All White People In America Are On Trial With Derek Chauvin

But most are either too ignorant, too arrogant, and too self-absorbed to realize it.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Derek Chauvin’s murder trial isn’t just his trial for murdering George Floyd, it’s the trial of the century for White people in America too. All White people on trial, especially White men, and most White folks are too obvious and self-absorbed to realize it. Instead of dealing with the consequences that have led to the failed state we’re living in, White people have moved on to concoct their latest escape hatches, “anti-woke culture” bullshit, and “cancel culture crises.”

It’s the equivalent of race-baiting allegations, just more White fuckery sponsored by White fragility, except the magical powers of their bullshittery don’t work anymore. For those of us who understand the pathology of Whiteness in America, it’s no surprise. In fact, it’s expected.

No matter how hard White folks try to deflect from the actions of Chauvin and White people all across the nation, the world sees through White Supremacy now.

White people, living in White worlds. are living on borrowed Black and Brown time. The world is cross-examining White people and White Supremacy in America.

White Supremacy is under examination. White people did that. White rule is under examination. White people have abused that. America’s criminal justice systems and law and order structures are under examination. White people created and maintain those. Racism and America’s racist social order are under examination. The White racist, mostly slaveholding class of founders created that. America’s institution of policing (formerly known as slave patrolling and overseeing) is under investigation. White people created it. Inequity, inequality, and unfairness in America are under scrutiny. White people created and help sustain it.

The trial of Whiteness will end with a verdict, and White people will have to deal with the fallout. It’s what happens in all failing states. The ruling class is losing power, and they are doing all they can to pretend nothing is happening. White-run state and local governments all over the country are building escape hatches and developing reinforcements in an effort to prevent the inevitable, but it will not work this time.

People of Color Are Also On Trial

Derek Chauvin and his rainbow coalition of complicit brothers in blue are the epitomai of everything wrong with America. Derek Chauvin is presently the representative of White America, but a rainbow of people kneeled on George Floyd’s back, including an Asian police officer. Being that Black people are being subjected to being better allies to Asians, our claims of anti-Blackness among Asians and other People of Color again come front and center.

White people have created systems that pit us Black and Brown folks against one another, against our own interests, for a paycheck and some fringe benefits. White people have trained other People of Color to be violent slave patrollers and overseers (police) of plantations (communities) and a lot of us can’t see the big picture. The career choices of People of Color are on trial too. Their anti-Blackness will be examined as well.

White Everything Is On Trial

White apathy, callousness, and the calculated cruelty of Whiteness are on trial. The White smirks, White lying, White denialism, and White power dynamics are on trial. White men in high places are on trial. People of Color in engaging in gatekeeping on behalf of White people are on trial. The trauma White people cause that Black folks live with over lifetimes and generations is on trial.

The world is watching this trial and broadcasting it live for their citizens to see America in a way I can’t say I’ve ever seen before. If you haven’t been watching international news coverage of the trial, you should. Most first-world nations are not only watching Derek Chauvin’s trial, but they also have journalists here on the ground in America providing insight, nuance, context, and racialized commentary on the cruelty of Whiteness and the longstanding imbalance of power over African American communities that White people have yet to come to grips with let alone change.

American Whiteness is on trial, and so is this sham, pseudo-democracy. If White people get this wrong, the end of America is going to be arriving a lot faster than most folks anticipated.

Too many soulless White people are oblivious, unaware of what’s getting ready to happen. There is something happening spiritually on the earth that I cannot explain. If you don’t have a spirit, or if your spirit is distracted, you’re going to miss it. You won’t know anything until it’s too late. The least of White folks’ worries should be money or property. None of those things will be able to help you when things go bad.

And things are going to go bad honey.

The rest of the sane world knows we are living in a failed state. Most White people are too arrogant to be approached to share the news.

White folks are on trial, and White folks, you all are in danger, especially if you’re not visibly on the right side of the struggle. Black and Brown people aren’t buying your incremental change from White institutions anymore.

Your time is up.

Regardless of the trial’s outcome, this trial can be seen as another nail in the coffin of America, a nation unable to live up to the ideas the founders wrote on paper. America will forever be known as a White man’s nation, unable to get its shit together. White people, this is your trial of the century. There is no Johnny Cochran working on your behalf to acquit you.

White People Can’t Run Anymore

It’s no longer good enough to point backward toward White American ancient times (also known to White folks as slavery) saying you didn’t do anything, you're not a part of it, our your favorite line, you’re not racist. No one is buying your excuses anymore. Derek Chauvin happened in your lifetimes. He’s all, you White folks. Chauvin belongs to the White delegation in America, so all White people will have to deal with the fall out of his actions in the same way White folks make Black and Brown's groups pay a price when one of ours does something to bring shame to our communities.

Most White people have voted to overfund police for their own pseudo safety and protection needs, and they have tolerated long-standing practices of White men getting passes for whatever they do wrong, even killing another human being. White violence has been a centerpiece of American society for over 400 years. The trial of Derek Chauvin along with the last 4-years of Trump, the Hillbilly Insurrection, the Republican Party, the role of White systems, the cruelty of White businesses, the apathy of White politics, and the aiding and abetting of White tech and White run media are all on trial.

White everything is on trial, and I’m glad about it. About fucking time!

The world is seeing how White people and White systems in America treat Black people, how those systems and institutions rally behind and protect White people, and even how injustice happens with the selection of juries.

The world is watching and it’s painfully clear our standing in the world is taking a hit every day. No longer will White people be able to point at others or separate themselves with “not all White people” ploys. All white supremacist systems matter and all of them are held up by White people. Just because white can’t see the role they play in upholding the system doesn’t absolve them of being involved in crimes against our humanity. Not knowing is no longer acceptable in the age of information. Claiming ignorance is insisting upon being seen as innocent. Those days are over.

White people not knowing anything and not White people not understanding are on trial too. This shit has been happening for far too long for anyone to plead ignorance.

A shift is happening in the world, and it has to do with the way the world sees America, in particular, White people in America. The world knows America’s history, most people outside of this country know more about this nation’s violent history than those of us living inside of it. The perpetuation of ignorance has been by design by none other than White people. It’s been done by White people teaching themselves to disassociate from the bad they’ve done, and through rugged individualism ideologies.

To most White people, every White person is just a White person, a White individual. White people see the Derek Chauvin trial as his cross to bear alone. He did the crime alone, therefore, he should do the time. White people do not share a collective shame or see themselves collectively responsible for the possibility of a Derek Chauvin even existing in this country. Most White people completely miss the fact they’ve created every system and every failure to make the murder of George Floyd a possibility. The White collective doesn’t understand its complicity in Derek Chauvin’s crime.

White people don’t see themselves as a group or a collective which is why as soon as someone says anything negative about anything or anyone White, White people attempt to hurry and change the subject, find a way to excuse or absolve themselves, deflect from the subject at hand, project what they are onto others, accuse us of racist being stereotypes (i.e. angry Black man/woman), or bully us into silence.

White people are of the mindset they gather based on shared values that often have nothing to do with making the world a better place. They work individually to make a White world better for themselves and to ensure they have a place in the White world. They understand and value their privilege, yet don’t want to accept the responsibility that comes with those values and privileges created by and for their collective.

The trial of Derek Chauvin has sealed the escape hatches White folks are accustomed to. The collective of Whiteness can no longer run. Video cameras are preventing their usual hiding. The world sees the White people in America at work upholding White Supremacy, and finally, like us African-Americans, they’re horrified. The lack of collective shame in White people is something we do not discuss enough. I believe it’s why they are missing the significance of this moment.

White Folks Lack Collective Shame

Most Black and Brown people in the world have something we engage in called collective shame, meaning when one person in our group does something bad to hurts one of our own or anyone outside of our collectives, we (when I say “we” here, I’m speaking of my experience as a decent Black person, those of us who have not assimilated completely into Whiteness and those who do not engage in anti-Blackness), all feel embarrassed or ashamed about it.

We literally feel the shame when one of our own violates in a way unbecoming to our collective group(s).

Black and other non-White groups feel the shame because we see ourselves connected to one another, hence the collective mindset. Black and Brown people often engage in collective shame as well as collective celebrating when we accomplish something great. We also understand Whiteness blames us all when one of us does something bad. Non-Whites have learned to internalize the sins of the one. Me equals we or us.

Most White people on the other hand are different. They’ll own the good of their collective when it suits them in a transactional sort of way.

But White people also work expeditiously to disassociate themselves from anything or anyone that makes them feel or look bad. Most White people don’t feel as though they are responsible for one another. Most White people appear to believe they flutter the earth solo, doing whatever together and/or not together, not seeing the world as a place they need to care for, and not understanding that they too are all connected. They seem to be unable to grasp that because they are in a collective group (the dominant group in the nation’s and current world’s social order), their group is responsible for many of the nation’s problems today.

White people (the collective) are responsible for much of the problems we have on the earth today, which just happens to be where most of the Black and Brown people reside on the planet.

Those problems have been intentional and by design. The fruits of White labor are manifesting themselves, but not in the ways most White people are accustomed to. It’s a watershed moment for Whiteness, and they don’t get it. But they will.

As I’ve said earlier, it’s not my place to tell White people how to fix White people's shit. It’s hard enough trying to survive the minefield of systems and institutions set up to be obstacles for Black people in this country. I’m just the messenger bringing the news. I hope White folks are soul searching and demanding change in their spaces, but if not, it’s okay too. The world will know what you did and didn’t do.

White folks can keep walking around in a bubble denying White Supremacy all they want. That bubble they’ve insulated themselves in is going to burst soon, and everyone in the world is going to learn the truth about White people in America.

Derek Chauvin is on trial for the murder of George Floyd. Whiteness and all White people in America are on trial too. You all made a murder by Derek Chauvin possible because so few of you refuse to change, and that’s a problem the world is getting ready to solve for you.

If White people won’t change on their own, the world is going to force them to.

Marley K. 2021

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