And this is the beginning of change. Understanding the reasons for the feelings and addressing them is what needs to happen before any change can happen. Like you, I don’t see how things will ever change because people in power feel and acknowledge what you have, then refuse to move.

The only way we escape this is death. This is why White people are so fearful about 2030. It the reason the pandemic response is terrible in the South (Blacks mostly live in the South). It’s the reason White Republican governors are willing to open up and make poor people work, because we often hold those jobs with many poor Brown folks White folks hate.

White folks are literally trying to kill us off to stay in power. White people are collateral damage. This pandemic response is a way for them to have semi-clean hands while accomplishing the main goal — staying in power. A pandemic, the Census count, and an economic collapse in the same year along with the most overtly racist President/Administration in modern history is no accident, trust me. Only a plague, pestilence and a direct intervention from God or Mother Nature can save us.

White people are wicked is all I can say Kim, and we’re just trying to survive them. They cannot be trusted to lead. Their credit is very bad. They have the kind of credit that if it was used in real life they couldn’t get the jobs they have today, or anything else for that matter. That’s privilege, and we don’t have that working on our behalf, ever.

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