Beautifully written Clay Rivers.

I knew you would provide some rationale for my thoughts on the state of humanity today. The analogy about parenting and kids disobeying their parents really resonated with me (having one child who strayed lol). It’s so disheartening to see believers twist words of their God, follow criminals, engage in all the bad phoias and isms, neglect and harm the poor, forget the widows, kill children, and engage in modern-day slavery (sex tourism/trafficking, etc).

I’m going to try to overlook the gap. I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me. Your words make sense. But when I see men claim those same words and do evil, harm the earth, horde power, it shakes me to my core. It makes me wonder who they really see and hear when they worship. In any event, thank you for responding to my questions. I appreciate you taking the time to address all the terrible things humans do to turn people off. It seems it’s not getting any better.

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