Any person that has the capacity to pass as White can be racist. Technically, yes a Black person passing as White can be racist but it’s rare (it does happen) because of our very distinct features which prevent us from having the power and privileges that come with having White skin.

Jews in America, like many other POC groups grandfathered into Whiteness express anti-Black sentiments and act racistly towards the same ethnic groups Whites persecute.

Who has power? Who makes the rules? Who created the races?

Black people cannot be racist. We have no power in the systetm of things. Jews can be racist because many are able to pass as White and they do. I really don’t understand why this is so hard for people to ascertain.

Black people CAN be prejudiced. We CANNOT be racist unless our skins and characteristics allow us to act in ways that allow us the same privileges, powers, and abilities to discriminate like Whites.

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