Absolutely. It’s why they were so frantic about Obama “reshaping" the courts. It’s why they continue to test Roe vs. Wade. It’s why they continue to test Affirmative Action cases. The courts are the #1 way Republicans use the system to reject change, equality while maintaining their White power.

Now…this is also why the Democratic Party can’t seem to get a grasp of what’s happening. White power like White power. White power sides with White power. White Dems benefit individually and collectively from Republican gerrymandering. It’s why they can gloss over it as if it’s not a huge issue when you talk about it. It’s why the White Democratic party heads and strategists never have a plan for it. And because the average middle class/wealthy White voters, activists, or donor donors aren’t impacted negatively in the slightest by gerrymandering…THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US VOTING OR HAVING POWER!

Which explains White voters “swinging."

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