If You Don’t Break White Supremacy’s Tools, They’ll Just Build Back Better

Understanding the racist language of civilized White Supremacists

Source: The Biden Administration's Build Back Better Official Website:

Are We Really Building Back Better?

I know you’ve heard about Biden’s Build Back Better plan. You probably even got a stimulus check because of it. The plan is nothing more than a pillar for White Supremacy, without actually saying anything about White Supremacy at all. For simple folks who love to hear sweet nothings whispered in their ears, the plan sounds great. It even comes with a check. The Build Back Better plan consists of three parts, including the American Rescue Plan, the American Jobs Plan, and the American Families Plan. The American Rescue Plan already passed Congress. Millions of folks have received stimulus checks, but millions more have not. The plan does little to help us recover immediately from the hellish year and a half.

Unfortunately, a lot of people haven’t been rescued at all by the American Rescue Plan. It’s literally impossible to replace all that’s been lost due to government malfeasance. After living a year and some months without incomes, less income, paying more for everything due to inflation and corporate price gouging, homeschooling our children, losing millions of small mom and pop businesses, losing homes, being evicted, being ill, folks being kicked off unemployment rolls forced to go work for employers who don’t give a damn about their well-being, and the pandemic itself that we’re still living through, it’s pretty difficult to see how Americans were rescued. But folks got a one-time check and some child tax credits if you have small children, so there’s that I suppose.

We weren’t rescued by the American Rescue Plan, we were sloganed. White Supremacy’s favorite tool is language, using words and changing the meaning, getting you to go along with one thing when they really mean something completely different. The federal government did what it does best, create a cute slogan and plan to put bandaids on our cancers, especially for hurting already disenfranchised Black and minority communities.

Simply put, the plan is not enough.

The American Rescue Plan has turned out to be the equivalent of having one square of toilet paper to handle four centuries of explosive diarrhea episodes. That one square of toilet paper just ain’t enough to clean up all the shit White folks have left for the rest of us to clean up. More importantly, the Build Back Better plan doesn’t have one dammit thing in it to address White Supremacy. White Supremacy got us into this mess, so how do you create a plan to make us better without fixing the thing that made us fall apart?

Racist White people making bad decisions and rich, greedy White people making neoliberal decisions got us into this mess. Corporations helped to fund it all. Politicians made it all possible. Why don’t we have a solution for any of this?

We need an American White Supremacy Plan.

But like White people always do when it comes to tackling matters of racism, inequity, and White Supremacy, Biden sidestepped, deflected, ignored, and minimized the impact of White Supremacy in the nation. He acts like addressing is White folks’ kryptonite. How does one look away from people being harmed by racist government officials at all levels and don’t provide a solution for it, especially because the people being targeted most are the ones who made your presidency possible in the first place?

One looks away because they are racist, unaffected, and complicit, that’s how.

Biden knows what it will take to really fix America, but he’s unwilling to do any of those things because all he cares about are White folks’ anxieties. Making this shithole country better is going to take punishing White folks, imprisoning White folks, atoning for the nation’s racist sins, practicing justice in a way that’s never been done before, and taking away power, money, reparations for African Americans, and resources from White people and non-Whites in power practicing White Supremacy.

None of those things in Biden’s plan.

Instead, Biden has chosen to focus elsewhere, using the same old White rule patchwork strategies and colonizing efforts to stabilize this failing state for White people. He doesn’t care at all about Black people. Biden won’t touch racism or White Supremacy with a ten-foot pole.

That’s how you know he’s not serious or vested in making America better. He’s only concerned with keeping America White using the tools they always use to do so.

Why We Need A White Supremacy Plan

Biden can’t build America back better until he does something about White people and White Supremacy. Most White people don’t even understand how racism and White Supremacy works. If that’s what led to our national woes, then you must address the things that led to the woes. Those tools of White Supremacy remain in place.

America can’t build back better until America deals with inequity. Nothing in any of Biden’s plans addresses inequity, an inequity that has been on full display throughout the pandemic. Inequity has existed since the Emancipation Proclamation. The trail of destruction from our racial caste system is out in the open. Only racists are still denying them. If you don’t address inequity, America will never be, let alone be better.

Building back better is impossible when America doesn’t provide justice for victims of White Supremacy for crimes against our humanity. Victims are left watching perpetrators of White Supremacy get away with violence, financial crimes, and frauds, desegregation, microaggressions, silencing, and disenfranchising while White folks have gone on with their lives. The American governments (state, local, federal) at every level still act like colonizers protecting the bullies, ignoring the victims. Until that changes, we’re never going to be better.

We’ll just be broken.

This nation will never be better until it atones for slavery and 400 plus years of disenfranchisement. White folks can’t even agree to a study for reparations. Why is that even so difficult? They did it for Native Americans, and though the circumstances were different, the oppression of African Americans is different and unlike any other immigrant group in this nation, including Jews. No group has been treated worse for longer than African Americans. America will never be better until it atones for all that’s been done to us and all that’s been taken away from us.

Building back better requires education for racism and White Supremacy, and White people across the country are losing their shit over learning the truth about themselves. Learning just how cruel, racist, and violent this system has been to othered groups is simply too much for weak, whiny, snowflake-ass barbarians to contend with. White folks in America are doing Custer’s Last Stand all across the nation in opposition to having their White fragile kids learn about what being White is and was. Biden is ensuring the next batches of racists are being groomed to take his Jim Crow assed place as early as next school year. Racists don’t die, they multiply.

White people are really wearing my patience thin playing dumb about what’s necessary to fix this country. They are the problem, yet they find any and every excuse not to do anything about themselves. White people are in power, so there is no excuse except Biden understands he really doesn’t have that many White people supporting him. Many White progressives have already jumped ship, letting all their racism out of the bag. White people are just not going to change, and those of us seeking peace, equity, and justice must come to peace with this.

This is likely the last administration that has some power to make real substantive changes that would prevent an autocracy from taking hold, and like so many other Democratic administrations, they fumble the ball, allowing the opponent to get another touchdown. White people not making things better on the left versus White people making things worse on the right equals a bad life for African Americans and other non-White people.

Most Black folks over the symbolism of the first Black Vice-President and honest about where we are as a people are left asking themselves, which oppressor do we choose? Which snake will bite softer? How much longer can I contain my Blaxhaustion?

If America doesn’t get a national White Supremacy Plan this year, this country is a wrap, and I’m not backing down from this position.

The Palestinians and Israelis ain’t gonna have shit on the bloodshed that’s going to be happening right here in the States between White and Blacks. This isn’t the 60s, and I’m not allowing White police to sick a dog on me, I’m not allowing White women to push, hit, or spit on me, and I’m not living my life afraid of White violence. A lot of people feel the same way I do. White folks take for granted that we can’t go back to the 60s. We are surely headed back to those times because White people have made it possible for us to go back to that time period.

While we respect our ancestors, we are also not our ancestors.

America has done nothing to de-escalate White Supremacy, therefore, folks will be forced to protect and fend themselves. The oppressor has been resistant to our pleas for peace, fairness, equity, and justice. The world has stood by and watched. All we can do now is read history books, prepare for the escalating Whitelash, and be ready for more White violence as sure as I’m Black, that’s what White folks do. It’s another tool in their arsenal to maintain White rule.

White militias are ready to take over. White Supremacists have infiltrated everything from public education to Congress. White Congressional representatives are acting like a gang, toting guns, and holding gang initiations right in the Capitol Building. Up is down, down is up, right is wrong, and White is still trying to be right. Congress is now the worst hood in America stacked with the richest gang leaders and oligarchs, and White folks made it that way.

So much for White folks being the superior race.

Building Back Better Requires Change

The price of progress is high, apparently too high for America. We are a nation run by corporations. They don’t care about our wellbeing they care about money. Politicians care about corporations because they only care about power, and they need corporate money to stay in power. Biden's American Rescue Plan is all about corporations, not the citizens. He’s doing what needs to be done in an effort to get his old dusty-ass colleagues reelected and the busted economy running again. Folks who could’ve gone home a long time ago won’t because they are addicted to power and the limelight. Why else would Diane Feinstein, Jim Clyburn, or a Jerry Nadler continue running for office at their ages?

Surely they can see they are no more good in Congress.

They can barely stay awake at work for goodness sake let alone stay in touch with what we need and want in our districts. Today’s politicians don’t represent all the people. They represent the rich, corporations, and political candidate groupies unaware of what’s happening in the real world.

The rich and corporations dictate who America builds up and what gets built not the politicians. Politicians today are nothing more than figureheads and puppets, continuing America’s legacy of being a colonizer, oppressor, murder, and harborer of murders, Nazis, and oppressors.

The American Rescue Plan isn’t rescuing anyone. It’s nothing more than a pacifier to keep White people happy and Black people oppressed, and I just don’t have any more patience for America’s bullshit and games. Biden isn’t doing anything for us, and it really doesn’t matter how many days he has or hasn’t been in office.

The Build Back Better plan will help White people get back to where they were prior to the pandemic but does not atone for atrocities and crimes against Black and African American humanity. The plan also doesn’t destroy one tool in White Supremacy’s arsenal.

White Supremacy is the umbrella for all tools used to maintain the nation’s social order, and the American Rescue Plan assures White folks that things will remain the same. If things stay the same for them, that doesn’t mean squat for us, and that’s just not good enough for me. It will never be good enough for me or my people.

Building back better requires change, and White people hate changing. White politicians aren’t interested in making them change or holding them accountable. In order for America to be better, politicians must break the tools used to break us. Unless this is done, nothing changes. We can’t possibly get better.

America won’t be better. It will remain the same.

Black people won’t be better. We’ll be worse off.

White people will be fine. America always makes sure they’re okay.

None of us should be okay with Biden’s plans, because the plans don’t fix what ails us. Until America does right by African Americans and addresses this nation’s desire to keep us their serf class, everything they do will go wrong. Everything in American life can’t be about competing, controlling, winning, and money. That’s all White folks seem to think about when you listen to them tell us about what they care about.

It’s so inhumane.

Competing, controlling, winning, and money are the preferred tools of every White Supremacists no matter where they are in the social order. Competing (winning), controlling, enslavement, getting along in spite of, forgiveness, forgetting, and getting money (or resources) are tools of our oppressors and conquerors. White folks need these things to remain in power. They devise tools and plans to ensure they remain in power.

Biden’s catchy phrased Build Back Better Plan is nothing more than a bunch of tools called a plan that will be used to uphold White Supremacy. Biden’s plan does nothing to dismantle the system.

Oppressors Tools Will Never Free The Oppressed

We all know the oppressor will never give those enslaved the tools to free themselves. In true fashion, Biden’s plan does nothing to provide reparations or African American descendants of slaves. The plan does not address our autonomy. His plan has nothing in the way of restorative justice. The plan does nothing to stop another coup d’état. The plan doesn’t protect African Americans from racist militias, church burnings, police brutality, and extrajudicial police killings, racial discrimination, address anti-Blackness, or make the playing field level finally for African Americans.

This raggedy, failing, the degenerate nation won’t even offer an overdue official national apology for the enslavement of African Americans. That’s how we’re repaid for saving this country from an early collapse. Black voters, I hope you’re paying attention.

Build Back Better is a bunch of bullshit just like Melania Trump’s Be Best campaign was. White folks love creating catchy slogans for problems without actually getting to the root of the problems. It’s performative, and White folks love to perform.

Build Back Better is the same thing as Make America Great Again, except the liberal tyrant doesn’t say the ole racist stuff like the conservative tyrant did. The liberal tyrant uses coded language and microaggressions such as ignoring our suffering, refusing to acknowledge us, and making us wait for help and protection.

It’s the microaggressions for me.

We won’t be able to end White Supremacy or stop our oppression with anything in that plan, and that’s the plan.

The tools of White Supremacy can never be used to free the oppressed. Building back better without making Black lives better by is essentially saying my people should be content with the discomfort of our oppression as we endure casual and overt microaggressions, inequity, and disenfranchisement. We are the third-world country we judge.

As long as you remain asleep at the wheel, maintain low expectations, and sit silently, White Supremacists think you’re either okay with them or weak, and as long as you remain ignorant and complacent, they’ll keep shooting the shit at ya, leaving you with that one square of toilet paper to clean shit up.

Raise your expectations, fight the power, and create your own tools to free yourselves from oppression. No government has ever freed the people. The people free themselves.

Build your own tools, empower yourselves, and fight your own battles. Stop waiting for politicians to save you. They ain’t never saved anyone but themselves and the ruling class, and anyone who tried to do anything other than protect their nation’s ruling class is dead or has been run out of power. But building your own tools to fight and empowering yourselves simply isn’t enough.

We must also break White Supremacy’s tools because when we do not, White Supremacists and the teams of groupies in love with the power perks and thrills that come with being at the top of the social hierarchy simply rebuild their racist empires back better than before.

Our goal is to break their tools, and when we cannot break their tools, we must thwart their plans, making it harder for them to rise again.

It’s time we take away those tools, so they can’t ever build back better again.

Marley K. 2021



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