How Democrats Have Perfected Selling Us The Politics of Fear

And why it’s not working on Black people anymore.

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

The Politics of Fear Motivates White People

White people love to fear. I think they are addicted to it. That’s why they make so many scary movies, they’re always preoccupied with some sci-fi fantasy, and they love crafting tactics to make themselves fear anything different from themselves, which is why the Southern Strategy political practice is so successful. Nothing motivates White people like an opportunity to fear something. They fear someone is going to have something better than them.

The dominant society fears other groups making more money than them.

They fear us being smarter than them.

Heavens forbid we get some type of advantage that would set them behind us.

They fear us wanting to be free.

The dominant society fears any and all revolts against oppression. They have a long list of sins they’ve never repented for.

Fear is a huge part of the White psyche. White folks have been trained to fear every damned body. Sikhs are terrorists. Blacks are criminals. White women have been trained to believe all men and bad and they need to lock their doors when they are alone because some bogeyman is going to get them. White folks created stranger danger when the most dangerous people on the planet are White people in this global system of White Supremacy. They follow Black folks in stores because they fear we’re going to steal something without knowing anything about us. White folks don't want their children to attend school with Black children because they believe our children are inferior monsters who will swallow their precious lily-white babies whole — or rape them. Their children are too fragile to learn about racism.

White folks fear their feelings will be hurt and they’ll feel bad for being racist and White. Fear drives Whiteness. Fear also drives our politics. The best example of how fear drives White people in politics is with the Southern Strategy.

With Southern Strategy politics, racists use the same old tired plan of vilifying Black people and other racial/ethnic groups with coded and often racist language and stereotypes created and perpetuated by White people to preserve White rule. Never mind we’re all literally dying of Whiteness right now. They gotta keep that shit in place so the rest of us can die right along with them.

I declare.

Southern Strategy politics is the strategy of choice by the Republican Party because the strategy works. If White people would take a look around, they’d see those White people they love are hurting them as much as they are hurting me, but that’s too much like right. Politicians of both parties spend good money studying the minds and behaviors of all voters, so they know what we’ll do before we even go to the polls to vote. Politicians literally hire behavioral scientists to trick us into voting for them.

How psychotic is that? The system of White Supremacy studies its prey so they can perfect dominate it.

This is the reason I spend so much time trying to teach people about the techniques employed by White Supremacy to maintain the power structure holding us all hostage. They don’t use any new plays. They study us and use the same old things over and over again until they don’t work or until we get hip to them. Fighting White Supremacy is psychological. Their war on us Black folks is mostly psychological now. White Supremacists will employ violence when there is an urgency to get things under control quickly, or when their Jedi mind tricks stop working on us.

No matter what they do, some fear is involved some way, somehow.

For example, White people are deathly afraid of communism. Both liberals and conservatives fear it because White folks in the government long ago told them they needed to be afraid of it. The government used words and propaganda to link communism to betrayal and treason which of course is bad, except none of it was true. Often people were charged with being communists because they spoke out in opposition to the government. Heavens forbid folks would decide to think for themselves and judge America for its ill-treatment of Black people, warmongering, and democracy hypocrisy.

In order to prevent such opposition of the government which could spread like wildfire, politicians and the federal government have used fear as a tool to keep White folks afraid and Black folks oppressed, vilified, and punished for having the audacity to speak out.

To understand America’s obsession with communism, you’ll have to go back to the Cold War. The Cold War was about geopolitics. America wanted its own White empire to rule the world and anything getting in its way needed to be repackaged to scare White people into compliance. As usual, it worked. Doesn’t take much you know. The government inciting fear in Whites, and by proxy, Blacks is a staple of American politics. Both parties engage in these tactics.

Both parties also benefit from it.

Yesterday it was being labeled a communist for opposing the government. Today’s tactics use different labels but are eerily similar to those employed nearly 100 years ago. Look at the hysteria behind Dave Chappelle being labeled transphobic for speaking out about how the system of White Supremacy operates within certain segments of our population or the way Black people are vilified for vaccine hesitation and refusing to trust an untrustworthy government. And have you suggested to anyone (especially White people and former politicians) you’re considering voting differently in 2022 and 2024? They act as if you killed their firstborn child. They take it as a personal assault, refusing to sit with the reasons for the decision, to begin with.

Folks are afraid to openly oppose anything today because groupthink is in full effect.

Black people have every right to not trust the federal government or the mainstream media regardless of who is in office or which party has power. Apparently bad deeds with no apologies have a shelf life for White folks in this country. Voters will take the lead of the government in a heartbeat knowing full well they are racist and tyrannical. White Supremacy is a helluva drug.

Make it make sense.

This is why words are so important to White people, especially those in power. Words are a form of control, and the dominant society has perfected using them to do grave harm to the lives and livelihoods of Black people as well as others sounding the alarm about the way system of racism/White Supremacy in America operates. America has no shortage of words that stoke fears to keep the masses of non-questioning sheep in line. Those daring to speak out against the system of racism/White Supremacy will always be vilified, mislabeled, and blacklisted to ensure they're penalized financially. What’s surprising is how many so-called liberals and progressives of all races and ethnicities fail to recall this history of using fear to control us all. For once I’d like to see folks do something different — like don’t drink the government’s poisonous kool-aid.

History repeats itself because we don’t learn from it. Like clockwork, every 40, 50, or 100 years, there is some new word and some people, groups, or causes to fear, especially if they are associated with Black people speaking out about the unfair treatment of Black people.

Opposing The System Gets You Labeled

Remember when George Orwell and Orson Welles were accused of being communist because they used their skills as writers and creatives to speak out intellectually about the inner workings of the dominant society? People were afraid to deal with them and they both had to move frequently because people feared working with them. Today Orson Welles is celebrated as a hero and brilliant creative for work associated with Citizen Kane but people often forget he was once a marked man. The government manufactured fear in the White community to snuff out revolts. We love his wisdom and we’re living out exactly what he predicted would happen. People didn’t listen to him and here we are.

George Orwell was a prophet before his time and like most intelligent people connected with the spirit realm, the people he was trying to teach confused his visions with fantasy. The Communist Party even plotted to kill him for speaking out openly against tyranny. People willing to speak out against oppression are often targeted. Today, we talk about Orwell’s writings, but we forget about how he was blacklisted and labeled by our government for sounding the alarm on their evil plans. Their labeling and fearmongering worked. The same happened to composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein. He supported the Black Panthers and Vietnam War protestors and was blacklisted and labeled a communist by the federal government too. This period in our history was called the Red Scare.

White fear won. It always wins.

Langston Hughes was labeled as a Communist Party sympathizer ensuring he’d have a problem earning a living. So were Leana Horne, Paul Robeson (and here), and many other Black creatives during these times. Many Black civil rights leaders were also improperly mislabeled during the Cold War, Vietnam War, Jim Crow in the deep South, and during the height of the Civil Rights Era because they spoke out against anti-fascism. The dominant society even used Black people to testify against Black people who agreed with their stances.

During the Cold War in the late 1940s, while working abroad, Robeson stated, “It is unthinkable that American Negros could go to war on behalf of those who oppressed us for generations” against the Soviets. He pissed off everybody, and the government made Black folks turn against him.

Jackie Robinson, a liberal Republican who was known for integrating professional baseball, was called to testify against Paul Roebson in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). The federal government will do anything to eliminate dissent against the American political order.

White people love quoting Dr. Martin Luther King today, but they don’t remember how the government labeled him a communist for opposing Jim Crow and demanding voting rights for Black people. Unfortunately, the truth and the lies aren’t revealed until after death or these individuals are good and ruined financially and socially. The system of racism/White Supremacy uses lies and fear to stop anyone from questioning it. The dominant society uses words and labels to stoke fear in the masses because fear gets White folks on both sides of the aisle elected. That fear is used to pressure Black folks into making decisions that aren’t in our best interest.

The Politics of Fear and Pressure

While Democrats may not use the conservative Republican/Moderate Democrat type of fear strategy to motivate their different subgroups, they use fear as a strategy nonetheless.

The system of racism/White Supremacy always comes up with a boogeyman to make folks fear not being controlled by the government. This is the tried and true tactic of the White power structure that Black politicians also use too to keep their little crumbs of power, privilege, and proximity to Whiteness. I want my followers to understand what’s happening so that they won’t get snatched into the rabbit hole of fear or join the bandwagon of vilifying other Black folks opposing the federal government for things they see or believe is wrong. The lines have been blurred, and folks are lost. This is by design.

The system of White Supremacy desires to keep us dazed and confused.

The dominant society likes us living under tyranny and we like it too apparently because we haven’t learned anything from the tactic, which brings me to the Democrats.

Democrats Selling Fear Too

For the last few election cycles, the Democratic Party has offered Black people nothing but fear as a motivator to vote for them. They love to say, “We’re not as bad as them (Republicans),” but they can never prove to us how they are better than them (Republicans). Not saying overtly racist things seems to be the low bar here.

And when they do try to offer an example, they often come off sounding condescending, slave ownerly, and racist. When you look at legislation passed specifically for Black people when Democrats are in power, it’s lacking and usually for minorities. We get a pot of stuff to share with everyone.

When it comes to having agendas for Black people, our issues are lumped in with other minority groups or we’re forced to compete with them for resources and services as if it’s some type of gladiator sport for them to watch. The last political cycle was “Vote Blue No Matter Who” because the creators of the slogan wanted Black people to believe the challenger was supposed to be better than Trump.

Fear of Trump was the deciding factor in how we voted in 2016 and 2020. Those fears were planted by the Democrats. And while Trump was bad, Democrats never gave us a reason as to why they’d be better. They didn’t have a real plan for us, and they wouldn’t accept any plans from us. We need to vote for them because we’re afraid of the bad White people on the other side, never mind the bad White people on their side.

Democrats have had a difficult time explaining the ways they’ve been great for Black people. Democratic policies haven’t resulted in any substantive change for Black people nationally and their unwillingness to forsake moderate White voters who barely show up to vote for them has a lot of Black people paying attention. To mask the lack of results and to keep the masses in check, Democrats have had to come up with their own strategy to stoke fear in us to maintain their power while doing nothing to make things better or safer for Black people.

This election cycle it’s “Democracy is on the line.” Democrats are already sending out their fear life lines trying to determine which ones will catch on for the upcoming 2022 and 2024 political cycles. The fact Black people are literally begging for voting rights says we don’t have a democracy, but Black folks will repeat the party’s lie with vigor, fight other Black people trying to make the point vigorously, and the few White folks still supporting the Democratic party have the audacity to continue suggesting to us their comfort and slow change is more important than progress towards equity or our safety.

Democrats may not use the Southern Strategy themselves, but they definitely employ the same tactics to remain in power. They don’t do anything for Black people except scare us to the polls. They promise us nothing. I see what they’re doing and I’m not buying it. I hope other folks wake up to it too.

Results matter and the Democrats have been short on results for some time now. Black people are finally starting to see the strategy of fear for what it is and now we’re being labeled, ostracized, censored, and in some instances harrassed.

The point I want to make is that America continues to use the same old tactics in politics. Both sides do the same thing. The government helps out by supplying the propaganda to the mass media and things suddenly are out of control. Some of us are labeled, others are afraid, and the powerful are happy. Today, propaganda travels more quickly thanks to social media and 24/7 news cycles, meaning the powers that be can hit more targets quicker.

As the election cycles gear up, keep an eye out on how certain groups are vilified, certain celebrities are censored, and how the dominant society creates acronyms, slogans, chants, hashtags, groupthink, and political fears to maintain White power.

As Neely Fuller Jr says frequently, “If you don’t understand White Supremacy, everything else will confuse you.” Fear and confusion are tools of White Supremacy. Don’t fall for it. Be new people, do different things, and consider thinking for yourself sometimes. They hate it when we do that. The Democratic Party is in serious trouble. The fish scales are falling from our eyes. Once you see the truth of our government and our political parties, you can never unsee it.

Selling fear won’t work for the Democratic Party in 2022 and 2024, at least not for all of us. They better get busy doing something substantive and tangible for Black folks because if not, America will surely fall into the hands of Republicans.

For a lot of us, there is no difference between the two parties, what they do for us or how they treat us. We don't see any substantive change in our lives or bank accounts no matter who is in office, and America’s inability to grapple with racism/White Supremacy despite it being the nation’s biggest threat is insane. White Dems should consider the possibility they too could be living under the same failed, oppressive government structure Black folks have lived under for the past 400 years and counting. They may finally get to taste the America they all methodically planned for us.

Be very wary of the labels, blacklisting, slander, and media wars waged on those who speak out in opposition to the system of White Supremacy by the dominant society. One day in twenty-five, fifty, or one-hundred years from now, you or your descendants may crack open a history book to find you too were misled by the political strategy of fear.

Selling Black voters the politics of fear isn't going to work anymore because it hasn’t served us well. I’m expecting a lot of these old-timers to take it to the house over the next two to three years. It’s not going to be an easy win for any of them, and if it’s not easy power up for grab, they don’t want it at all.

That’s because the only people in America expected to fight for power are Black people. We’ve never been afraid to challenge or critique the power of the dominant society, and Black people won’t start being afraid now.

We cannot allow White fear to stop Black progress anymore.

Marley K. 2021



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