Black like many women of color have far too many responsibilities as it is. We are always saving our families, supporting, men, protecting our children…saving elections. I can go on and on, but the one thing that has been a constant is our love for our people. Unfortunately, our men don’t love us back. They family hop when the work gets hard, when life happens and when the children come into the world. Black men are busy working trying to be accepted for their piece of White privilege and wealth. Black men mistreat us on our jobs and even pass over and demote us to promote whites as to stay in good White graces. White women are the most unprotected, unwanted, and uncared for species on earth. Black men don’t know what they want, but we know it’s not us. If it was, our communities and homes would be in much better shape. We have been holding things together for a long time by ourselves as Black men chase Kim Kardashian like instagram models to stroke their fragile egos. We do our jobs.

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