Allison, this is so true. My favorite saying at home is we can’t have shit. If we gain momentum, here they come injecting themselves and centering themselves taking the focus away from us and shifting it back to them. It’s like they are toddlers emotionally who have never been taught to share.

I was thinking about pride month and the way gay White men and women needed to be centered, many were even down right racist. We can’t have a moment. This is why I don’t believe anything will ever change. White people cannot decenter themselves and most are unwilling to sacrifice their power, privilege, or coveted resources to make things right.

They won’t because it has to be all about them all the time.

We are the most giving, thoughtful caring people. Even when we’ve been done wrong, overlooked, lied on, stolen from, passed over, underpaid, undervalued, and defrauded, we’ve still found a way to love White people (or at least live with them peaceably). We’re tired. I’m tired. It’s a new day. The only place we have to go is up. We’ve been down for far too long and we have nothing to lose except our lives.

I hope you’re well. Please be safe, stay covered, and don’t take anyone’s mess anymore.

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