Finding a New Path to Wealth Without Professional Sports

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Pro Sports: The Way Out of No Way

Professional sports are seen as a “way out” of poverty for many poor people, especially Black families. At one time, it was a blessing and considered a great privilege to be able to make it to the pros. It’s a real long shot too! There are more or less about 138,000 athletic scholarships awarded at Division I and II colleges and universities in America, which are dictated by the NCAA. Somewhere around 20,000 of those scholarships are dedicated to football athletes. The competition is fierce. Heck, there are some counties in America with over a million students in a school district.

The Dream

Many parents have planted seeds of becoming well-paid professional athletes inside of their children’s heads.

The Nightmare

The next thing you know, colleagues are avoiding you like the plague. Your employer is pissed at the negative publicity, and your “ungratefulness.” They took a chance on you. They paid you. The employer decides the employee doesn’t represent the type of person they desire to be associated with.

America’s History of Black-Balling the Famous

In America, standing up for civil rights and being black-balled in Hollywood go hand in hand. It has simply evolved. America has a way of punishing those who don’t conform to the privileged, patriotic way. Anyone famous or wealthy choosing to speak out against injustice can be seen as a “sympathizer” and black-balled by their respective industries.

The Hypocrisy of Professional Sports

Players in the professional leagues can wear pink and fundraise for Breast Cancer research and awareness, a medical issue. Play can celebrate our U.S. Armed Forces via paid commercials, anthems, and fly overs. Players can celebrate holidays, even when others don’t observe the same holidays. Players can advocate for sick children by visiting hospitals and conduct all kinds of charitable works. Professional players can aid in all sorts of natural disaster relief at home and abroad.

The Case for Forging New Paths to Wealth Without Sports

Some professional sports, primarily those with a large percentage of African American players, are no longer covertly political. Politics is front and center of the NBA and NFL. Not only is it more political, the biases and values are on full display for the world to see. There is no guessing about how your potential boss or employer thinks. Raising your children to work for people who don’t value your family, their plights and lots in life, or your basic civil rights and liberties could be a problem.

Remember America’s History

Parents need to prepare their children for real life. A life in a post capitalism America. They need to prepare their kids for life that may entail the types of racial discrimination from the Jim Crow Era. Kids need to understand that the prospects of playing professional sports could dry up for Black kids based upon the actions of those who’ve come before them. Parents need to be prepared for the possibility of Brown vs. the Board of Education being overturned, and Affirmative Action being overturned. Black Parents should be preparing their children for a day where Black athletes aren’t considered for scholarships and slots on college sports teams because of their color of their skin.

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