Bingo! This is exactly why he must go in my opinion. We have no way of knowing what harm he’s caused Black people during the years he’s practiced medicine. No one is investigating whether or not he’s had any medical malpractice cases or lawsuits that involved patients of colors. No investigations into complaints to determine whether or not he’s had complaints with state licensing agencies. Even in residency — what type of resident was he? I’m sure they didn’t do patient satisfaction surveys the way they do today, but isn’t it fair game that we investigate whether or not he even had patients of color and if he did — what are their thoughts of the good doctor?

I think this man is putting his personal reputation and livelihood before any trauma we feel from his betrayal. Clearly blackface is so prevalent in Virginia researchers don’t even consider it as an issue when investigating candidate backgrounds. To me, that says a lot too. Democratic politicians wearing blackface may as well be a Trump GOP politician in my opinion. There is no redeeming qualities if you’re doing blackface in the 80s. You’re “highly intelligent” but too stupid to know blackface is wrong.

Spare me.

You put my thoughts about the entire situation out into the atmosphere. I simply inquired about how we Blacks can’t be certain his attitudes about casual racism haven’t harmed us prior to 2019. The question still isn’t answered — and it won’t be unless we force the media to do their jobs!

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