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First, learn what racism is, and what it’s not. I need White people to understand that all White people are racist.

Admit it, and let’s move onto the business of repairing and healing the country. We can’t do it without you.

Yes my dears, all White people are racists. All. Of. Them.

Here is where you stop to cry, clutch your pearls, rant and rave aloud to tell me how wrong I am, and to tell me not all White people. I’m doing reverse racism (there’s no such thing as reverse racism), and you’re ready to do tit for tat with me and every Black person on the internet (because you’re too afraid to say this nonsense in person) on how terrible Black people are. I have [fill in the blank White person savior activity here], so I know I’m not racist. …

The New Book “Fieldnotes On Allyship” Is A Great Tool To Help New Allies and Anti Racism Advocates On Their Journeys.

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Photo by Nicholas Swatz from Pexels

Achieving equality feels hopeless most days because so many people are so unwilling to invest in educating themselves about racism. Racism is the primary driver of inequality in America. Understanding racism is the only way we can do the work of making things more fair, and I’m all for that. It’s one reason I write so much about race. I’m vested anti-racism education because I benefit from it even the road is slow going. There aren’t many good resources that describe racism using first-hand accounts and experiences through the eye of victims.

Often, when we writers talk about racism and inequality, there is no dictionary or definitions describing what we are referring to in our pieces to help novice anti-racists understand what we mean. With anti-racism, it’s not always good for allies to lean on other own understanding. Their understanding (or lack of understanding) about racism is part of the problem. White anti-racists often have a very limited definition in their minds of what racism is. For victims, their definitions and interpretations of what we experience daily don’t compare. Any effort to talk about it is like striking a match. …

Although I wanted to spend the day fishing alone, my new friend for the day Mr. Alex, had other plans.

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I Went Fishing This Past Weekend

This past weekend I went fishing. I was determined to find a good fishing spot where there were no people. I didn’t have to wear a mask all day; I wanted to breathe fresh air. I went to my usual bait and tackle store near Dania Beach to buy live shrimp, As I arrived, a White couple donning MAGA hats were coming out of the bait store. …

😂😂😂😂😂😂 ummm..hmmmm, yeah, yeah, yeah!

You’re in control, you have all the power, so the buck stops with you.

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White Trump supporters, Republican voters, in Washington D.C. for the Million MAGA March. | 13 Nov 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

This year is the worst fucking year ever. It’s a wash, and I blame White people for it. I blame White people for the last three years. This year didn’t have to begin or end this way, but because White folks put their hopes in a no good, criminally insane White man who was busted, disgusted, and should’ve never been trusted when they installed him, here we are. This is the year White people caused. And for White people who can’t understand two things can be true at the same time, let me make this clear for you.

Just because you did none of the things I discuss doesn’t mean White people didn’t do them. Absolve and exclude yourself if you feel the need to, but you best believe White people are responsible for everything noted in this essay. …

Sometimes the best lessons in life come from personal experiences.

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Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

When I was young, my mom used to say to may when I didn’t listen to her, “Sometimes the best lessons in life come from experience.” She also said, “Hard heads make soft asses,” which was also true, but I liked the first statement better because it never grows old.

There are always going to be people who don’t listen to your advice, even when you’re sharing it to protect them and others. Some folks will scapegoat ignorance even though we live in an age of information. There is too much information available to not know anything you want or need to know about the world and other people. …

Thanks Vanilla Isis.

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Photo by Orione Conceição from Pexels

As the Thanksgiving season rolls around (which I don’t celebrate because it’s just another American lie), I find if there is very little to be thankful for. For those of us obeying quarantine rules, listening to science and physicians, and following normal public health protocols for infectious diseases, it feels like punishment. …

Preparing to go on our Pro-Black Journey.

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Young, Black woman with Black Lives Matter COVID-19 protection mask, present at the March on Washington Commitment March, Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech. Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. | 28 Aug 2020 | Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Author’s Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with or compensated by any book, event, or product noted in this essay. I just like and believe in the educational materials and educators I shared.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you’ve followed me for the past two years, you’ve heard my unvarnished truths I shared. If you’re new, you have a lot of catching up to do. My truths are rarely popular, rarely nice, and it’s straight to the point. I don’t have time to coddle folks too sensitive and immature to see the truth. Let them live in their lies, fairytales, and fantasies.

We can’t keep putting our hopes in White people finally seeing the value in our humanity or changing after all these centuries. We gotta keep it real. White people aren’t changing, so Black folks must. So where are we going, you ask? We’re going some place different, that’s where. I’m a realist. I am not suggesting Black people go back to live with people who helped sell them and are still reaping the benefits of selling their own people. I’m not suggesting anyone should hate White people either, although anyone Black living in the world has fully earned the right. That’s fruitless. No need hating the gatekeepers who have everything we need to survive. …

With a Black Vice-President Elect Harris in the White House, White people will be more aggrieved and angrier. A Whitelashing is a comin!

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Source: Wikimedia Commons- The United States Senate — Office of Senator Kamala Harris

As I noted before, this rise in White rage and White nationalism can be directly linked to the election of President Obama in 2008. …

So, it’s time for Black people to change theirs. It’s time for a reality check.

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White people, at a bar Hawaii, Oahu. | 1 Mar 2014 | Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

My Black Soul Has Been Grieved

I have been meditating over the last few months on what to do about Black folks’ approaches to racism. …

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