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The Democratic Party is the problem that can’t seem to figure out how to become a solution.

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Dems Got The Memo

The Democratic Party has gotten the memo. They know a large segment of “the base” is not pleased with their representation and we’re verbalizing it for different reasons. Some of our grievances are related to policy. Others have financial grievances. For most Black people we’re seeing clearly now the party’s anti-Blackness that was masked prior to now. And while Dems will never acknowledge their disdain for Black people in part because of its deep roots in White Supremacy, the message has been received. The disrespecting of Black voters has been on front street and now the polling data is revealing it.

Between voter confidence data and White House leaks about the dysfunction and unhappiness behind the scenes as well as the gaffs, Dems are finally realizing they have a huge problem with not just Black voters but all the subgroups at large. It’s a problem that could set this nation back 100-years or so. People aren’t going to keep voting out of fear and then Dems don’t do anything to fix the reasons we’re all in fear in the first place, I’m sure not.

The days of telling me to fear White Supremacy and not doing anything about it are over. Dems have chosen to place their eggs in other baskets that don’t address the address the root of this nation’s issues, and that’s going to be too bad for America.

I hope the gamble the Democrats have made will be worth it in the end. Anything short of addressing White Supremacy is unacceptable to me. Others are willing to give it a pass for short-term, tangible trinkets. Dems realize they have an issue that has nothing to do with messaging. The issue has to do with substance, and until they get real about it, we’re watching a slow moving train driven by the most incompetent people on the planet apparently. Love that for us.

Redistricting Will Give Dems Fewer Seats

In Southern states where the majority of Black voters in America reside, the redistricting taking place right now will make it much harder for Dems to win any elections anytime soon unless they do some covert snake-like tactics, kinda like the ones Republicans run on Dems. For instance, in Texas Republicans gutted Rep. Guillen’s (D) district in the redistricting process, disrespecting both him and his constituents and making it impossible for a Democrat to win there. Instead of Guillen running as a Democrat or leaving at the end of his term to fight corruption in a different way, he’s chosen to switch political parties to become a Republican so that he can maintain his own personal power.

I’m not sure how much he’ll be helping his old constituents.

No one can defeat redistricting efforts at this time with the Voting Rights Act gutted, a Conservative Supreme Court, and an inept Congress incapable of going-to-toe with bully Republicans striving for minority rule. The fights are at the state-level, especially for Blacks and Hispanics residing in districts scheduled to be redrawn, and apparently, Dems haven’t been getting their memos. Redistricting means fewer Democratic seats, meaning it will be difficult to hold onto those already slim majorities in state legislatures as well as in Congress.

Basically, there is less Black and Hispanic power which was unnecessary and preventable.

Representatives Are Resigning and Switching Parties

State and national Democratic representatives in a panic are resigning after the results of the off-year elections of November 2021. Joe Manchin also talked about coming a Republican earlier this year so that he can serve his White constituents much better and maintain his White man power. He may as well shake off his Klan robe and come out of the closet. He surely isn’t fooling anyone, especially not Black people.

Kentucky House of Representative John Yarmuth (KY-D)announced late on Tuesday that he will retire at the end of his term in 2023 after serving 15-years in Congress. North Carolina House of Representative G.K. Butterfield(NC-D) is expected to announce his retirement from the House due to the expected ass-kicking coming in 2022.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., have also announced their retirements meaning if Dems don’t have strong candidate replacements to hold onto their majority in the house, those seats may be up for grabs by Republicans causing Dems to lose the House of Representatives. Democrats across the country will be facing similar challenges leading up to 2024. I suspect after the holidays there will be a mass exodus of narcissistic politicians who hate losing and would rather quit politics than lose. Aren’t we blessed to have such winners in our corner? Yeah right! We’re on our own people.

We. Are. On. Our. Own.

The LGBTQ Threat

For as much as America talks about being a melting pot and being culturally diverse, it tends to forget the parts of the different cultures that are moderate or conservative (religious, financially, etc.). Because the Democratic Party doesn’t understand their various populations under the tent, they often fail to recognize a nice portion of non-White people identifying as Democrats are conservative or moderate, not liberal. The LGBTQ issue is an important one that barely gets discussed because of how dogmatic White folks are about it. Black and Brown folks have been protesting with their feet to avoid confrontations and ugly discussions.

For the longest time, White Supremacy has grouped us all together so folks didn’t have the power or feel they had space to voice opposition to some of the agendas and platforms. The polls are often wrong and misinformed because pollers are often White and biased, so they poll what they know which isn’t always the best way to gain an accurate picture of the views of the party’s subgroups. Word on the street is that more and more people are coming out as conservative, especially Hispanics and Blacks.

Non-White people are not monoliths, and that’s something the Democratic party refuses to grasp.

This is the reason there are a lot of voters jumping ship and joining Republicans. Black and Brown people don’t support Dems on all their platforms because they aren’t in their best interests or they conflict with their personal/family morals, financial, and religious beliefs.

There is a lot of silent pushback against LGBTQ issues for numerous reasons and folks are switching parties because they dislike what appears to be an aggressive push by Dems to make LGBTQ issues mainstream despite them being a relatively small, proud and often loud portion of the nation’s population. I don’t want to go off on a tangent here, all I’m saying is that the Dems have placed a huge amount of confidence and resources into this subgroup which is in direct conflict with many of the other racial, ethnic subgroups under the blue tent.

Others question the authenticity of minority status given White people under the LGBTQ because they have White gay privilege. They have dual status in our social hierarchy as being oppressed and oppressors at the same time, muddying the equality and equity for the rest of us who don’t possess dual statuses.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of the 2022 and 2024 elections where LGBTQ issues are concerned. Dems don’t have any votes to lose, but they seem hell-bent on losing them anyway. I hope the gamble is worth it. There are a lot of people murmuring about LGBTQ agendas being shoved down their throats, and they aren’t all Republicans. Agendas will be on the ballot in 2022 and 2024.

Blame The Blacks Is On The Way

Like clockwork, soon the Dems will begin blaming everything on Black people. Vice-President Harris’ low approval rating will be our fault. The low voter turnout will be blamed on Black folks too, never mind they never give us anything to vote for (the causation). Black groups attempting to desegregate themselves from the Black lump White Supremacy has us all bunched into will be blamed for not being cooperative enough. Black men will be vilified and blamed for being dissatisfied with the Dem platform and called Republicans for voicing any concerns. How dare we demand something like all the other groups and voting blocks. The blame Black folks games will begin soon.

Bidens Gaffs Will Come Back To Haunt The Democratic Party

I don’t have to tell you all the things Biden has done during his first year in office. I’ve talked about him aplenty already. Biden has done and said so many things to offend different groups, alienate subgroups, and most importantly piss White people off with that damned vaccine mandate for a shot that doesn’t prevent anyone from contracting the virus as promised.

The vaccine mandate has hundreds of thousands of people including many Democrats furloughed, laid off, or terminated from their jobs with no income, and I’ve never seen so many people in the party of equity and equality happy that men, women, and children won’t be able to care for their families because of the mandate.

It’s getting cold outside around the nation, and people can’t pay their bills, kids are going hungry, families don’t have access to employer healthcare benefits, many families are at risk of being homeless, and plenty of Dems are happy their fellow tent members are being punished for wanting to have autonomy over their bodies. It’s been quite amazing to watch Democrats turn into the party of punishment. In some instances there are no differences between the behaviors of Democrats and Republicans.

It’s scary.

You can feel the way you want about the vaccines, masks, etc., but there are plenty of people who are seriously concerned with the side effects of the vaccine as well as the spike protein that can cause long-term damage in those who received the vaccine. Also of concern is the fact Big Pharma was let off the hook because of injuries caused by bad drugs and faulty medical devices which leave patients and their family buried under medical debt with no recompense or acknowledgement.

In some cases, families have lost loved ones because of side effects and they aren’t even allowed to talk about it because of group think. People are pissed. The FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) Emergency Use Authorization, allows the FDA to authorize unapproved medical products or unapproved uses of approved medical products to be used in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions caused by chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threat agents when certain criteria are met, including if there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.

This means drugmakers get a pass for giving us a shitty product. If you get sick or die, oh well it’s your fault. Too bad, so sad, and no responsibility. The Democratic Party is co-signing this and folks are alarmed.

Without getting into my personal feelings about any of the aforementioned, it basically means a lot of people have been punished for caring about their bodies and ostracized for expressing concerns about medication. Reasonable questions and speech are being suppressed and its unnerving.

Well, folks may not be able to argue Dems down about anything related to vaccines and Covid-19, but many would find great pleasure in making them lose in 2022 and 2024. I know a few Dems who have taken vows to never vote for the party again. Some are refusing to vote at all seeing there are no good choices for them personally.

We got rid of one form of tyranny and exchanged it for another. Folks in America, including Dems, appear to be practicing for totalitarianism. It seems they’ll be getting their wish soon. Americans don’t understand what a true democracy is. When it’s all said and done they’ll be wishing for the fake one they had.

I didn’t even mention the war in Afghanistan ending terribly under Biden’s presidency, how the Haitian immigrants were treated at the border, the $450,000 settlement discussed for undocumented immigrants, the very expensive costs to resettle Syrian and Middle-Eastern refugee resettlement, and the passing of the Infrastructure Bill that seems difficult to get the message out about because it’s tainted by Biden’s negotiating with White Supremacists so much to get it passed.

And let’s not forget Biden’s, “The system works,” comment regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict that angered some in Democratic Party’s base.

Biden has made enough boo-boos in the first year of his presidency to last for the duration of it. The only thing that may save the Dems is that people have short-term memories. Other than that, the Democratic Party should expect problems because of self-inflicted trauma caused by President Jim Crow Joe.


Expect plenty of propaganda by both parties, the media and trolls. It’s inevitable. The trolls are already out on social media and they are heavily engaged in divisive business. Be mindful of profiles prior to engaging with some folks. It may be worthwhile to check the profiles of new people instead of wasting energy arguing with them. They have a purpose, and it’s to destroy peace. We don’t need anymore of that. Propaganda is all about playing with our emotions. Trolls have mastered these tactics. Don’t fall prey as the political seasons kicks off a bit early.

Dem Activist Will Be Selling Nothing

Dem activists are out in full force trying to sell how great the Infrastructure Bill is and how good Build Back Better will be for America. I’ve gone through it and all I see are the Mr. Charlies all of America with infrastructure types of businesses benefitting greatly while the average person sees little to no improvement in their daily lives. But keep telling us about broadband internet that we will have to pay for or the electric bike lanes in cities. Whatever. I’m done with playing their games.

Address White Supremacy. Can we fix that? Activists simply move on to the next subject as if we haven’t been screaming this for the past 400+ years. The biggest problem I have in my life stems from White Supremacy. An infrastructure bill won’t fix that. Nice try though.

These are the next moves. Got something to add. Drop it below. Sharing is caring. We need to get real about our problems and our politics, and I don’t see it happening. Prepare for failure. We’re in it knee-deep now my friends, with no plans of turning back now.

Don’t shoot the messenger, in fact, don’t shoot anyone. Be angry with the people creating the bad messages for me to deliver to you. I’d love to give you roses and rainbows, but America is fresh out.

If we settle for trash, we’ll eventually be living in a dumpster.

And here we are.

The Democratic Party is the problem that can’t seem to figure out how to become a solution, and that’s a problem.

Marley K., 2021

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