All truth. If you see a Black person at the top you better know he’s more qualified than his White counterparts and likely catches hell trying to stay in the position. Whiteness believes it’s the only worthy to be at the top.

On the flipside, I always question a Black person at the top. Are they the token puppet? Are they Daniel Camerons or Clarence Thomas’? Is it a sister who took the same route as ACB and has a proximity to Whiteness (i.e. a White hubby)? I ALWAYS look for the proximity to Whiteness, because they rarely allow Blacks to make it past them pearly gates.

In any event, our placement is always central to giving the appearance to having a seat at the table when the truth of the matter is all we’re there for is to lap crumbs. Nothing is going to change in America until it completely falls apart. We can be the change we believe in all we want, but if White people see change as losing status and $$, they aren’t changing.

We need a new outlook, because this ain’t it!

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