America never threw out racism. It’s how Trump got elected. Revenge for the Black guy making it to White voters’ lily white White House. Love how White people can’t clearly and concisely say the thing so that it’s clear.

All the nice names you gave for all the symptoms you see are racism. White/Anglo/Europrean people don’t want Brown people taking their stuff. That’s racism. Can we just say that so that people can understand what and who they are and whom they are hurting?

The problem is White people would rather call it something else than to say he’s racist, His voters and enablers are racist and appreciate inequality and segregation because that’s what America has always done. Even White lookers away are guilty for not admitting the truth. It’s like they are afraid of telling the family secret that Blacks and people of color already know.

No one is fooled.

America is a racist nation, and we’ve taught the modern world how to do it as good as we do it if not better. So yeah, Trump will likely be elected again because White people, after three years of Trump, still can’t seem to bring themselves to say they (along with their friends, family members, social clubs, church members, spouses, parents, in-laws, bosses, children, etc.) vote for Trump because they dislike people of color and Blacks, and they don’t want the playing field to be remotely even.

Yes, Trump’s nasty [meaning he says what he wants]— he speaks to people terribly and he’s uber disrespectful. He’s the kind of nasty from Jim Crow, Black Codes, and the Slave Codes days. That’s American as apple pie and the Star-Spangled banner.

That’s what White people who support or ignore the other shit he does love. The rest don’t seem impacted enough by it do to something about it because they aren’t directly harmed superficially by Trump’s actions.

White America enjoys cruelty, inequality and racism. Say it plainly. Just say it.

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