Why Many American Values Are Of No Value To African Americans

Letting go of the values detrimental and/or contrary to our collective goals, culture(s), and communities.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about the American values we African Americans partake of that are in my opinion detrimental to our collective. There are some American values that are simply not in our best interests. They don’t free us or make our lives better. Playing footsies with these awful values just make things worse for us by keeping us comfortable. misled, lost, or wasting time, energy and money on things that will never improve our status. To put it bluntly, African Americans have treasured values given to us by the dominant society. We have been taught and conditioned to value White values.

As more African Americans begin to wake up, detox our souls and decolonize our minds, we need to begin to see how certain things America values harm many in our collectively or how those values keep us tethered to things, societies, people, or institutions which mean us no good. Some of those national values include:


The number one value America prides itself on in mu opinion is its ability to lie and get away with it for so many centuries. The nation was founded on lies and it must lie, cheat, steal, and kill to keep those lies alive. Not only does America teach its citizenry lies to keep us (African Americans) subjugated and dominated, they get us to celebrate them. America literally has holidays celebrating lies. From White superiority and Black/African American inferiority to heaven and hell, the dominant society of America has done a magnificent job getting us to believe lies, spew their lies on their behalf, forget the lies it tells, deceive one another with lives, and getting us to maintain lies told by those in power to keep those in power seated.

African Americans should stop tolerating lies, telling American lies, believing lies, celebrating lies, placing hope in lies, and having our shine put out by lies. Learn to love the truth. Hunt the truth. Believe the truth. Find peace in the truth. Only then can we begin to make sense of what’s happening right now. Value truth.


Currency is money in any form when in use or circulation as a medium of exchange, including banknotes and coins. America values currency and teaches it’s citizens to value it too. That’s all people in this nation ever talk about and it works 24/7 to ensure we buy into loving currency as much as the rich does. They even brainwash us into helping the get more of it. For instance, our public education system is provided to parents with children at little to no cost for the sole purpose of maintaining local, state, and the federal economies. We work in exchange for money or other forms of valued currency. We need to work, to make money, to pay taxes and consume, because labor and consumption keep America going.

Money makes America go round, and this country has a diabolical, messy, tangled web of deception it uses to keep the wheel rolling on the bus. African Americans keep working and educating our families for money, for the benefit of White Supremacy. We get crumbs, while White folks in American get richer. Of the top twenty richest people on earth, thirteen are White Americans people. It says a lot that after 400 years in this country, African Americans still can’t crack the top twenty richest people in the world on the Forbes list.

No matter how much we work, learn, cozy up to White people/White Supremacy, emulate minorities, or move into White spaces, we’re not going to ever accrue enough money to close the nation’s intentional wealth gap between White people and African Americans people. African Americans need to toss America’s values on currency/money, wealth, and all dominant society views on it. We’re drowning in debt attempting to partake of a dream that was never meant for us. Let it go.

African American descendants of slaves come from indigenous cultures with a totally different set of values that worked for our ancestors well until they came in contact with White men. Study your own history, learn how to exchange in ways that are not harmful to ourselves or the earth. Learn to exchange with people who mean you well and with people who have have the same values as African Americans.

White Supremacy

This is a White Supremacist nation, and everything that makes it run links directly to the dominant society. This nation values racism/White Supremacy more than it values a Black life and it shows us this truth every single day. Just review the latest Pew Research piece on support for Black Lives Matter. White people need proof to keep their attention spans. When White Supremacy isn’t lighting fire to your ass daily I guess it’s easy to go back to business as usual. White Supremacy doesn’t value African Americans, but we sure as hell spend quite a bit of time and energy defending the defenseless. One doesn’t have to be White to value White Supremacy and the dominant society’s rules.

African Americans have no business valuing any parts of White Supremacy. As Dr. John Henrik Clarke states and I’m paraphrasing, nothing the White mind creates can mean the Black person any good. If White folks can’t understand racism, how in the heck can they help me? If White people don’t value my life enough to counter-racism, why should I value any thing they are apart of, including White Supremacy. I shouldn’t. America values White people, and that’s it. African Americans are considered to be too much trouble in America because we just won’t go along with our own oppression and subjugation. Valuing a system that doesn’t value us is stupid. Stop it.


Speaking of lies, America values propaganda because propaganda is used to manufacture consent to do all mannerism of shittery to us and others around the globe. If you haven’t read Noam Chomsky’s book “Manufacturing Consent,” about how America and other nations use mass media to control us, you’re thirty-three years too late. We’re living what he was warning us about. Learning how propaganda works will help you understand why White people vote the way they do, why gangster rap overtook Rhythm and Blues and changed the culture of Black folks and the world, and why there are so many Sci-Fi films that eventually ends up describing major future event in American society.

The dominant society uses propaganda to promote its agenda in plain sight. It starts off as innocent, we’re eventually lulled to sleep by it. Propaganda is also seen as in invaluable tool used to mislead African Americans. We love and value social media, yet it’s used daily to mislead us. Evil geniuses sell info about our habits to companies so they can practice getting African American audiences to react a certain way, and few of us take issues with it. Even if we do (including myself), we make concessions, trade offs so to speak. Continuing to use it is consenting to the values extolled by the propagandists.

Billionaires own part or all of several of America’s influential national newspapers, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times , as well as numerous magazines, local papers and online publications we read regularly with no regard about who owns them or why. Billionaires also control or own powerful TV networks to include Comcast’s CEO Brian Roberts and Liberty Media’s Chairman John Malone. While these networks aren’t necessarily news focused, they still push lots of propaganda passed off as entertainment, sports, dictate what’s family shows, run ads that show us what family is, and indoctrinate our children by normalizing scenarios and situations parents may not be prepared to address with their children. Media has an agenda today and it’s not to inform us.

“It is their function to amuse, entertain, and inform, and to inculcate individuals with the values, beliefs, and codes of behavior that will integrate them into the institutional structures of the larger society. In a world of concentrated wealth and major conflicts of class interest, to fulfill this role requires systematic propaganda.”

~ Noam Chomsky

African Americans must begin to wonder why the wealthy are so concerned with how we are informed. Allow me to save you the time. The wealthiest among us understand the power and importance of keeping us asleep, confused, and misled enables our exploitation to continue. The rich teach the rich and well connected about the value propaganda and the power to control. They view it as a rite of passage. Propaganda equates to money in their pockets. Sadly, African Americans seem to love the dominant society’s propaganda and we can’t divorce ourselves from it.

Despite how much bad stuff we hear about social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp, we can’t seem to bring ourselves to stop using any of it. No matter how racist journalists of major media outlets appear, we still watch them daily. MSNBC and Morning Joe and Chuck Todd come to mind. We watch their propaganda, they get rich. While we scroll, Facebook is listening to our conversations, selling our data, and they have access to our phone data to use for all sorts of nefarious purposes. And let’s not talk about the risk hackers pose. When we value what the system values we take huge risks. Some times

African Americans have yet to create our own mainstream media or communication tools free of the dominant society’s values and interventions. Decades of white programming by White propaganda models have us in a bad way. Part of the problem is our desire to do what White people do. We think we’re missing out on something if we don’t do what the dominant society is doing. It’s literally killing us.

Wealthy evil geniuses understand the power of perception and they work to shape it. It’s why so many of them keep creating things for us to use to communicate with. Why do you think Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post or Real estate billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman owns US News & World Report and the New York Daily News? Why do you think one of the guys who helped to create Twitter also created Medium, another tool used to communicate with the public? It allows nobodies like me to post on the same platform as Presidents and famous people. The tool also allows those in power to spread their messages.

Medium not only desires to be apart of the media conversation like the rest of the billionaires noted in the Forbes piece, they also want to be able to push and control their own propaganda when necessary, like stuff of tech, finance, cryptocurrency, and messages from some of the most power people in America. Unfortunately they get to suppress truth from African American nobodies like me too. This is one of the primary reasons I created my own site a few months ago. I have to sacrifice for things I believe in, so I’ve started planning for the day the lights go out for us here in America. I choose to be proactive instead of reactive because I understand White Supremacy. I know our values are different.

At the end of the day, African Americans are going to have to make so sacrifices and learn to trust people sharing truth. This requires divorcing the values concerning propaganda from the dominant society. For us to be in love with its propaganda means we’re in love with lots of fiction and alternative realities, or in the very least comfortable with a little dirt in our water. None of it serves us well. We need to learn to discern, then free ourselves from the reliance of American propaganda. Some things aren’t going to free us. They are of no value to us. Let us mature and leave those things alone.


I will continue saying this until my last breathe — America is evil. This nation values evil. Evil is a necessary tool for the nation to continue operating as it was conceptualized. Evil is just the cost of doing business for White people. America was founded on the blood of innocent souls and every one of us in the nation live on land stolen. In order for people to be rich, they must steal from the poor, and that’s the epitome of evil. Living the values of America means entering into contracts of inequity daily basis, the values are so common and understood they don’t even need to be explained to us.

Racism is a necessary evil. Someone has to lose in order for those practicing White Supremacy to win. That someone in the situation always has been and always will be African Americans, which is why we are consistently in the bottom class of society getting the short end of the stick despite having worked the hardest to build this nation for the longest with the least to show.

African Americans demonstrate we value evil when we use it against one another, like when we physically harm one another, sell dope to each other put into our communities by White folks, mislead each other as gatekeepers of White Supremacy, use gimmicks, practices, scams and tools created by White Supremacy to oppress our own folks, by disowning your own to be apart of the WS Gang, and/or other forms of evil most think are just harmless costs of doing business in America. A part of us decolonizing our minds must take inventory on the evils we value picked up from the dominant society and stop practicing them.

If we love ourselves and our people, we must denounce evil and refrain from using it. Evil begets evil and it’s not a value we need to have running amuck within our collective communities. We have enough issues to combat dealing with White Supremacy. Stop choosing evil. It does not add value to our lives and it will not free our people.


America (and White culture in general) is obsessed with sex, sexuality, gender (see here, here, here, here, here, and do your own research). Sex in this nation is a currency and is valuable to the dominant society, which is why it’s intertwined into everything we do, including things that have nothing to do with sex or sexuality at all. I like sex as much as the next person who enjoys sexual activities as a consenting adult, but there are some things culturally that are off and feels forced. They come from values that our not our values. A lot of our sexual values stem from forced breeding and forced sex during the slave trade.

Love it our hate it, there are things African Americans have never addressed related to our sexuality (because “I’m Sorry” isn’t in America’s vocabulary, nor is recompense for therapy related to PTSD) stemming from the way men, women, and children were used during slavery and colonization. Additionally, many of us do not know or fully understand the values and cultures surrounding sex, dating, marriage, and sexuality of our ancestors. Ignoring our own culture to take up for White Supremacy’s version of sex and sexuality has been a huge conflict in the African American community. We keep forgetting we come from a collective with a culture and it’s much older than the culture White Supremacy keeps conjuring up.

If you look across the world, you’ll find White/European nations are more casual and “promiscuous” than Black and Brown nations with the exceptions of those conquered and/or dominated by European and Spanish colonizers. Even in those places they tend to be a little more conservative but the concerns about sex are frequently linked to the sex tourism trade and human trafficking than to the cultures of those nations changing their opinions about premarital and extramarital sex, gender, same-sex relationships etc. Colonizers disrupted the long standing social arrangements, lives, gender relations, and understandings.

White men imposed their colonized European racialized conceptualizations of male and female upon us when they dominated, subjugated, enslaved and/or exterminated us. Our ancestors have already lived this which why it feels so wrong to so many African Americans and Black people across the diaspora. It’s also why we get so much push back from White people for rejecting their values. It’s in the DNA. The values of Black and Brown people across the globe were different then, and for many on a different vibrational level, those values are different today which is why you see much of the world disinterested in joining the Europeans in the sexual and gender ideologies. When they have the liberty to choose freely on such matters, many Black and Brown nations often choose not to participate in European culture and values.

This baby dominant society has a nerve, right?

America and Europe have heavily influenced the way African Americans think about sex, the ways we engage in sex with each other inside and outside of the diaspora, the way we talk to our children about sex and even the timing of when it’s best for us to begin having sex. Discussions we used to have within our communities are now heavily influenced by White folks and White feminists supported by our own. And while I don’t agree with certain things in the African American community regarding how we discuss sex today because of how it impacts the health and wellbeing of our community in general, I respect the rights of other nations, cultures, and religions to decide what is best for their communities. Some of the nations which are viewed as the most conservative in the world are older than America and many nations in Europe. Sex is an important American value for a reason, and it’s because it distracts.

African Americans and Black folks across the diaspora need to consider that when taking the advice of America on what we should engage in sexually and how. If it doesn’t liberate our people of White Supremacy, does it even matter anyway?

We need to begin examining our attitudes about sex, the influences concerning those attitudes, and revisit whose values are we really assigning to our collective. Ask yourselves did African Americans create the values we call ours today or did we adopt those values? Are those values benefiting the dominant society or do they benefit African Americans? Do they free us or make us forget we’re enslaved. Figure it out people! Some values aren’t ours. It’s okay to let them go, especially if you’re trying to decolonize your mind.


America continues to perpetuate the lie that you can make it on your own in this world. It’s one of the biggest lies ever told. I’ll keep this one brief. We need each other to survive. No one makes it alone. Individualism is a value that has many of us struggling right now. African Americans can’t afford to have an ideology of individualism because we’re often poorer, we have fewer resources, we need family to help us — just like so many other groups. It’s what we do.

So many of us are catching hell today because America teaches us we’re failures if we need help. America values rugged individualism which is nothing more than the government shirking it’s responsibility to care for the people it’s created to care for. It’s old rebel White man bullshit that needs to go to the garbage can on trash day too. African Americans need to understand where this mindset came from, who perpetuated it to make it mainstream, and who continues to value it. It’s not our value. Give it back. It’s not going to help us or free us.


Oppression is an America value, and many African Americans have become comfortable with their oppression, so much so many don’t even believe they are oppressed. A part of America’s lies and propaganda is getting us to believe our inability to catch up to Whites is somehow our faults. The Masters of Deception (aka the USA) figured out how to get White people not see themselves individually or collectively as oppressors by conning them into bullying African Americans to feel guilt and even self-hate for the individual and collective condition(s) and circumstances beyond their control. Every system and institution in this nation is designed to oppress and target African Americans. We must get hip to the intricate ways of oppression America values and gather to find strategies which will allow us to live freely and independently until we figure out a way to defeat this system complete.

The late Kwame Ture, prominent Pan Africanist said, “You can never make an analysis of the oppressed in any aspect of their lives and leave out the oppressor. If you do so, you’ll blame the oppressed for their condition.” Too many African Americans, especially wealthy ones, blame Black people for their condition in the same way White people blame us for oppression caused by them.

Decolonization must include a new look at how we see oppression. Every problem an African American person has was created by the White dominant society he lives in or is subjected to. Learning to value us more and the system less will give us the courage and knowledge to free ourselves from physical, mental, emotional, and financial oppression. If it doesn’t free us, it oppresses us, therefore, it, whatever it is, must go.

This society values many things that keep us oppressed including bad music, movies, television, and other forms of entertainment. Passing laws allowing this nation to sell us bad food makes us sick and keeps us oppressed. Working more for your employer and spending less time with family keeps your families oppressed. Some of us our bound to our jobs/employers. While it’s not just Black people experiencing these issues, we’re impacted negatively the most oppressed by a variety of things in a variety of ways. We should never become comfortable with oppression. It’s slavery all over again. That’s not our value and if it is, it should be removed from our collective system of values.


America values politics, not the people. Furthermore, politics is White folks’ business until this becomes a true democracy. We African Americans get nothing tangible from it engaging in it. Good feelings because someone you voted for won doesn’t put food on your table, pay your bills, get you a better job, and surely doesn’t close the wealth gap. Over the last ten years, African Americans should have figured out by now that politics will not do anything to change our circumstances, but politicians won’t tell you that because they benefit from us voting. Voting is added value to the politicians not us. I won’t waste your time railing about the system because I’ve railed about it until my finger tips are dog tired. The dominant society values politics because it was designed to work for them, not us. African Americans value politics because we were told they were valuable for us and to us.

It’s not.

When looking at the big picture, American politics as is are not valuable to our collective, so stop investing so much time, money, and energy into it. Politics has no plan to free our people, therefore, African Americans should be make better use of their time and energy. That time shifting from current political activities should be put towards developing, funding, and promoting African American Black political agendas, created by African American Black people, specifically designed for African American people. As long as we reside in America, we must understand that politics is the way to get things done, but we cannot value it the way we have previously and we cannot worship it the way White people worship it because it doesn’t work for us the way it works for them. Until it does, we must treat it as simply another tool of White Supremacy. Valuing politics is a waste of time.


American patriotism and everything about it is bullshit. African Americans have zero business being patriotic in regards to America because this nation damned sure isn’t devoted to us and has proven every year we’ve been here they don’t love us. We’re just an means to an end, a life insurance policy. The dominant society demonstrates regularly their patriotism and they should because this society we live in was created exclusively for them. African Americans are hostages in a nation seeking equity, justice and reparations (although I’ll admit some African Americans are pleased as punch to be in their hostage crisis), so what are we in love for? The dominant society loves talking about democracy because they have one — African Americans are second class citizen who need to be recognized and we need to get permission to have privileges other groups do not.

African Americans don’t live in a democracy. We reside in a cross between a plutocracy and an autocracy. We have no power or control. What in the hell are we patriotic for? Chile, please!

Patriotism is pushed on African Americans like a bad friend trying to get you to try dope for the first time. We’re told we should be grateful for the bare minimum in addition to the racial discrimination this country engages in daily. It’s like having a child then telling the child they should be appreciative for a roof over its head when it never asked to be here in the first place.

African Americans need to toss patriotism in the garbage can for the next bulk pick up day to be carried off to a landfill nearest you. We should be devoting more their time and energy to supporting people, efforts, things, and institutions which love us, and if they don’t exist we need to create them. America shouldn’t be on that list. Love and devotion should be earned and not given unconditionally the way African Americans have given away our love like desperate sidepieces hoping to be chosen as the one. We need to begin loving ourselves first not last. Devalue patriotism.


One of the worst diseases this nation is infected with is imperialism. We’re not the best. We aren’t the best at anything except bullshitting ourselves. I get so tired of African Americans repeating the old tired tropes about American excellence, being the richest, the best, etc. We’re are failing state. Get it in your spirit. In order to be imperialists or even believe in this ideology, it means you must rule with hard power, including military force. Imperialism is linked to colonialism and empire building which requires all the bad stuff we’re saying we don’t like. Imperialism and anything associated with it must become a thing of the past. Imperialism and colonialism both dictate the political and economic advantage over a land people they control.

The key word is control. We don’t control anything, the dominant society does. Understanding the words we use and how this nation uses us to promote propaganda is one of the best ways to decolonize your minds. Stop using words that value domination and subjugation. That’s peak White Supremacy and that’s not a value inherent to our culture. This value does not free us, or anyone for that matter. This value is about enslavement. Change how you speak right now. Choose your words and actions wisely and support nothing that continues this legacy of domination.

In Conclusion

Be new people, get you a new set of friends and pick up new values to replace the ones you discard. Build Black better. Decolonize your mind so that your body can soon follow.

Marley K. 2021



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