The End of The Second Reconstruction Is Upon Us

The count down to the end of the Civil Rights Era starts now.

Photo by Ann H from Pexels

The End of The Second Reconstruction Era Is Nigh

Well, it’s almost the end of Biden’s first year of his presidency, and as predicted, he did nothing to preserve the gains specifically made by Blacks since the Civil Rights Era fights and the end of Jim Crow. In fact, whatever Black folks asked for was not only declined, it was given to other groups that hadn’t asked for anything. Black people were asked to save America and in return, we get nothing but more police brutality, more exclusion, more racism, and more of our basic civil and human rights revoked or repealed. It’s been a very difficult year to sit by and watch.

Nearly a year after the January 6th coup attempt, little has been done by the federal government to stop the next one which ensures another one is on the way. The Insurrection at the nation’s Capital is a dry run for the one they plan in either 2022 or 2024. White Supremacists are gearing up to take their country back, and there is not much we can do about it.

The justice system is unjust, slow, and corrupt. Congressmen act as if they have no power. The President, a now closeted racist himself, negotiates behind closed doors with terrorists and racists to block progress for the sake of maintaining the old White Supremacist structure that also didn’t work for Blacks and allowed White Supremacist to get away with bloody murder. We are a lawless nation. A wicked nation.

America is a failing empire in rapid decline.

The January 2021 Insurrection wouldn’t be so unbelievable if it hadn’t already happened before. Everything we’re living through has already happened before, which is why I’m able to write with conviction what our future holds.

This is only the beginning. Racists from all walks have been planning this coup for years. They’ve gone through every institution and every law to put the pieces in place to make sure the next coup is successful.

It’s going to be bloody. It’s already started. The government has given White Supremacists all the greenlights and attaboys they need to begin killing, killing Black people. Nothing disturbs racists more than seeing Black people happy, prospering, and progressing.

President Obama was a lot. Vice-President Harris was a bridge too damned far. White supremacists feel they need to right the ship. White men, women, and even their racist children see their hold on power slipping away from them, and they will anything to maintain it, including lying, cheating, stealing, and killing.

We haven’t seen anything yet.

The next coup is being modeled after the only successful massacre and insurrection in our nation’s history, which happened in Wilmington, North Carolina back in 1898. That coup was made possible thanks to the Compromise of 1877.

The Compromise of 1877 was an informal arrangement between Congressmen over a disputed Presidential Election. Sounds familiar? With this informal agreement, the federal government pulled troops from the South, ending the Reconstruction Era. This led to Jim Crow and Black Codes nationally, and millions of Black people were killed, chased out of town, forced out of their elected positions, and put back into second-class status.

Because America didn’t take care of business the first time, Black folks are going through this harsh lesson again. Let’s make no bones about it, the Reconstruction Era was about Black progress, equity, and fairness. Ending that gave White men back the power they’ve always had, and it gave them the ability to stop Black people from progressing in this state.

Biden, the Republicans, and the Democrats in Congress are currently engaging in a second informal agreement to end the Civil Rights Era specifically for Blacks as we speak. We are the dominant group opposing White Supremacy consistently.

It’s why Manchin and Sinema can be in one party to get elected but act on the behalf of the racist constituents they really align themselves with.

It’s the reason Insurrectionists who participated in January 6th shenanigans still have power.

It’s the reason few unelected officials still employed by the federal government are still employed.

It’s the main reason Biden won’t use any of his executive powers to do anything to stop the slaughter of thousands if not millions of Black people in this nation.

Our elected officials don’t care about what is happening to America because they don’t work for us, they work fr the dominant society, the billionaires, the elites, and the corporations. They don’t have any skin in the game. Most disconcerting are the scary Black anti-Black folks who go along for the sake of getting along. The leaders who chose not to head for the hills after they’ve betrayed us will be protected by federal assets, but only if those assets aren’t turncoats.

Coups are ugly. There is always violence. There is always bloodshed. We’re living the bloodless part of the coup at the moment, much like Black people did living through and thriving through the Reconstruction Era.

Once the match is lit and the bloodshed begins, it won’t stop. I want to talk about what we’re getting ready to experience here in America.

Too many people are acting as if they don’t understand this house is on fire. Most Americans are acting like they are attending a barbecue.

What The Begining of The End Will Look Like

Expect mass resignations in Congress after Christmas. In true White folks fashion, none of the leaders who have been in Congress twenty, thirty, forty, or even fifty years will be willing to look any of us in our face, and they won’t be able to admit they’ve screwed us royally. They’re taking the money they’ve made from insider trading and kickbacks and hitting the road. The Black folks in Congress will foolishly believe they can really right the ship with the cannon-ball-sized hole in it sinking. When the violence begins, they’ll be run-off like the cowards they are.

Photo by Ana Arantes from Pexels

Our low-down dirty-back federal Representatives will be going to hide out in their predesignated safe spaces, watching us Black folks get slaughtered live on a loop on their favorite White supremacist-owned cable networks.

Coups are already happening at the state level. Voting rights have already been taken away in many Republican-led states. Redistricting and gerrymandering are taking place as we speak. Many states have changed gun-purchasing and gun-carrying laws to make it easier for White folks with records to purchase and carry weapons to get in on all the fun hunting and killing Black people.

The Rittenhouse case gives young White males greenlights to kill with weapons of war and cry self-defense. Expect more of this. Additionally, the Crumley case highlights how White parents have been training up their future racist school shooters by taking them to gun ranges and buying them guns so they can go to school and kill their classmates. The White classmates are practice, collateral damage so to speak, The real targets will be Black and possibly Brown people who will sitting targets because we don’t teach our children violence or racism.

We’ve been busy teaching our kids to avoid those things.

States like Florida are planning to create their own militias to fight the federal government when they secede. Yes, people, these states are planning to secede. They aren’t saying it, they’re doing it. This is how White Supremacy works.

People will continue to believe their favorite no-good politicians will save them and do nothing. Voting won’t say any of us at this point.

The Supreme Court won’t be expanded. If Biden hasn’t done it now, he isn’t going to, and if he tries, he’ll be blocked by low-down Mitch McConnell and the Republicans who won’t approve any justices if they aren’t Conservative and ready to aid in the dismantling of rights for anyone, not White.

Roe vs. Wade will be overturned. White women gotta produce more babies to get those White numbers back up. They don’t care if White women have those and throw them into foster care. As long as a White body is born with the potential to help sustain White rule, all is well.

After Roe vs Wade is overturned, racist conservatives will come out to the polls in 2022 and 2024. White feminist Dems will stay home dejected. America will call on Black people.

Most Black people won’t be answering the call. We’re tired and we have nothing to be concerned about. We’re in protection mode at the moment planning for the Whitelash coming.

Police, who are heavily infiltrated by White Supremacists already, will take their wrongful places in most coup activities, informing White Supremacists of all federal, state, and local efforts to stop them. They’ve been doing this all along, their efforts will be more streamlined.

Essential services will be stifled and the Great Reset will march on. We’ll have more viruses, more hacks, more online propaganda, and more misleading, by our public officials.

There will be racial divisions and they should be expected. This is a racist nation. We are not any different than we were in 1898. We are not better than this. America is a violent nation. Violence is its love language. It shall end the way it began, violently.

Don’t expect much out of the Department of Justice, the Southern District of New York, or other entities and opportunities capable and unwilling to do justice. This nation is just one big dirty crime syndicate, and they all have tales to tell. Dirty deeds will be forgotten and erased, charges will be dropped and lessened, and cases will be fought so long in court that by the time it’s all said and done it will be 2024.

Judges have been stacked by Republicans. Things are not going to go in the favor of the righteous. The wheels of justice will be stalled if not stopped completely. We will look like some third-world lawless nation when it’s all said and done.

Our allies will leave us. They have all sorts of multilateral agreements and treaties they’ve had since the slave trade. They won’t meddle in our business as we fail. America does the same. White nations have codes. They will stay on code.

Lastly, White people will be White people. As things start to get bad, White folks interested in pretending they are innocent lambs and incapable of past injustices will blend in with the bad White people so as not to be killed, bullied, or harmed. They also need their White privilege. Allyship talk will cease, social media accounts will be scrubbed, yard signs will be removed for White yards, those LGBTQIA+ rainbow and equality stickers will be hidden, and all God’s White children will just be White again.

White people don’t like to fight, especially not for something they don’t personally benefit from. They’re going to hunker down to ride out the White violence by pretending not to know or like Black and Brown people. History will repeat itself.

Black people will be left alone, trying to figure out what to do with no protections, no safe spaces, no wealth, no money, and little time to prepare for the whitelash that always comes with our progress.

This is what the beginning of the end of the second reconstruction will look like.

For a great political take on White violence and the state of our nation, check out the thread by Dr. William Horne regarding the results of his White Backlash Course at George Washington University. He didn’t mince any words. While many White people are late to the party, I’m glad they are finally admitting what many Black people already knew.


When The Second Reconstruction Finally Ends

At some point over the next two to three years, the second Reconstruction Era will end, violently. Fellow writer Marlon Weems did a phenomenal job in his essay, The Coup Attempt That Didn’t Fail, discussing what happened during the only successful coup d’état in the United States. It’s worth a read. It’s one of the most detailed discussions on the event you will find in one place.

White people were angry that Black people had power, were successful, and had property as well as rights. They nipped it in the bud. They used a coup, to do it. America loves violence, tolerates violence, condones violence, and has always allowed White people to gather in mobs, obstruct justice, and snatch the hard-fought rights away of Black people.

The Second Reconstruction will finally end when White Supremacists have all their pieces in place.

When they have all the power they need, they’ll create mayhem.

Black communities will burn. Black people will be shot. Black churches will be burned. Black people will lose their jobs. Racist managers will get rid of their Black employees and replace them with those they’ve deemed worthy of taking our positions.

Political leaders in red states will likely be forced to resign and new elections will be held to fill their positions. Only whites can apply.

Businesses owned by racists will be happy they don’t have to serve N-words anymore. Depending on the state, “No Blacks and XXX” signs will be pop up everywhere, creating huge issues for Black folks relying on their services in their respective communities.

The current or new President (depending on when the coup happens, will call for a national emergency. It’s not going to be the kind of national emergency declared when we have weather emergencies. It’s going to be much different, especially if it appears states are challenging the federal government.

Stores and businesses will close for fear of looting and anarchy. People will be afraid. Black people will stay home, keep their kids out of school, and try to stay off the streets as militias will be roaming the streets freely to kill and bully at will.

Black voters will be threatened for trying to vote, intimidated at the polls, and allegations of voter fraud launched by states actively working to suppress votes.

Lynchings will occur all over the nation, along with other timeless methods used by White supremacists to kill Black people. Coroners across the nation, who are mostly White by the way, will say their deaths are suicides.

Politicians will be AWOL, afraid for their lives. White mobs opposing their views will be out for blood.

No feds will be coming. States will have the power and authority to request assistance, but they won’t. They’ll terrorize Black folks and others on the racist hit lists, including Jews, LGBTQ persons, other ethnic and racial minorities, and anyone else seen as a threat to white hetero-maleness.

School boards will seat mostly racist community members who will ensure your kids are as ignorant as most people are today about our history. New pro-segregation school officials will resegregate students. The experiment will be over. Parents will send their racist kids to school to terrorize, and Black and Brown children will be terrorized more than ever before.

There will be lots of shootouts. There are plenty of people strapped and ready to protect themselves, no longer interested in trying to be peaceful with people who are incapable of the act.

People will retreat to safety. Blacks and other groups will only associate with their own. It won’t be safe to deal with Whites. No one will know who is safe and who is not.

White people will go back to acting the way they did during Jim Crow. There will be very few rights, but there will be plenty of fights.

Some good White people will be killed, while others will blend in and pretend so they won’t be harmed themselves. Their lives will come before anyone else's.

Subjugation, extermination, and annihilation will take place both here in American and abroad. The real brutes will proceed to exterminate the perceived brutes. The dominant society has a mandate to depopulate the earth of us, and they will work expeditiously to ensure the mandate is successful.

Our allies will continue acting as if nothing is wrong and looking the other way at America’s crimes against Black humanity. They’ve already agreed upon this.

Just know there is nothing stopping any of this from happening. An informal agreement has already been made. That’s why you see nothing being done to stop this from happening. It’s all a farce, just one big ole sham.

I know some of you reading this won’t want to believe me. All of this is too horrific to believe, right? Well, it shouldn’t be too horrific because it’s already happened here in America once before.

America hasn’t learned its lesson since the first Reconstruction, so we’re going through it once again. It seems we’re on the way to failing the lesson again because the people of this nation and those in positions of power continue to deny the first Reconstruction ever existed.

They deny racism.

They pretend this country wasn’t founded on violence.

They won’t apologize.

They won’t change.

They’ve made life hard for all of us.

Now we all must pay, again, and again, and again.

We’re not a melting pot. We’re an unclean toilet bowl that has never been cleaned before. That toilet bowl has 400 years of shit sitting in it, and no one wants to get the bowl right to use.

The end of the Second Reconstruction is upon us. We have about a year before we start seeing real changes and challenges that become life-threatening to Black people and our twos and fews of allies. You should start preparing.

Some of you reading this will be afraid and want “solutions” and magical answers in order to prevent this unnecessary tragedy from happening. Sorry, I don’t have any.

We are so far past that phase of failure and degeneracy it’s not even funny anymore. I don’t have any more solutions, and I’m tired of being circle-jerked by White people. You’ve had plenty of time, ample opportunities, and an abundance of individual and collective power to stop this nightmare. Instead, you all chose not to.

When I was explaining racism/White Supremacy to White folks, I had to argue with White folks about their feelings and being labeled more than the problematic behavior that was harming my people. I tried to teach you all anyway.

when I used the term White people to describe who runs the systems, White people deflected and projected, shutting down all sensible conversations. Thanks for nothing.

When I declared all White people had a role in the state of the country and that they had to play a role in fixing the mess, White folks argued with me and said they didn’t own slaves and they didn't believe they should have to pay for something someone else did. I said, okay.

We said, “Listen to Black women.” Most White folks said, “No.”

Well, time is up now. Unless Democrats are able to pull off a counter-coup offensive a lifetime, this country is done. Enjoy your Christmas. Take your vacations. Drench yourselves in your optimism and hope. You’re going to need it. The ditches White people have been digging for Black people are going to swallow White men, women, and children too. You guys are going to reap what you sow.

The failing of America has White folks’ footprints all over it.

I regret America didn’t learn its mistakes. We’re all going to pay dearly for it. I hate America loves White more than it loves right. We’re headed to authoritarianism. Fasten your seatbelts loves. It’s going to be a long, bumpy ride. I suggest you take the time to vacation this upcoming year in former slaveholding states. Visit museums. Read some of those historical markers. Browse all the Confederate Memorials. Study up on the history of America after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Focus on the history of Black people in particular. It’s the history America tends to be in denial about the most.

The second Reconstruction Era is over. This is just the calm before the storm. America was founded with violence. It’s fitting that it would fall in the same manner.

Marley K. 2021




I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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Marley K.

Marley K.

I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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