All of this. All. Of. This.

I’m so tired of White people deflecting and twisting words/meanings (per usual) so they don’t have to give an account for their actions. I’m tired of Black people being the age old table token (house negro, and other derogatory race traitors). I’m tired of pretending we have a democracy when we never had one. These stolen states of America. We have always had an authoritarian governance wrapped to give the appearance of being democratic. This is a White man’s land where minorities are subject to White man’s mob rule. We already know what 2020 is going to be because too many White people are pleased they no longer have to hide their disdain for Blacks and people of color. More will turn out to give their show of support for their Messiah.

Not enough Whites are alarmed to do anything. They are apathetic and do not resist as if they are the ruling majority. They are still comfortable, physicallyunfazed by what is happening to others and the country. When Trump’s government raids their pensions, steals their money from the banks, and destabilizes their home like other governments have done over the last 20-30 years, they’ll be ready to act. But by then, it will be too late. One thing I’ve learned in my almost 50 years is that the majority of White Americans will let you down, not lift you up. They are reliably unreliable. Showing up to save us when it counts is not a characteristic most possess. Somedays I feel like I am living through a zombie apocalypse.

I’m have super low expectations for 2020. Black people are locked in the vicious cycle, abused and tricked by White liberals and shiny, Black place mats while being robbed, stolen from, beaten and killed by White Supremacists.

If White people, evangelical or otherwise, react differently I will be surprised.

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