Awww, thank you so much Laurie. I really appreciate this. I am a systemic thinker and I am really trying to help White people understand this. We really don’t have long. We cannot afford to drag our feet on getting this right this time. This is likely the very last time we get to stop this kind of White Supremacy for a generation. The court appointments and policy reversals Trump has made will last 2 generations.

His legacy will live on long after he dies or goes to jail. This can’t be easily undone, but it was avoidable. Not enough White people in America are good White people (formerly known as allies)

The assault on the civil rights of Blacks and people of color won’t be stopped/rolled back if White people continue to think they aren’t the problem and that they don’t have to clean up the messes made by their ignorance, apathy and, indifference. Whatever happens to America good or bad, it’s on the people in power — and those people are White people. Their legacies are on the line and the world is watching.

I hope they take heed. Time is running out. Each drop of blood spilled, each person killed, every person abused by police — White folks must own it. They birthed this child. Now they must contain it.

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