Awesomeness here bro. ❤️

Like you,I had to unlearn a lot too. Fortunately, my children were in middle and high school during my unlearning phases. We broke tradition and stopped celebrating all holidays (they are man-made and worship people unworthy of the praises). We stopped going to church, and I encouraged spirituality instead of religion. I would buy Black history books and put them in their bathroom to ensure they read about our true history. I got books that accurately described people and places in the bible (including maps) to ensure my kids weren’t being brainwashed in Whiteness. It was very hard to comprehend how America just made us disappear. It’s up to parents, family members, and friends to enlighten our Black youth, to encourage them to read/learn/discover on their own, and love themselves. Loyalty, got royalty inside our DNA…no matter how they White wash truth they can’t take it away!

Thanks for sharing your story. It’s so hard for young men. Each one teach some and we can save many! Keep pushing.

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