As a former child advocacy director and social worker, I would ask the police to bring charges upon this cop. No child advocate in any state would allow a parent to treat a child like this, especially a young fragile one year old infant. I was horrified. I was angry. My heart ached for that young mother and that young child. Having been on public assistance at that age as a foster-kid having aged out of the system, I can tell you it’s humiliating to seek assistance. I can’t imagine being treated like that, I couldn’t imagine how I’d feel if my child was being treated like that.

This was just another instance of over-policing Black communities, and cops incarcerating poor people unable to meet bail. Jail is used as a form of punishment for refusing to comply instead of placing people who disobey real laws. The cops should have never been called on this woman, as she wasn’t breaking a law.

As far as the sister who is pulling the Black woman’s child from her arms…

Well that’s another topic we need to discuss. How we, Black women, harm each other. A Black woman harmed a child. A Black woman escalated a situation instead of de-escalating it. A Black woman placed a poor Black woman in jail, a Black woman who already couldn’t afford child care. Now she can’t afford bail. That band of Blue is stronger than the band of Black.

I hope she loses her job. I hope child welfare charges her with child endangerment, and I hope she is never allowed to wear a uniform where she is charged with protecting and serving. Clearly her ass doesn’t know how to do either of those in a professional manner.


Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | | | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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