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Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | | | Twitter @MarleyK20 |
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The New Book “Fieldnotes On Allyship” Is A Great Tool To Help New Allies and Anti Racism Advocates On Their Journeys.

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But most are either too ignorant, too arrogant, and too self-absorbed to realize it.

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The site is changing more and more each day making it harder for me to connect with my readers.

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Failing to recognize your oppression guarantees we will remain successfully oppressed.

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  1. Allowing White people to tell you what’s good for you. Your oppressor is always going to try to tell you what’s good for you, especially where White losing power is concerned. That’s why White folks are so vested in advising Black people on how to vote.
  2. Choosing danger on the left in…

One Black Man’s Journey From Battlefields To Green Pastures

Black Farmer and Veteran Marlon Willis Scott. Photo Credit: Marlon Willis Scott

It Hasn’t Always Been Easy For Black People To Own And Keep Land

If you don’t understand White Supremacy, you can’t possibly report competently or objectively on race, and that’s a huge problem in America.

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It’s Time For Most White Reporters To Admit They Are Racists

White America is incapable of giving justice to Black folks, so Black folks will be getting it for themselves.

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America will never be the same after all we’ve been through.

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