Why The Out of Touch Democratic Party Will Lose In 2022 and 2024

It’s going to be on hard, ugly fall. Can’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Photo by Shamia Casiano from Pexels

Black Folks Are Checking Out Of Politics

Black people are fed up with the broken promises of the Democratic Party. They are tired of Democrats not fighting for them. They need White people who will go hard in the paint for them the same way we’ve gone hard for them. We’re tired of cleaning up messes White folks made. We’re tired of being told if we vote this way things will be better for us. Black folks are tired of the Democratic Party’s Senior Citizen Battalion’s timidness and lack of effort to enforce laws, inability to secure justice when we know they have the power to do so, and we’re tired of them not making decisions that benefit the real base of the party, Black people. There is an underground swell of malcontents they’re missing because the party is stacked with a bunch of young, educated White liberals and progressives who are moon and stars out of touch with the realities most Black and Brown live. They have no clue what we want or need.

Most of us are realizing the party isn’t interested in doing anything for Black people. It’s all lies. Most importantly, it’s the hypocrisy of Biden-Harris supporters and the disrespect of fellow party members. The same supporters who dragged Trump and Pence for filth cry give Biden and Harris time. The excuses are boring. The disrespect of fellow party members about vaccines, speaking out on obvious shortcomings, and the anti-Blackness even from Black people displayed when we disagree with the party’s platform, the chastising for being “woke” (woke was our word, it’s co-opted now), and anti-Black policies are undesirable. The base is checking out, and most White folks of the Democratic Party are rooting for a failing party like parents cheering for kids on a suck-ass pop warner sports team.

Love don’t live here anymore, but hey, keep telling yourselves everything is going well and Biden and Harris are doing a great job. Black folks will show you better than they can tell you. They are checking out.

Congress Shut Down Reparations Talks

The Democrats have all three branches of government, and they won’t even pass the bill to study reparations, not that they need to study a damned thing, but it's the principle. Failing to move forward on reparations discussions is a dealbreaker for a lot of Black folks, especially since both Democrats and Republicans put funding towards other groups lumped into the minority category such as the AAPI, LGBTQ, and Hispanic/Latino communities. We’ve had two Black people in the White House who have done absolutely nothing for Black people. Black folks have given their votes to Dems for too long for nothing tangible in return. Folks are waving bye-bye and I ain’t mad.

Wealth Loss Due To Job Loss

This hardline on terminating folks for not wanting the vaccine is a dealbreaker for most folks. The vaccine does NOT stop anyone from catching the virus nor does it stop transmission. Now we’ve learned the efficacy has decreased in several studies after the second dose, and folks who are vaccinated can still become infected. The handling of the pandemic has been horrible by both administrations, and there has been so much misinformation even by our own governments, folks are on their own trying to figure out who and what to trust. The icing on the cake is losing your job for refusing to take the vaccine.

Folks are losing their jobs. For many households, it’s going to be devastating. Whatever you may think about vaccines, we must admit they don’t stop the spread. That myth has been debunked, yet folks are still being punished for not complying with mandates. Employers are firing folks, suspending them without pay, and the shaming and wishes of ill-will by the holier than thou Democratic Party members has been eye-opening. We are really living in a crazy town. This Administration will cause the party to pay dearly in 2022 and 2024. If you think things are bad now, just wait for folks who can survive all the bad-bad to cast an opposition vote. Democrats are going to lose their bloomers. They don’t even know what’s coming.

The only thing worse than a woman scorned is a broke White man terminated from his job because he refused to get a vaccine.

No Police Reform

The one thing I know is that every state in the union gets fed dollars for policing. If Biden wanted to reform policing, he could have done so with a stroke of a pen. He could have halted funding, created reforms, put together a White House Council, but he did none of that because he doesn’t give a shit. He’s a White Supremacist, the same one he’s always been. Sadly, a lot of folks ignored the fact or pretended a leopard could change its spots. Black folks are still going through it with the police. The police are rogue now, and when Republicans take over in 2022 and 2024, they will have no protections. The malcontents are tired of the Democratic Party. Black folks are planning to abstain on this point of contention alone. Joe ain’t got our backs, and we shall be returning the favor. Fail up!

HBCU Funding Cuts

African American descendants of slaves are paying attention to the way America is spending its money. Achieving equity and recompense is not on the agenda, that’s for sure. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) will be receiving huge budget cuts in Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, going from $45 billion dollars annually down to $2 billion dollars. The plan forces HBCUs to compete with other institutions serving minorities. Fixing the infrastructure apparently means ignoring America’s history of divestment in African American communities. Instead of fixing inequities, Biden and the Democrats pretend they don’t exist. You never see Nancy Pelosi come out to speak against anything of substance concerning Black people except wrangling Black votes. Pelosi isn’t concerned about the things the base is concerned with. Black folks are paying attention. They are fed up. Cutting funds will lead to many in the base cutting ties.

Biased Immigration Policies

America has shown the world White Supremacy has a palette for only one type of immigrant, and that’s anyone that can be grandfathered into Whiteness. The way Texas and Border Patrol addressed Haitian immigrants then turns around and open the borders for Canadians and other Latin American immigrant speaks volumes to Black folks around the globe. Struggling in your own nation, if you’re Black you need not apply to become a citizen or resident of the U.S. What asylum program? This country is as racist as ever, and the lack of intervening from the first Black Vice-President tells us everything we need to know about who controls the government. Dems are in power and they can refuse to enact any part of legislation they see fit. The bias in the application of the law has been duly noted. Black folks will withhold their judgment until it’s time to cast a vote.

Furthermore, America’s immigration policies, both legal and illegal, harm Black people. It’s not me being racist, it’s facts (see, here, here, here, here, here, and here,)! If you couldn’t see how immigration harms Blacks before, you certainly should be able to see it now. America’s immigration policies are solely to build its workforce and White power and it prefers White people. If Biden opens the gates for more immigrants, it will be devastating for a group that is already headed to having zero wealth. We’re being choked out, climbed over, and ignored by Democrats and Republicans. The Democratic Party has access to the same data I shared in the links above. They know their policies harm African American descendants of slaves, they just don’t care. We can’t continue doing business like this.

The Democratic Party is engaging in benign neglect and a lot of us simply are not stick around for neglect and abuse anymore.

Justice is Fleeting

Merrick Garland is either grinding secretly gathering evidence quickly to gather up insurrectionists and the politicians who helped or he’s as weak and timid as the rest of the Democrats. They hyped Garland up the same way they hyped Bill Barr. Garland has been soft on White Supremacist, soft on rogue cops, soft on insurrectionist politicians, soft on Trump accomplices, soft on those committing treason (i.e. Mike Flynn). Dems have power and the wheels of justice still aren’t moving. The lack of interest in pursuing White criminals is disgusting at this point. This nation is embarrassing. We voted out Trump and in Biden for what again exactly? Black folks can’t even walk without being harassed or killed by police and White folks are out here committing crimes in broad daylight, televised, and all they get are slaps on the wrist if that. If you have power but have no power, what’s the point of having power. What’s the point of us voting? Dems are lacking in the justice department.

No Hate Crime Legislation For Blacks

Although hate crimes committed against Asian Americans rose, they were quite low when compared to the number of crimes against Black people. According to FBI data, reports of hate crimes against Black Americans rose 40 percent, from 1,972 to 2,755. Meanwhile, attacks against Americans of Asian heritage rose 70 percent with 274 incidents in 2020 against 161 in 2019. Furthermore, the report showed WHITE PEOPLE committed the most hate crime offenses at 55.2% with Blacks following not so close in second place at 20.2% See the problems, anyone? The media has been working to vilify Black people and even anti-Black bootlicks and biscuit getters have been aiding and abetting the dominant society in the Black slander.

There has been a concerted effort to amplify anyone and everyone except African American descendants of slaves. Asians got Hate Crime legislation despite data showing African Americans/Blacks desperately needing it more. Again, America, regardless of who is in power, has shown its anti-Blackness. We took notes.

Dems are participating in the Great Reset as are Republicans. Keeping Blacks as America’s serf class is clearly on their agenda too. I hope they get those Asian votes. Andrew Yang is working to peel away at that voting block with his new political party. Hope it works for all involved.

Folks Are Sick and Tired of Liberal Agendas

Black folks, especially older Black folks are conservative. Many of the issues liberal White folks care about working in Democratic Party political circles are things the Black and minority bases of the party don’t care much about at all or they simply don’t understand why those issues are important, to begin with. All the fancy acronyms (M4A), cute slogans (Defund the Police), and new White folk words created to appeal to White folks are getting old now. What’s worse, there is a divide among the Black community. Educated Blacks, beltway Blacks, and more affluent Black celebrities are more aligned with liberal Whites. More Moderate and Conservative Blacks including some who fall into the LGBTQ community don’t have representation.

There is a war brewing and more and more Black folks I talk to are not down with all the liberal agenda items of the Democratic Party. In fact, those liberal agenda items are hurting the party more than they are helping it. There was a really good article in Politico passed on to me by a really good ally Julia E Hubbel who sees what I see. The article caused quite a stir among liberal Democratic circles earlier this week. I noticed after the article messaging has been a topic on Dem leaning news networks. Apparently, they are recognizing they have a problem. What they plan to do about it is beyond me. Privileged, educated people run all the systems ruining everything for the rest of us. I am happy to see a privileged person call it out.

Take heed. Vote Blue No Matter Who will get you middle fingers from a lot of folks going into the 2022 and 2024 election cycles.

Democrats have a privileged folk problem, and they aren’t ready for the impact of it.

Co-opted Movements

I have mentioned how our movements have been co-opted by White feminists and the White LGBTQ movement for some time. Liberals also changed the messaging of Black folks demanding police reform creating the Defund the Police slogan. Black folks in particular are tired of the co-opting and there is backlash. Folks with power are demanding more power and folks with no power fighting for some power are being drowned out. White Groups claiming we intersect have proven time and time again we intersect only when it’s convenient or beneficial for them. Democrats have had little energy to put their loud and unruly liberal groups in check, and they’ll pay dearly for it.

In Conclusion

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we live in a failed state, and Blacks voting for Democrats is as much of a waste of time as it is to vote for the GOP. Folks screamed about how terrible another term of Trump would be, but they underestimated the anti-Blackness of Biden, Harris, and the Democratic Party. For many Black folks, Biden’s Administration is far worse than the last Administration why you tally up the anti-Blackness. Trump let us know he was racist and he used the system to work against us. Biden on the other hand was the Moderate Democrat Dr. King warned us about. The Democratic Party has a number of demons it’s never dealt with. They’ll be making themselves known soon. They aren’t ready, in fact, Democrats don’t seem to be ready for anything. Regardless of how bad you think Republicans are, at least they’re on one accord when it comes to opposing Democratic anything.

Democrats should take note. If only they worked hard for their base in the same way Republican works for theirs, they’d have a happy base. The problem is the Democratic Party is afraid to admit its base is Black. We picked them, but they ain’t picking us back! They can’t bring themselves to deliver anything for its base because it’s as anti-Black as the most racist Republican. White folks haven’t saved the Democratic Party since the 60s (see here, here, here, and here), but they still pander to them every election cycle. Why in the fuck are they catering to people who don’t save the party? They have the data. They know better. The Democratic Party keeps talking about those imaginary Working-Class Whites as if they are coming back to the party.

They ain’t coming back Democratic Party. But ya’ll go ahead and keep chasing the birds in the bushes ignoring the ones you had in your hands. We’ve wiggled ourselves free and we’re flying the coup. When you end up empty-handed over the next two election cycles, take a look in the mirror. You did it to yourselves.

The Democratic Party is racist too — in the very least anti-Black. Blacks getting Civil Rights made Democrats move to the GOP and they’ve never come back. In fact, more have peeled off since the 60s. White subgroups of the dominant society and buffer classes getting Civil Rights thanks to Black movements fits right in line with the other ridiculousness anti-Blackness the Democratic Party has engaged in over the past 50 years. Black people should take. You’re damned if you do support the Democratic Party, damned if you don’t, but at least if you don’t you won’t feel like a complete idiot when you get nothing in return for helping the party get into power.

The same shit happened during the first term of Obama’s Presidency. White people went back to being White. Black people went back to building the nation as if we are still enslaved. This isn’t our country. It wasn’t created for us.

The Democratic Party has no plans to change. It’s too White and it’s no good for anyone, not even itself. I’m checked out like a lot of Black folks, and I’m at peace with my decision. We live in a failed White state and African American Black folks are on their own.

Folks will try to explain away all the coincidences mentioned here, but there are too many instances for them to be just coincidences. Black people are busy figuring out how to move on without politics until we get money and some power. The Democratic Party will lose in 2022 and 2024 because it was more concerned about being White than it was doing right by Black folks.

We could’ve done so much together to fix America had you invested the time, money, and energy into Black inequity and persecution as you did appeasing White power and supplanting White subgroups and favored buffer class who practice White Supremacy on behalf of the dominant society. We see what you did there, we just want you to know we know. Ya’ll ain’t fooling us.

I hope all those other groups you’ve invested in show up and show out for you. You’re going to need them in this failed state your Whiteness helped to create. Black people need to focus on creating their own political agendas and fighting White Supremacy. Black folks are suffocating and we’re allowing people and organizations to mislead us for the party’s benefit. They are supposed to work for us, not the other way around.

And please don’t try to lecture me about democracy. Black people have never had one, we can’t miss what we’ve never had. Democrats even failed to get the John Lewis Voting Rights legislation passed. Even if we vote, most likely many of our votes won’t count anyway.

Oh well, it’s going to be on hard, ugly fall. Can’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Marley K. 2021



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