Awh…I love this response. Thank you for not being offended but I honestly didn’t have a real response that would do your suggestion justice because I’m simply a victim. This is what we should do. Engage honestly, politely, and figure out not only the problem but solutions that could help eliminate racism. It’s a journey. After years on attending mandatory cultural diversity trainings taught by People of Color, I have learned it really does not have any impact inside or outside of the workplace. It’s simply seen as a finger pointing exercise that Whites in attendance seem to resent. In liberal circles the resentment is the same, it simply presents itself differently.

Many White people don’t like or appreciate people of color offering them advice on how to see their biases and racism. When suggestions are made by Whiteness, those suggestions appear to be more widely accepted, and rightly so, I suppose. Whites and those who pass as White have the race/bigotry issues and bias, so why not allow Whites to fix their own problem. This is the reason for my reluctance to offer suggestions. I’m happy you picked up on my reluctance. It may not always be the case, but it definitely redirects the problem to its root and places the responsibility where it should be.

I look forward to your essay. I appreciate your willingness to delve deeper into subtle racism and covert bigotry.

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