After going back and reading all the links in your essay, my mind is boggling, but it helped me understand my reluctance to trust him. He seemed to come out of nowhere to me. Mr. King as a little too smooth, and just seemed to come out of nowhere with all the tea. He rose quickly, and he fell quickly. There is just something about men and power. There is a huge need for young, fresh resistance and social justice warriors, but people really need to understand how much work is entailed in it. It’s not just about speaking on a platform, it’s also about being transparent, doing business legitimately, and making the vehicles about the people and not a man. This is a perfect example of how to not operate a cause. It seems like the signs were there, but people missed them.

I ALWAYS follow the money. There are too many places to do your own research for free online for us to keep falling for this okie-doke. Every movement that ends up like this de-legitimizes our petitions and sets up back a decade. We have to make better choices in leadership. Just because it’s Black doesn’t mean it’s good. What a sad commentary you had to write, but I’m happy you’re keeping us informed. I had no clue. I couldn’t hardly stand to listen to him and I work from home so I don’t listen to the radio much anymore. It appears I missed a doozy, thankfully.

I get flack for criticizing Black folks, but I’m never going to stop lol. If it’s not right or good for us, I’m calling it out. And sometimes it’s our own people.

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