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All White people (directly and/or indirectly) have the power and privilege to navigate between being racists, suspected racists, and antiracists at their leisure.

White Supremacist extraordinaire, J. Edgar Hoover and his assistant Clyde Tolson, sitting in beach lounge chairs, circa 1939. Photo Source: Uncredited photographer for Los Angeles Daily News, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Before diving into this essay, you may want to read my original thought, Yes My Dear, All White People Are Racists here on Medium at parked at the Age of Awareness publication. In fact, I insist you read it before going forward to gain a better understanding of what I’m…

A White woman’s right-to-choose comes at the expense of poor Black and Brown people all over the globe via depopulation programs.

Photo by Viktoria Slowikowska from Pexels

I Don’t Care About Roe Vs. Wade

I care about liberty and rights. I care about freedom. Yes, I want women and girls who are victims of rape and incest to have the opportunity to discontinue unwanted pregnancies which arise from such horrible incidents. I also care about life, especially Black lives, those not aborted and forced…

Watching the dominant society be unfazed and non-responsive about the failing state they’ve created for their love of Whiteness is baffling.

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

White Folks Consistently Fail To Acknowledge Racist Evil

The Black people who were called alarmists have been redeemed all year. The old administration left, the new one came in, and the nation is not in much better shape than it was at the end of Trump’s autocratic first time in part because of the nation’s failure to do…

Democrats prove yet again why Black lives don’t matter to them. Will Black folks finally get the message?

Photo by Kelly L from Pexels

(Author’s Note: To view the full text of the Infrastructure Bill in its entirety, visit Congress.gov. )

The Level of Disrespecting Black people by Biden and the Democrats Is Off The Charts

Anytime a politician tells me I should be happy or excited about something they’ve done for me, I just assume I’ve been royally screwed in some manner which will be revealed in about…

We can’t talk about justice unless we talk about the injustice of so many white folks having their hands on the scales.


The Judges In Both Cases Were White

In both cases, the judges were white and male. That’s a problem. In fact, in most cases of White Supremacy and human rights violations where Black people are concerned, the judges in the cases are white. Whiteness tips the scales of justice. America has had the same composition of judges…

The Democratic Party is the problem that can’t seem to figure out how to become a solution.

Photo by Brian Wertheim on Unsplash

Dems Got The Memo

The Democratic Party has gotten the memo. They know a large segment of “the base” is not pleased with their representation and we’re verbalizing it for different reasons. Some of our grievances are related to policy. Others have financial grievances. For most Black people we’re seeing clearly now the party’s…

N-word lovers could have their White cards revoked, their White privileges pulled, or their lives were taken by White Supremacists and no one would do a thing about it.

Judge Bruce Schroeder — Caricature Source: Flickr- DonkeyHotey

The verdict is in and Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges. No one Black was really shocked at the verdict because the judge tipped his hand throughout the trial. From jury selection to banning MSNBC from the courthouse. White Supremacy was flexing and it did its thing. …

How White settler of ya’ll. Goodbye and good riddance.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

After reading Umair Haque’s latest essay, “It’s Time To Make Your Escape Plan For a Collapsing America,” and for some reason, I was extremely salty about it. I wasn’t really upset at the piece itself, because it’s the truth, and I’ve been saying the same thing for years myself. I…

It’s the call no “respectable negro” expects to receive.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Many independent Black grassroots media outfits and creatives like myself have been talking about tokenized Blacks, the “acceptable” Blacks White folks love and love to use as models (i.e. aka one Black friend Blacks), and those dastardly anti-Black Blacks permeating the Black community who make their living misleading Black folks…

Marley K.

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