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All White people (directly and/or indirectly) have the power and privilege to navigate between being racists, suspected racists, and antiracists at their leisure.

Before diving into this essay, you may want to read my original thought, Yes My Dear, All White People Are Racists here on Medium at parked at the Age of Awareness publication. In fact, I insist you read it before going forward to gain a better understanding of what I’m about to say in this piece. Don’t forget to read the comments. Please don’t skip the comments. If you’ve read it already, let’s proceed.

After a year, I wanted to expand on my thoughts about racism and White people, the creators of the races, racism, and White Supremacy. …

First, learn what racism is, and what it’s not. I need White people to understand that all White people are racist.

Admit it, and let’s move onto the business of repairing and healing the country. We can’t do it without you.

Yes my dears, all White people are racists. All. Of. Them.

Here is where you stop to cry, clutch your pearls, rant and rave aloud to tell me how wrong I am, and to tell me not all White people. I’m doing reverse racism (there’s no such thing as reverse racism), and you’re ready to do tit for tat…

Understanding equality doesn’t level the playing field. Only equity can do that.

Equality Just Ain’t Good Enough To Address Racial Inequity

Equality will never be enough to survive in a White Supremacist society. White people have been the dominant society for so long and have amassed so much unearned/stolen wealth and privilege it will take concerted efforts to make things right. Equality must begin and end with equity because equality alone will never level the playing field or make things equal for Black people. Understanding the differences between equity and equality and demanding at the right times is extremely important for self-advocacy.

For White people and other People of Color countering racism/White Supremacy and anti-Blackness, understanding why calls for equality isn’t…

On grappling with the fact, freedom is only for White people.

Black People Aren’t Free

I turned on the television for the first time in weeks and was annoyed at the discussions surrounding voting rights in America. We Black folks are literally sitting around watching a bunch of old White folks to decide if my people get the right to vote for who they want to represent them. It’s become increasingly obvious we aren’t free. Can you imagine what the enslaved must have felt like watching rich, White plantation owners and businessmen discuss their lives, rights, and freedoms as if they were property?

Johnny Silvercloud did an amazing job breaking down how little freedoms Black…

A brief overview for White people who don’t see the problem with celebrating Black trauma from our enslavement.

For African American Black people as well as Black people from across the diaspora, Juneteenth is a way for us to get together and commemorate the freedom of our ancestors. It’s a bittersweet time for me personally. I love going to the celebrations, patronizing Black vendors, and listening to the history of our people as I eat good food, have libations, and dance with strangers. It’s a place of happiness and peace. Those events are mostly free from White gazes which is good for us, and safe. …

When I think about racism/White Supremacy and the people who make it work, directly and indirectly, the first thing that comes to mind is a big ole gang because that’s how White Supremacy functions. I know when White people think about gangs, they never see themselves as being a part of a gang. For them, when they think of gangs, they probably see…


Because settling for last place has made Black folks doormats to the world.

I’ve been thinking as I have been debating with other Blacks across the diaspora, in particular African Americans, about our willingness to be last in this society. At times, we wear being last like a badge of honor most times. We treat our lives, our needs, and our existence as if we’re supposed to let everyone go before us. Black folks often wonder how other groups come to this country and move up the ladder so quickly. After giving our place in the social hierarchy much thought, it’s become clear to me.

White Supremacy has conditioned everyone to see us…

Liberal Whites yet again demonstrate why Black folks can’t trust or depend on them to do the right thing or their choices about what’s best for the nation.

If you haven’t heard already, the President’s son got caught saying the N-word to his attorney in private messages which were reported in the Daily Mail, the TMZ of the United Kingdom. I’m sure the info was collected via ill-gotten means by a Biden opponent, but it’s still a bad look for a President already struggling with a huge part of his Black population.

According to the Daily Mail, “The President’s son at fifty-one years old, flippantly addressed his corporate attorney George Mesires, who is white, by the racial slur, with phrases including ‘true dat n***a’.” This man is fifty-one…

Obama was rewarded dearly for adhering to racist “institutional constraints” during his White Supremacy presidency.

Every Black politician running for public office has two decisions to make before they even decide to run. First, they must decide if they are going to submit to White Supremacy and do the business of White people. Secondly, depending on the district, they must determine if they will resist White Supremacy and have multiple agendas to serve all the constituents in their district(s), understanding the needs are different so the representation my be different. …

“Exterminate All The Brutes” is a brutally honest warning and wake up call for Black folks

Before our extermination, there must assimilation. Assimilation is what lulls the dominant group’s victims to sleep. It’s the slumber before slaughter. ~ Marley K.

This Story Is As Old As America

I recently watched HBO’s “Exterminate the Brutes,” and I am convinced American White people and the European continent collectively want nothing more than to rule the world, which means they need to get rid of any individual non-White people or non-White groups opposing White Supremacy and White rule. Anyone that’s seen as a threat to White Supremacy and its ultimate goal of ruling the world must be broken or exterminated, and that’s law. Colonizers do not…

Marley K.

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