And this is all we can do. I make sure I live my life to make certain no one can interpret any first interaction as racist. I used to second guess but I don’t anymore. White supremacy has too many tools and tactics it uses to control and make us submit. There are too many willfully ignorant people willing to do the bidding of White supremacy for it to end anytime soon. It’s just like a domestic violence situation when the victim doesn’t know they are victims.

Too many Black and Brown people accomodate, enable, excuse, and carry water for white supremacy. Watching liberals and progressives engage in racism and white supremacy has been extremely interesting to watch. I have a feeling all of us are going to be surprised in the fall. Notice Trump starts beating and gassing white folks first because he knows they are fragile, won’t fight long because they hate discomfort, and they like things to go back to normal.

They are going to get right in line come November and just like that, Black lives won’t matter anymore. Trump knows White people. He plays them like a fiddle. I believe we are giving them too much credit. We are really underestimating White people.

Just watching this election cycle and seeing how many people not understand the basic politics of white supremacy is nauseating. White supremacy is a global problem, and too many are interested in playing with it instead of dismantling it. There is only one kind of supremacy and that’s the white one.

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