Ah, welcome to freedom of speech. I really think Twitter is biased. It allows White people to call Blacks niggers, but if we say White people or say it too many times when talking about races, we get banned. I would have flagged it as child abuse. We don’t tolerate it if it’s American children, but foreign (Brown) children being abused are okay. There is also a political piece to this. In order to sow discord in our politics and escalate our current race relations, Jack Dorsey, who I believe wholeheartedly racist, allows the religious right (White, racist Evangelical Christians) to use the platform to scare Christian and anti-Christian Americans alike into thinking allowing more Arabs, Muslims, etc., will increase the likelihood of us being under Sharia Law. These folks are afraid Christianity’s power on people and politics is dwindling and we all are going to convert to Islam, as if those of us with common sense and the will to buck the status quo are going to hop from one covertly oppressive and violent religion to an overtly, oppressive religion.

In any event, social media is evil. It’s selective. It’s very biased. I’ve seen a few things I have flagged but I try not go down those rabbit holes. Keep in mind there are people to.undermine America, and freedom of speech is going to bring our nation down. As I’ve said frequently, America hates equality. They will do anything to maintain it. We are not policed equally, fairly. If using social media, understand we are not free. Also understand by validating/weighing on something you see as so extreme it shouldn’t be online (i.e. obvious physical child abuse), it’s probably left there on purpose to sow confusion, discord, and fear/hate. I was sick reading your description of the child abuse so I know I couldn’t watch it without something. Because of ICAC (internet crimes against children) I always flag abuse because I don’t want my electronic footprint on anything where children are hurt or can be possibly killed. Just be careful with American social. Freedom of speech is bad for human beings.

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