How The Democratic Party Used A Black President and Black Votes To Whiten Hispanics

And how we Black folks helped to create this new “Minority European” that is going to be America’s life support for White Supremacy.

Then Vice President Joe Biden by Center for American Progress is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Biden Blames Black People For America’s Failed State

I’m not sure if you all remember that call with civil rights leaders in December 2020 where Biden told them 1.) “This country is doomed, not just because of African Americans,” and 2.) were going to have to work with Hispanics to get things done because America is going to be a Minority European country by 2040. He was telling us America is going to Whiten their minorities, grandfather them, give them more power, and a new name. It’s not a new strategy. They’ve done it before with Jews, the Irish, Italians, and Asians.

Biden Says Aloud What Most White People Believe

I need African American Black people to focus on the fact that Biden said America was doomed because of us, but not just because of us. Biden’s racist butt blamed Black people for White people’s messes and failures. It’s quite amazing. Disappointing was all the Black people who sat there silently and said nothing.

In high White folk fashion, Biden not only failed to acknowledge the centuries of bullshit White people and people of European descent have done to harm the country, but he also didn’t acknowledge how their depopulation plans for us have harmed them to the same way their failed War on Drugs did. Eventually, the plots White men create always come back around to ensnare their people too.

Biden completely ignores the fact this country has been run into the ground by grump-ass old White men like himself. If you begin listening to the video at the 1:14 mark, you call catch his slick mouth blaming us for African Americans for being doomed.

The Intercept’s leaked video of Biden’s phone call with Black Civil Rights leaders. Source: YouTube.

Biden let the cat out of the bag. He said the quiet things White folks and descendants of many immigrants believe aloud. The gaffe machine was also bluntly giving away the political strategies of the Democratic Party and for his administration to the Black misleaders in attendance who were either too blind or too paid for to get it. The Democratic Party’s strategy has always been to:

  1. Blame us for all of America’s woes,
  2. Demoralize us by neglecting us while pretending they’re doing the best they can,
  3. Support and uplift the People of Color while transferring visible and perceived power to secure their loyalty to White Supremacy,
  4. Continue using its largest voting block to keep Democrats and liberal Whites in power, and
  5. Uplift People of Color, overlook and undermine Blacks, and sow division and anti-Blackness.

Biden and the Democrats have done a spectacular job getting African American Blacks to believe they actually care about them and have their best interests at heart. White Democrats, the majority of the political power in the party, only care about their power. They are no different than Republicans, they simply go by different means to maintain their power.

The Democratic Party’s concern about us voting is nothing more than a ploy to get us to vote for them so they can stay in power while giving us nothing tangible in exchange. Old saggy-jowled Mitch McConnell spilled the tea on Dems’ strategy the other day when a Hispanic/Latino reporter questioned him about the rights of Voters of Color and I was glad about it. He exposed Dems’ plans. I want to break it down for you.

Listen to the only racist Senator in his own words.

Source: Twitter @michaelharriot

McConnell made clear African Americans were different from Americans. It was no slip of the tongue. McConnell doesn’t roll like that, so any White person making excuses for him are as racist as he is. American to Senator Mitch McConnell and people of his ilk believe we are indeed different in a way that is subhuman.

Senator Mitch McConnell also used his choice, coded words to dispel the myth that we somehow can’t vote. Democrats have used this lie to instill fear into African Americans Black folks for decades which drives us to vote like clockwork despite getting nothing in exchange for our vote. He basically pulled the Democratic Party’s coattails showing us how Dems use the same psychological warfare on African Americans that Republicans use on their voters. Fear is big business. It makes people react without thinking or investigating and they have no clue why.

According to recent Census data on voting, in previous elections, non-Hispanic Black voter turnout exceeded non-Hispanic Asian turnout by 18 percentage points in 2008 and by 20 points in 2012. The biggest takeaway is was that in 2020, non-Hispanic Black voter turnout was only 3 percentage points higher than non-Hispanic Asian turnout. We’ve steadily outvoted all other non-White groups despite any obstacles placed in our way.

Based on the data, regardless of which parts (Section 4) of the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional, Black people are still voting more than any other racial group in America for Democrats. It’s a hustle baby.

The section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act nixed by the conservative-leaning Supreme Court provided the formula for determining which states must have any changes to their voting laws pre-approved by the Justice Department’s civil rights division or the D.C. federal court. Nothing is stopping anyone from voting although the bad states that needed oversight are still terrible. They've always been terrible. They needed oversight for more than voting, but no one cared about that which is how we got here. Power is all White people worry about. Our vote is their power, not ours.

McConnell outed the Democratic Party and it was delicious. Black folks are finally being shaken out of their groupthink and starting to wake up and smell the scam.

Additionally, State’s Rights relic, a holdover from the Civil War Era the Democrats allowed, has come back to bite them in their asses again (See, the Missouri Compromise, the Wilmot Proviso, the Compromise of 1850, the Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854), and the Lincoln-Douglas Debates (1858). America is always trying to do wrong by Black people, only to be harmed by the very injustices they turned a blinds eye from.

The bottom line is that most African American Black people have had no problems voting, no matter the obstacles according to McConnell. Based on the data, he’s right. So why are Dems instilling fear in African American Black voters in particular?

It’s because they too desire to remain in power and they need us African American Black voters, the loyal and consistent base of the party, to achieve their goal in this two-party political system. They’ll resort to any means necessary to maintain their version of White power.

Blacks Are Being Forced To Work With, Negotiate With, and Compete With America’s New Whites

After Biden’s verbally abusive call in December 2020 with Civil Rights activists and leaders where he informed them they were the causes of all of America’s woes, Biden shared with Black Civil Rights leaders that America was going to be Minority White European (whatever the hell that is) nation by 2040, and we guys are going to have to start working more with Hispanics.

This was the moment Biden revealed the party’s plans to fully grandfather Hispanics/Latinos into Whiteness because after whitening and legalizing the illegal immigrants here, they’d actually have the potential to outnumber Black folks. They see us as problems. They don’t see Hispanics as problems because many of them believe in and practice White Supremacy and anti-Blackness.

Grandfathering them all means they’d create a larger number of prospective Democratic voters. The Democrats’ Insurrection plan strategy is and has been tinkering with immigration and race, and no one is talking about it.

America’s immigration policy meticulously picks and allows people of certain nationalities and ethnic groups to either come here Whitened (i.e. enter already programmed anti-Black/White Supremacist, have children with White men or marry into Whiteness) or happily participate in the opportunity to become White (voluntarily assimilation). American immigration is nothing more than eugenics and population control. Keep up. America cherry-picks their tools.

Eugenicists globally know White people aren’t having enough babies. In order to remain in power, the sociopaths running the White world must intervene (again) to ensure there is no transition in power despite their population declining. They have all sorts of efforts working all at once to make sure this happens, and most of us are asleep.

Hispanic/Latinx people have and will continue to assimilate to be here and they’ll be rewarded with power, privilege, and access for doing so. Biden was dropping the dime on America. It was an unintended gaffe most didn’t pick up.

From the moment Biden took office, he made it clear through his Cabinet selections he was not concerned about Blacks sharing power in an effort to make America a more equitable union. His administration has been noticeably light on Black folks in real positions of power. It was also noticeably heavy on the Hispanic/Latinx members and other non-Black People of Color. Yet another sign of where America is headed if Democrats have any say in the matter. I’m vehemently opposed to the exclusion of African American Black people from America. While I may not have the power to do anything about it, at least I can call it out and make Black folks aware of what’s happening so that they can make decisions in their best interests.

Source: Washington Post

Hispanics Are Beginning To Flex Their Political Power (Real and Perceived)

If you don’t live in a state or region with a strong Hispanic/Latinx presence, you’re likely unaware of the power the Hispanic/Latinx populations have amassed over the past few decades. Having moved from rural Black/White South Carolina to the international metropolis of South Florida. I went from living in a place where the only Hispanics in our town worked either as migrant workers or employed at the town only Hispanic restaurant(s) to being an old Southern Black woman in the middle of a sea of people who spoke Spanish hailing from the Caribbean, Latin America, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

In the beginning, loved it here. I thought this is what America was truly like. The melting pot story was ringing true here in South Florida. I felt good about it. But then I began to notice an uncomfortable familiar pattern here.

I also noticed how I was treated because I was Black in a lot of places, even among Afro-Latinos. Navigating race, culture, and ethnicity was still an issue. I learned fast we weren’t all the same, we still aren’t equal, and we were not one people regardless of the percentage of DNA we all could trace back to Africa.

Since moving to South Florida my experiences have included being ignored in Latin restaurants I was trying to patronize because I noticed only White Hispanics being served. I’ve literally gotten up and walked out of several Latin restaurants over the past 10 years. I had Hispanics and Latin Americans working in Fortune 500 American-owned businesses irritated with me because I didn’t speak Spanish and they couldn't speak English. I’ve even experienced what I’m sure was employment discrimination because I’ve been interviewed by an entire committee of White and Hispanic groups or entirely Hispanic/Latinx committees.

I learned quickly what time it was here.

Being from the South, I know racism/exclusion when I see it and feel it. South Florida definitely started giving me those vibes. And when it comes to business and politics here, Hispanics/Latinos notoriously run things. Currently, Broward County FL is investigating Miami-Dade Police Department, the 7th largest police department in the United States run predominantly by Cuban and other Latin Americans, because the government officials and the police fired the former Police Chief who was trying to clean up what he called the Cuban Mafia in the department because the “internal culture” was bad. I don’t know how other melting pot communities are, but Miami ain’t right and I’ll leave it at that.

While Miami may be one of the prettiest cities in America, it’s not very democratic. The proof is in the history. I notice the same trends happening in New York and California as well. The new sheriff in town acts a lot like the old sheriff where Black folks are concerned. I’m not hopeful.

And while I know this is one of a few cities in Florida and representative of a small but influential portion of the state, the area has displayed a pattern of behavior that has been around for decades and it doesn’t get discussed very much. It’s concerning. It’s been normalized. It’s very unAmerican. Cubans and other White Hispanic/Latinx groups have placed themselves in positions of power here and they don’t share. You can go into national banks here and the entire bank staff is White Hispanic/Latinx when I know the demographics of the bank employees don’t reflect the community’s demographics.

No one checks, no one calls it out, and no one cares. It’s a different type of gentrification, yet gentrification nonetheless.

One thing for certain is that the White Hispanic/Latinx population here doesn’t care. When they get a little power, they look out for their own.

According to Miami Dade Matters, an intelligence and information platform, the Hispanic population in Miami-Dade County is 71% of the overall population, making the majority of the voter conglomerate Hispanic. When you look at their site, Hispanics are lumped into the same categories as Whites. White and Hispanic are intertwined in the population tallies. Without the disaggregation, it’s unclear to tell who is White. Miami may be America’s first blessed White Hispanic grandfathered city. Black people should study it more.

This is what Black people are going to be up against. This is what our future holds. This is what Biden was talking about. We’re going to have to work with people who have more power than we’ve had previously.

Another cause for concern in my opinion is Hispanic/Latino people hold dual statuses which is going to be a problem for African American Black people advocating as minorities if we don’t receive any special designations or protection statuses exclusive to African American Black people.

When it comes to the minority/disadvantaged statuses of grandfathered individuals in the social hierarchy, they’ll have dual roles. They’re considered oppressed minorities and they also can act as a White oppressor when it suits, in the same way, White feminists, White LGBTQIA+ persons, White disabled people, and other White and White-passing people who can claim a protected group status and still be/act in the oppressor class.

Black people better be figuring this shit out, because shit’s about to get real!

The White Hispanic-Latinx folks here in South Florida get power and they keep it. And when they get into power here, they often engage in anti-Blackness especially among the Black Hispanic populations in the area. It’s quite shocking being that we all have similar lineages that can be traced back to the continent of Africa and have experienced the same White Supremacy the rest of us non-White folks have around the globe. It’s quite the spectacle to witness, to say the least, but let me reaffirm that all skin folk ain’t kinfolk.

Get it in your spirits and get it good.

People hate to have their melting pot myths burst, but my personal experiences with many Hispanic/Latinx persons here in Miami-Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, and Southwest Florida are lots of anti-Blackness and microaggressions. I see Hispanic/Latinx leaders in politics behaving in the same manner. Lots of talks, very little inclusion.

The behavior looks and sounds a lot like how White people treated Blacks in the South during Jim Crow. The cracks in the so-called Black and Brown coalition are beginning to manifest in Congress as well, as one Hispanic Caucus lawmaker said he was refusing to meet with Vice President’s Harris new Black aide Jamal Simmons for something he said 12 years ago. The new aide also posed a controversial question in the same tweet on Twitter as well.

The problem isn’t the question itself, it’s the fact the devil himself and author of the Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy trolled the old tweet and retweeted it, turning a real-time 12-year-old observation and question into a bad thing. (the tweet below)

Source: Twitter @JamalSimmons and @qaomene

Allow me to explain why what Simmons said isn’t legally wrong and why in my opinion he shouldn’t have apologized.

First and foremost, the only ways one can enter America legally if you’re not already a U.S. citizen or legal resident is to apply for and possess a Visa, apply for and be given Asulym, or come via the nation’s Refugee process. Any other way simply put breaks the law, even if illegal entrants are adults bringing undocumented minor children here illegally or if persons overstay their visas which is also in violation of the law.

I’m not bending over backward and going back and forth with folks who want to intermingle moral and legal arguments. I’m talking law here.

One reason America has become a failed state is that people no longer obey the laws. Lawmakers don’t obey them, people hired to uphold the law won’t obey the laws on the books, and neither will the citizens. A nation without laws cannot stand. The contorting of immigration laws is a perfect example of this. If you compromise for some you must compromise for all and we all know White folks don’t play fair in this respect.

Immigration isn’t that difficult to understand. The laws have been muddied in recent years with moral arguments because lawmakers are too lazy to change immigration laws on the books. That’s not our problem, nor is it our fault. Congress makes the laws. They also break them on both sides of the aisle. Allow me to provide further proof.

According to 8 U.S. Code § 1325 — Improper entry by alien, the nation’s law pertaining to improperly entering the country, Section (a) of the code states “Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.”

That’s the law. It’s codified.

Furthermore, the term documented isn’t used once in the law, but alien is. When you take it upon yourselves to change the terms used in the law, you’re actually breaking the law. People coming up with new, softer terms to label lawbreakers are a special brand of folks, and I’ll leave it at that. No one can change drug laws and drug schedules. We don’t change DMV rules and terms. They don't change any other criminal laws and codes, but suddenly, illegal aliens get new terms and it’s linked to politics and policy.

Stay up on it, my people. I need you to overstand this.

If you’re reading this and don’t like what I’ve said, please take your feelings up with Congress and your God. Please don’t argue with me. Either you like laws or you don’t.

Of note, the fines and penalties for the first time and even subsequent illegal entrants are so weak while other parts of the immigration law are so convoluted (i.e. catch me if you can), the laws don’t deter anyone from the Global South from coming into America illegally. At the end of the day, it’s all about money and another form of enslavement so to speak for those who become ensnared in ICE’s cycle of detainment which eventually gets many undocumented prisoners in private prisons nationwide.

Note the law doesn’t say anything specifically about undocumented people. The law focuses on the illegal entrance. The code also uses the term alien. The term “alien” as it relates strictly to the code means any person, not a citizen or national of the United States. If you’re not a citizen, the code considers you an alien and an illegal entrant.

Now, follow me. I want you to think about something.

The Democratic Party has been working overtime breaking the law for unauthorized entrants already inside of the U.S. by creating methods to legalize their entrances and providing an illegal pathway to citizenship. Dems are circumventing the legal system/process to remain in power in the same way Republicans are changing laws in states and making Supreme Court challenges to gut laws that have been on the books for decades and centuries.

They are doing it to grandfather the people into the country who will help them get their numbers up without blackening America. Democrats are as racist as Republicans, they just set the table for their racism nicer and get us Black folks to help them.

The Democratic Party’s voters and supporters have been helping them break the law too in real-time. Democrats are as lawless and low-down as Republicans when it comes to breaking and circumventing laws to stay in power, and they’ll use anyone or anything who will participate in order to get it done. Just because no blood has been shed, and they didn’t kill anyone doesn’t mean their actions aren’t bad for democracy.

You cannot have a nation without laws, and your laws are no good if the lawmakers won’t even abide by them. Democrats love to accuse Republicans of being lawbreakers but so are they.

The Dems’ Whitening revolution of Hispanics and Latinos is being televised and it’s live on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media platforms for the politically astute. White people continue to create ways to stay in power and normalize Whiteness/White Supremacy. This whitening ensures racism and racial discrimination will continue to be problems for African American Black people.

White people in power have pit us all against one another and we all go along willingly (and sometimes ignorantly) because White folks are in control of all of the globe's natural resources and peace dagnabit, even on continents they aren’t indigenous to.

African American Black folks love to think the Democratic Party is somehow this better alternative to the Republican Party when in reality, it’s not.

Both political parties are looking for as many ways to remain in power as possible. Democrats have chosen to grandfather as many White passing People of Color to erase our Blackness while Republicans have just said fuck it all and committed treason. Black folks need to understand that when we cosign lawbreaking and go along to get along, you’re basically supporting your dilution of power, participating in failing your own nation, and you’re aiding in your own extinction.

The Business of Grandfathering in 2022

Grandfathering 12 million mostly Hispanic/Latino illegal entrants who improperly entered the country or overstayed their Visas would be equivalent to more than half the alleged 40 million Black people in America. Because America doesn’t disaggregate people by nationality, it’s not possible to determine exactly how many African American Black people/Freedmen are here which is why I used the term alleged.

In any event, the Whitening process to prevent White extinction has already begun and you’re beginning to see the beneficiaries of the Whitening flexing the power, especially after Biden-Harris took office. The rewards for anti-Blackness are on full display.

Politicians like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Bob Mendez, Representative Lou Correa, and other members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have been noticeably disrespectful, more territorial, and seemingly hostile or intolerant of Black colleagues and silent on many Black issues. I’ve been noticing their strategic alliances, their silence, and they're asserting the grandfathered power. The Jamal Simmons saga is just the beginning of our troubles. Expect to see many more biscuit getters tuck their tails and apologize to keep their high-profile gigs.

Black people should expect to be thrown under the bus by even more Black people in the coming weeks and years. It’s inevitable. White Supremacy gave us new gatekeepers. Supporting the Democratic Party’s lawbreaking helped us right out of power.

What I see happening now in Congress is what I have experienced here in South Florida. Black folks are going to learn quickly about the kind of White Hispanics/Latinos White Supremacy allows to rise to power. They often harbor anti-Black sentiments though most will deny them. They’re going to walk the same Jim Crow walk as White folks leaving a lot of ya’ll dazed and confused. The devil is in White Supremacy’s details. Please read the fine print before joining the Skin Whitening, nationality erasing team.

Democrats Engage In A Different Type of Insurrection

Demoractics have an insurrection issue of their own we tend to overlook because there was no blood involved in it. Both Democrats and Republicans are skirting the governance structures and laws that have always been in place and cheating African American Black citizens out of power via subtle, sinister forms of disenfranchisement. It doesn’t matter if the politicians are engaging in subversion using the tool of a violent insurrection to remain in power or by creating DACA and Whitening Hispanics/Latinos because they all know White people aren’t producing enough people to keep White folks in power, to me they the same type of violation against my people.

The takeaway for African American Black folks is that no one wants Black people to have power, and White people will work with anyone to ensure that happens. Sadly, many People of Color and Black folks have worked against their own interests. Not much we can do about it now, except stand our ground and keep fighting.

Jamal Simmons has zero power in policy-making, negotiations, etc. that would prevent the Hispanic Caucus from caucusing or meeting with the Vice-President. The antics of Rep. Lou Correa were done to flex his White power and humiliate a Black man. Like most Black people in the White man’s butter biscuit brigade, Simmons cowered and apologized when he shouldn’t have because he was right. The Vice-President if she had a backbone would have stood with him being she’s a former prosecutor and State Attorney General.

When people sworn to uphold the law circumvent and break it, you’re living in a failed state. Remember that. We live in a failed state.

Biden’s Pivot to Hispanics Began During The Obama Administration With DACA

Since the Democratic Party used a Black man (Obama) to get us (Black voters, their base) to help whiten Hispanics/Latinos (population control) using issues such as DACA and the scenes from illegal bordering crossings, we’ll be dealing with this new, aggressive buffer class of oppressors that have been Whitening themselves for quite sometimes now.

Biden was so confident when he told African American Civil Rights leaders they’d have to work with Hispanics to get things done because they’d put their plans into motion after reviewing 2010 Census data which showed a decrease in White people while showing an increase in Hispanics and most other ethnic-racial groups. Somehow Black America’s number remained steady with little increase at all, but I digress.

Apparently, the Congressional Black Caucus got the future power/social hierarchy memo along with the NAACP that the new White gatekeeper class was going to be White Hispanics which explains why they have been so AWOL in advocacy for Black specific issues. The Black Caucus is a White Supremacist organization now, just another tool in the arsenal of White Supremacy.

Both the NAACP and the CBC have been getting us into shape with moral arguments to get our support for many of the unconstitutional and illegal initiatives such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which have benefitted Hispanics and Latinos more than any other undocumented immigrant regardless of nationality or ethnic group as planned. The data doesn’t lie.

Let me just keep it real. While other groups may benefit from DACA Hispanics and Latinos benefit most from DACA. Again, the data proves it.

Because our open oppressor knows most Black folks don’t read most laws themselves the National Democratic Party knew they could get away with selling us the “moral” arguments on immigration. White people in the Democratic Party know Black people are emotional beings, so they knew their compelling moral arguments with photos, videos, and media stories about illegal entrants over a ten year period would eventually demoralize us, convincing their core constituents the party was doing the right thing morally despite breaking the law which in turn benefits no one except White people and White political futures.

Like Republicans, the Democratic Party also knows White numbers are declining which means African American Black people would soon have the largest voting block in the country and could assume more power as long as the fuckers didn’t cheat to maintain their power.

Well, White people be White peopling, plotting out here in these savage White streets against our asses something serious and they’ve devised a plan to make certain nationalities and ethnic groups are going to be White beginning officially in 2024. Because there are millions of undocumented Hispanic/Latino immigrants already in the country as there are documented ones, they’ve gambled on Whitening them. That’s why you’ve seen Democratic-leaning cities and states rush to implement laws for illegal entrants to vote in states like New York, California, and other large metropolitan citizens outside of the South. Expect the trend to continue. This plan was ushered in by Obama and Biden in 2010 and Biden is simply continuing the plan.

Biden warned us. I hope Black folks will take heed. This country will be a minority European by 2040, and White folks are about that life. They’re going to be okay regardless of whose in power. The question of the decade is will Black people?

They’ve given you timeframes. Best be gathering yourselves. Only the strongest and smartest among us will survive. White Supremacy never takes a day off.

Neither can we.

Marley K., 2022

Follow me here on Medium (don’t forget to clap), on Twitter (MarleyK20), on my website (see my profile), and on YouTube (Marley K/Marleyisms) to support my work because they suppress my work so work. I don’t care though because I’m going to keep speaking truth to power anyway (lol).



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