Black candidate is usually preferred because they’ve assimilated enough to get buy-in from Whites.

Malcolm X- YouTube

African Americans Have Never Had Political Representation

Voting for African-Americans doesn’t equate to representation, so please don’t get it twisted. Voting simply means we were allowed to exercise our rights to participate in any given election cycle White folks allow us to vote. Allow me to make something clear, African-Americans have never voted for what we wanted because what we want and need is never allowed to even pass a ballot initiative. African-Americans are voting for the options White people gave us. Wypipo make ost of the voting districts, they create the rules, they give and revoke voting privileges, and they insist on reassuring Black folks whatever is good for them is good for all of us.

There Are Always Black Puppets In Waiting

When I see a Black politician, I always look to see where they came from, what kind of politics, and who is supporting them. Who put him or her in their position? Usually, you’ll find there is some puppetry in the midst.

Malcolm X: Source: YouTube

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