Let Us Eat, Drink and Be Merry, For We Die Tomorrow

Most Americans have accepted the fate of our failing empire as we near the end of the Age of Decadence.

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“And behold joy and gladness, slaying oxen, and killing sheep, eating flesh, and drinking wine: let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.”

~ Isaiah 22:13, King James Version (KJV)

The Fate of Our Empire Has Been Sealed

I have been interested in signs of failing empires because I understand the history of many failed states and I realize I’m living in one. I’m not just living in a failed state, as a citizen of these here un-united failed states of America, I must also admit some culpability in the failure although my collective has had little power in preventing it. I believe I’m indirectly complicit because I have lived in a nation that hides and revises history from its citizenry, dumbing us down and making us ignorant. Our tax dollars are used to destabilize other nations and start wars that have caused famine. Our compliance with innovations and industrial revolutions have destroyed the earth.

I’ve allowed the state to propagandize me with commercials of clothing, food, frivolous lifestyle hacks, drinks, good times, and lies. I allowed myself to be numb to reality — for a season.

America teaches us we must be happy at all times or risk being called fun sponges. We must refrain from speaking uncomfortable truths so as not to scare the masses. The more ignorant we are, the more the powers that be can get away with. Americans are taught from birth to take/embrace risks at the expense of others. Worry about how it will be paid for later, just do what you feel today. Follow your feelings, screw reality. We’ve lived for today for far too long. Because I wasn’t aware of the ramifications of living so recklessly earlier in my life, I wasn’t available to do much to prevent these cataclysmic failures about to happen to us soon. To make up for my years of numbness, I’m working as hard as I can now to shake life into anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. We don’t have much time left.

Tomorrow is here now and most of us don’t know it.

As people become more aware of the lies being told to us by leaders across the globe, more freedoms and liberties are taken away from us, food becomes more scarce, energy prices skyrocket, automation lock out millions in need of a way to earn money for survival, the rich will begin heading for their safe hills and underground bunkers. We regular folks will become less optimistic about the future as the rich continue to preserve their wealth instead of the people who helped them accumulate all that wealth, we will fall in total and utter collapse. Until then, let’s just party like it’s 1999.

Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

America’s Best Days Are Behind Us

Sir John Glubb, a former British army officer who created the Arab Legion in Jordan, studied nearly all of the “great” empires of the world and found notable similarities in the rising and falling of them all. In his famous essay, Fate of Empires, which was published back in 1976, is still relevant today. Glubb shares his discoveries which included how many of the failed states modeled themselves after the Roman Empire despite it failing. The fact there are men sitting in rooms actually building their nations on foundations that could not withstand the test of time or the human barbarianism of man sends me a bit. Anyway

What’s important to note is that studies have shown some of the greatest empires on earth have only lasted an average of 250 years. It would appear America is going to walk in the footsteps of other fallen empires such as Assyria, Persia, Greece, the Roman Republic, the Roman, Arab, Mameluke, Ottoman, Spain, Romanov Russia, and our nation’s first cousin, Britain. Our descent includes all the decadent ingredients needed for failure such as frivolity, decadence, a love of money instead of duty, an excessive reverence for celebrities, a reliance on cleverness without unselfishness, and self-dedication, and the rise of “intellect” over action.

We love to talk about it what needs to be done, but when it comes to the action part, we’re severely lacking. We can thank sweet comfort for that.

According to Glubb’s essay (which I happen to agree with by the way), there are several stages of rises and falls of great empires. I believe America is in the final stages of our empire. Allow me to explain why.

For one, most Americans, do not have a sense of duty and service towards our society or to one another which is extremely problematic, especially now as we free-fall into an abyss. Instead of all hands on deck, most folks are every man for him/herself. When you see your friends and neighbors as enemies instead of friends, it’s not going to serve your communities well. Additionally, most Americans believe it’s someone else’s job to save us from calamity, and the government for the most part has set up our society to operate this way so it can steal the shoes right off of our children’s feet. Our leaders don’t care, and they’ve trained us not to care about any of it either.

Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

We believe someone else should educate our children today so they’ll have a better tomorrow. Someone else should teach our kids about sex. It’s someone else’s job to provide for our every need. And let’s not talk about the free stuff and “welfare.” Subsidies, tax cuts, food stamps, and stimulus packages are different forms of welfare, but it’s welfare all the same. It needs to be paid for, and the system we currently have doesn’t allow for that to happen. Kick the can down the road has been our favorite game. We have put the worst among us in charge of our future, and as long as we don’t have to assume the risks, we’ll deal with the consequence later. Well friends, later is here.

Later is now.

Americans underestimate the dominant society and its greed. They’ll never sacrifice today for tomorrow. They’ll never let us go freely. They are addicts and we are their drugs. They are prepared to detain and even kill certain segments of us if necessary. They’ve thought of every detail. What do you think FEMA is really for? The dominant society knows the day is coming when we’ll want to leave the nation once we discover the truth about the state of our state or we got pissed and decide to rage against the machine. But just like the narcissistic, psychopathic, controlling lover in any abusive relationship, America always has a plan to prevent us from leaving them. America won’t want us to leave while it’s down on its luck. We should expect anything and everything as we enter the final days of our pseudo-democratic empire.

Stop eating. Put your drinks away. Plan for the worst days.

Despite whatever propaganda the media spreads or the lies our government tells, America won’t recover from this failed state we’re in because we pretend nothing is wrong. Pretending is what we do best. We’ll keep pretending nothing is wrong and the next election cycle will right the ship. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we’re never going back to normal. Uncertainty, trauma, and lack will be our new normal. We can’t recover because few in our nation have the courage to stop the free fall. You have to admit there is a problem before you can fix it, and America doesn’t do that. We’re looking for a savior when the saviors are looking at each of us in the mirror every single day.

Glubb also noted in his essay history should be taught as the history of the human race and America should teach students about our own country, but as we are seeing now the fight over Critical Race Theory, the dominant society won’t allow that to happen. They are too concerned with maintaining power, their feelings, and their comfort to teach us the truth about all the conquests of White Supremacy. We must live in lies so they can hide their truth.

Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

The opportunity to turn back the hands of time is gone now. With each new day, there is more hate spewed, more lies told by the government, more propaganda spread by the media, more money being printed with no real means to pay our debts, more barbarianism is being suggested in politics, our governance sucks, and people are walking around like zombies pre-apocalypse. No nation can survive under such conditions. America will not be an exception to the rule. Our best days are behind us. If you study the great failed empires, you’ll discover there are many similarities. Too many folks are too busy living luxuriously to give a damn. The Titanic is sinking, and we’re on the ship.

The Stages of The Rise and Fall of Great

According to Sir John Glubb, the rise and fall of some of the greatest civilizations on earth have a few things in common.

Those characteristics include:
The Age of Pioneers
The Age of Conquests
The Age of Commerce
The Age of Affluence (America)
The Age of Intellect, and
The Age of Decadence

In my opinion, America has one foot stuck firmly in the tail end of the Age of Decadence with the other foot planted on a banana peel slipping into utter and complete failure. The definition of decadence is moral or cultural decline characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury. If you take a look around America, grifters from all walks of life will find anything to capitalize off of to live in the lap of luxury or to have wealth for personal pleasure. Rich celebrities seem to not understand we’re at the brink of failure. They are busy trying to stay relevant and rich as we stand in soup lines and lose our generational wealth. Most rich people are so disconnected from reality, they’re still doing anything to capitalize for personal gain. They’ll be selling stuff for us to consume until the final call. It’s so depressing folks can’t see this.

Politicians give themselves tax breaks and look to us, the poorest in the nation, to pay more as we earn less. The rich are bribing their way into the best colleges and universities money can buy. Americans believe they can elect rich White men to right the ship, hoping they’ll get rich by proximity in the process. Fools are too blind to see the fangs of the wolves hiding in sheep clothing. Wealthy insurance companies capitalize on natural disasters. Our society is hypersexualized, clothing makers and fashion designers are making clothing that makes little girls look and act like grown women seeking a good time. Pfizer is set to make billions from a vaccine we’re getting for free. Our Congressional Representatives will likely make a grip on the vaccine too. It’s free to us now. We’ll have to pay for it somehow later.

Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

Children today are freer yet unhappier than their parents, cutting their wrists, taking pills, and having plenty of sex their minds aren’t quite ready for in order to escape emptiness. Parents are busy working for money to keep up with Jones, working towards decadent futures. Businesses are allowing their customers to mistreat employees and mistreating management, putting money over the safety of the people they hired to make them their money. The federal government awards the lowest bidder in contracting so that it can have limitless funds for war toys. Celebrities sell us expensive lingerie so we can look sexy for people we barely like. Social media influencers get paid millions to lure poor suckers with residual income-seeking luxurious fun to buy trips to poor islands for concerts that never happen.

Can we talk about decadence?

Political campaigns spend billions of dollars to get a job paying between $174k/$400k annually. Jay-Z and Beyonce are posing in Tiffany ads while Black folks across the country are struggling to make rent, mothers of all walks can’t afford child care, and Black parents are fighting zombies at school board meetings and masks and learning true American history. Rappers rap about hoes, drugs, clothes, jewelry, bags, and sex as their biggest customers struggle to make ends meet. Poor people stand in line for iPhones and Jordans so they can feel rich as they make Apple (worth $2.8 trillion dollars) and Michael Jordan (worth about$2 billion dollars) real rich. The American middle-class has been fighting so hard for so long to keep the poor in its place it failed to realize the right has pushed them right down to the bottom with the poor. We waste food, send our unwanted clothes abroad, and get rid of items

Meanwhile, middle-class families are still clawing their ways into debt to live the American dream, which usually ends up becoming a nightmare. Oh, oh, oh, the decadence.

Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

The Age of Decadence Ends, As The End of America Begins

According to Glubb’s essay, when you begin to witness national defensiveness pessimism, materialism, frivolity, an influx of foreigners, the welfare state, and a weakening of religion, you are witnessing an Age of Decadence. Americans are defensive mostly about its perception, never mind reality is captured daily and televised globally. The days of propaganda are over. How many people do you know personally (besides me) who have a lack of hope for the future? Well, that’s pessimism settling in and making itself at home. We have no reason to be optimistic. I mentioned materialism in the previous section. Materialism and consumption are the reasons America is in the shape it’s in. No one believes one day the money will stop being printed and our debt holders will demand payment. What will we taxpayers do with no money or jobs to pay taxes?

Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

My neighbors are hanging Halloween decorations, and stores are stocked with Halloween candy. I went to Hobby Lobby today to buy thread to sew and they already have Christmas decorations and craft items out for sale. It’s October. Folks are still going to college and professional football games and watching basketball games. People are out dining, going to strip clubs, and partying at concerts like the pandemic just dissipated. Frivolity rules this house. We’ve had an influx of foreigners for decades, but as the U.S. has destabilized the world, refugees seeking a better life are crossing the borders legally and illegally.

People still see America as a place worth risking their lives to come to even though we are sinking as we speak. It’s pretty amazing.

It’s hard to see how we recover from this. It’s not a matter of if we fail, it’s when. America has concentrated wealth and power in the hands of a few White men for far too long. Selfishness and racism have divided us. The love of money has bankrupted us. Lies from our favorite polished liars have blinded us.

Everyone is looking for someone else to fix it, it being all the things that are broken. Even our politicians seem to have lost their sense of duty to fix what’s broken. They are more concerned with getting reelected than fixing our failed state. Most Americans have accepted the fate of our failing state. I can sense it. I can see it. I can feel it.

The Rich Are Planning For Collapse

The rich are preparing as the poor live for the moment. I’ve been following the richest among us globally (just because I like to see how others are thinking and planning for global collapse) and I’m quite surprised about how serious they are about social unrest and the loss of wealth that will occur as a result of the collapse. Every continent will be impacted. The rich are very much concerned about not only holding onto their wealth but also surviving the collapse.

I have been reading and watching the wisdom of Egon Von Greyerz of Gold Switzerland on wealth preservation. He preserves the wealth of the uber-rich. I enjoy watching rich European folks discuss how they plan to protect their wealth and the reasons for practicing some tactics. Unlike our government leaders, they actually do want the best for “their” people, meaning rich folks with assets to protect. I respect it. I just wished regular folks had champions who would protect our lives the way the rich protect their money and assets.

Please make time to watch the entire video Von Greyerz. It’s great info about what’s happening in America and how our economic system has destabilized the entire world. Listen to calm people talk about what’s really going on. America is racing to the bottom.

At the end of the day, rich people are going to need to survive the economic collapse and social unrest just like the rest of us. The rich understand in terms of economic systems, a reset must happen to correct the hundreds of years of currency manipulation and inequity across the globe. It’s going to happen whether we prepare or not. Von Greyerz predicts a reset won’t happen until bellies are empty. Thus far, protests on inequity and injustice have been short-lived globally because people can simply go back to the distractions and full fridges. Bellies aren’t empty.

Protestors still have money.

And jobs.

And homes to go to.

Life is still good — for now.

We are living the end of the Age of Decadence, and most people are too distracted to see what’s coming next, too lazy to fight for themselves, and too selfish to fight for others. They’d rather practice the religion of optimism and do-nothingism while they fight to walk-in stores with no masks and police each other’s vaccine statuses.

Let us eat, drink, and ignore the truth; for tomorrow we shall die.

The rich all over the globe know the end of the gravy train is coming soon for Americans. Average Americans are the idiots celebrating as Rome burns. We live in pretend worlds with fake choices, and no friends. The world is awaiting America’s fall patiently. The next economic system is ready to come online to take America’s place. But because people don’t learn from history and don’t study the past to avoid making the same mistakes other nations and systems have, the clock for the next global economic system collapse will begin as soon as the next global economic system is established. Men are greedy, too greedy for mankind. Until we learn how to live together, respect one another, share the earth’s resources equitably, and protect the earth, every generation will be doomed to repeat our mistakes.

Our leaders have betrayed us. All of them. There is no good team. They set up the circumstances that have concentrated wealth among the uber-rich and White and extreme poverty for most Black and Brown on earth. This kind of inequity is unnatural and unsustainable. As Biden proposes plans to let the government’s hands into our bank accounts, I see it as yet another sign our fate as a failed state is sealed.

“Whenever backed into a debt corner of their own design, leaders employ a familiar combo of boogeyman and salvation narratives to divert the masses away from the slow-drip erosion of their personal liberties, dying currencies, and debt-driven stagnation.” ~ Egon Von Greyerz

America’s leaders need distractions to finish out this Age of Decadence. Most Americans love distractions. We’ve been conditioned to fold under pressure so we need distractions and vices to keep us numb. That’s why you see the push to legalize drugs, the creation of all sorts of sexually explicit entertainment, and gadgets we can stick in our children’s faces to distract them. We shop our blues away, eat our fears away, and live in bubbles to avoid reality. As long as we’re comfortable, all is well. We’re arguing about comedians telling jokes while the world is on fire.

Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.

Everything isn’t okay. The rich are buying gold and silver to preserve their wealth, the only currencies that have consistently held value over time, civilizations and empires. The reason for their choices of gold and silver is because no matter what currency has been created during the history of mankind, gold, and silver have the best historic track records for being money and have proven themselves time and time again to be safe bets for preserving wealth.

For poor folks like me who have little to no money to invest or protect, I’m planning to survive. I’m preparing for instability and hard times, harder than any of the ones I’ve ever experienced. I’m preparing for civil unrest. I’m preparing for a struggle. We all should be preparing for not having access to fiat currency for a season, as it will likely have no value when this nation fails. No one will want our currency because it’s going to be worthless. Folks should be preparing for how to survive without fiat currency for a spell, but no one is telling us this.

The media and politicians are doing a fantastic job keeping the masses distracted as we fail in place. Our government will try to blame our failure on the pandemic, but those of us who have been paying attention and are realists know better. Capitalism did this, and our government was a willing accomplice. Anyone ever elected to Congress has blood on their hands. What I do know is that America will never claim responsibility for its role in the failure of our economic system.

Von Greyerz duly noted, “This foreseeable disaster, however, is now conveniently blamed on a current pandemic rather than a grotesque history of equally grotesque mismanagement by policy markets who have confused debt with prosperity and double-speak with accountability,” and again, I must agree with him.

The dominant society has mismanaged the country from the moment it drafted the first Constitution and Bill of Rights. America has been unwilling to fix its issues. People in power in this country would rather fail than fix, and so we shall fail. For those of us who will be collateral damage during the Great Reset, we can either sit around and pretend this isn’t happening, or we can prepare to survive so we can rebuild and make a life with whatever cards we’ve been dealt. Plan today for failure and collapse tomorrow.

Let us eat, drink, and plan; for tomorrow we shall die if we don’t.

Feel free to eat and drink, but only after you’ve planned not to die. The rich will flee with all their money to nice safe places, leaving us in an apocalypse situation. We’ll have to fend for ourselves. America’s powers are already setting themselves up for martial law. Bad actors are unfortunately already in positions to do the greatest harm. The Age of Decadence is coming to an end. What comes next will be ugly.

It’s not a matter of if the ugly happens, it’s a matter of when it will happen.

Make sure you have what you need (and some of what you think you won’t need) when this thing finally collapses. If you are an American who loves to say, “This is America and will not happen here!” you are sadly delusional!

So go ahead. Keep eating and drinking; for tomorrow you shall surely die.

Marley K., 2021

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