Hunter Biden’s Leaked Racism Is A Teachable Moment For America

Liberal Whites yet again demonstrate why Black folks can’t trust or depend on them to do the right thing or their choices about what’s best for the nation.

Hunter Biden, then Vice-President, and Joe Biden at President Barack Obama’s 2009 presidential inaugural parade. Source:

If you haven’t heard already, the President’s son got caught saying the N-word to his attorney in private messages which were reported in the Daily Mail, the TMZ of the United Kingdom. I’m sure the info was collected via ill-gotten means by a Biden opponent, but it’s still a bad look for a President already struggling with a huge part of his Black population.

According to the Daily Mail, “The President’s son at fifty-one years old, flippantly addressed his corporate attorney George Mesires, who is white, by the racial slur, with phrases including ‘true dat n***a’.” This man is fifty-one years old and his father has been the Vice-President and is currently the sitting President of America. How is he out here in these streets using the N-word with his White attorney as if that’s how he rolls in his everyday life?

Black women expressions when we have nothing good to say. Source: Giphy

I’m not surprised one bit. No one should be surprised that Hunter Biden engages in casual racism in conversations with other Whites at the age of fifty-one with his White attorney. His father has used racist rhetoric to describe African Americans throughout his political career.

I done told ya Hunter Biden’s pappy was racist (here, here, here, and here). The first place racist folks learn to be racist, casual or otherwise, is in their homes with their parents. Racism is a learned behavior, and I’m sure if Biden is comfortable using racial epithets with his White accountant in casual conversation. I can imagine what Hunter Biden does in private when he’s angry or under the influence, which leads me to his father and the character of them both.

That apple didn’t fall far from its tree.

Before some smart-alec decides to tell me Hunter Biden isn’t the President of the United States, trust me, I know it, but he might as well be. I’m not concerned, Biden, because I know who he is, and I always knew what we were getting when we got him as our President. Biden has never sincerely apologized to victims of racism, and he’s barely any of the inappropriate things he’s said and done to harm African Americans, so we know his heart. He’s a stubborn, unrepentant, racist ass, old White man.

The problem is President Joe Biden is making decisions about N-words like myself, my sons, my father, and my grandchildren. That matters to me. Because White people have no issue sacrificing Black folks for whatever thing they believe is important at the moment, these are the awful choices White people keep giving us and terrible predicaments White people keep getting us into. Let’s not pretend this is a one-off or an innocent mistake. We’re all adults here living in a racist world.

Let’s keep it real.

Hunter Biden’s racist comments matter because they give credence to the state of mind and attitudes of rich, privileged folks about Black folks minding their own business simply trying to survive White Supremacy. No matter what we do, we will never be good enough in America. White men like Hunter Biden, his attorney, and I’m sure his father has rather vile discussions about us Black folks all the time, even when we are doing an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

I have talked about how racist our current President is and how his nicer version of racism is more palatable than the previous occupant of the White House.

What I want to talk about is how White liberals, progressive Democrats, and even some so-called Christians are excusing Hunter Biden’s racism on behalf of victims of racism because they worship politicians. They aren’t resisting White Supremacy, they are engaging in racism directly and indirectly.

How Liberal Whites Excuse and Dismiss Racism

I’m going to take this opportunity to demonstrate how White liberals flip-flop on issues of racism when it’s their favorite politicians or political party in question. Also, take a moment to notice how none of these so-called allies address how wrong Hunter Biden’s comments are. They are only focused on the fact Hunter’s polished father isn’t the one saying the racist words (this time).

A Twitter Journey:

This individual has 725,000 followers on Twitter, and this was his take on two rich White men being racist.

Twitter: @itsJeffTiedrich

This Twitter account offers no condemnation of the recent racism disclosure, no respect for victims harmed, and no questioning Hunter Biden’s ties to his racist, anti-Black father in the same way he judged Trump’s son for being a racist and an idiot. As long as the racist is associated with your winning team, it’s all good I guess. This individual has over 980,000 followers on Twitter.

Twitter: Scott Dworkin

This guy is a Christian and the author of the book “Author of ‘If God is Love, Don’t Be a Jerk.” He has over 300,000 Twitter followers. He gives his followers no correction about how the words used were racist and no condemnation. This gentleman only supports Hunter Biden’s dad.

Twitter: @ johnpavlovitz

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in all three men, but not surprised. They are White and we live in America, the place where White folks are transactional and situational when it comes to racism and racial slurs. Not one of these men made this a teachable moment for their followers. Not one of these White men advocated for Blacks and African Americans when the news first broke, the very Blacks who look to these men as allies. Not one of these men stood in the gap for the very people they were calling on a few months ago to save America. Their response to Hunter Biden’s racism was at least it wasn’t Joe. This happens frequently with allyship, which is why we don’t give pats on the head and cookies to good White people who engage in allyship when it suits them. At some point, the truth about their lack of understanding about White Supremacy is revealed.

This type of behavior is always a dilemma Black folks all across America are forced to contend with. How do we stand with allies who don’t stand for us when inappropriate behavior and/or language is discovered? If they’d do this for a White person not related to them (I’m assuming none of them are related to Biden), imagine what they’d do in a situation with close family and friends?

I hope these men one day see how problematic their responses were, and how they completely missed an opportunity to speak up for Black people with their huge platforms. Instead, they did what White Supremacy always does, it finds a way to turn shit into sugar, it justifies racism to get the win, and most importantly, it demonstrated how a White man’s legacy will always trump a Black man’s trauma.

People who don’t understand White Supremacy miss all the subtle nuances, the degradations, and inhumanity in using the N-word. When it comes to confronting all racism, they fumble the ball when they are right at the goal line in scoring territory. They play bad cop for bad actors. They minimize racism because they don’t experience it. The support from liberal and progressive men like these doesn’t help promote justice. It doesn’t eliminate racism. It most certainly doesn’t improve relationships between Blacks and Whites in politics.

I know there are going to be some White people who read this and think just because Joe Biden didn’t say the N-word, Hunter Biden’s revelations are not a big deal. They are wrong.

It’s quite the contrary.

Hunter Biden’s N-word revelation is a huge deal to a lot of Black people, and we’re learning more and more each day about how few alleged allies are serious about White Supremacy. When resistors don’t have Black skin in the game, their counter racism efforts are sketch at best. If White people aren’t countering racism and racist code anytime they encounter it, they are engaging in racism/White Supremacy pure and simple. A lot of Democrats, liberals, progressive, and White folks have brushed away Hunter Biden’s comments. As long as he isn’t Trump being overtly racist, it’s all good. Closet racists are welcomed, appreciated, and celebrated.

These Democratic resistors are the same types of folks who gave Trump hell every day for being racists. How times change.

Overt racism is a bridge too far for most liberal White folks and plenty of Blacks when in mixed company. Covert racism from a friend of a friend or in Biden’s case, the son of a sitting President, is just fine. If you’re an ally or/and a good White person, at all times you should be combatting racism, not siding with it, excusing it, or accommodating it. Hunter Biden engages in the same type of racist behavior his father always has. He uses derogatory Black names and racist tropes to demean African Americans. White people should use this as a teachable moment. The matter is deeper than most White people want to delve into.

The bottom line is Joe Biden has always devalued and berated African Americans. He just did it differently from other racists. The words may be different, but the intent has always been the same. Biden’s son Hunter is simply carrying on the man’s legacy.

Like father, like son.

Marley K., 2021

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