And it’s not for “all” Black hair types. It’s likely for hair types similar to hers. My gripe is that for decades Black hair care product makers have been using false advertisements to get our hard earned dollars with the promise of softer, more moist, better tamed manes. Once we (coarse-haired, non-biracial people with more, resistant, kinkier coils) buy these expensive, no money-back guarantee products, we are stuck with them.

I have plastic bins in my house full of expensive, natural hair care products that didn’t do what they promised. Many of the hair care product models even look like Ross. It’s false advertisement, and it’s in my opinion another person who gets to pass as Black pimping Black folks (women) out of their money. I’m all for shopping Black, but I sick and tired of these hair care product producers selling us shit in a pretty plastic container that has never been tested on hair textures like mines or products without disclosures (i.e. this product is for “good” hair, not for women going through menopause or chemo, women of with 4DDD textures🤣💀).

Non-biracial Black women and Black women with super coarse textures are tired of being tricked by bi-racial women who look like Ellis-Ross.

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