Black lives really don’t matter and Black people in particular are not seen as human. White people only see and believe in their own humanity which is why you need a PhD and a dissertation any time there is any type of crime where the perpatrator of the crime was White and the victim was Black. It’s the same racist belief they’ve had about Black people since slavery. They believe we are subhuman and we don’t deserve any compassion.

As soon as a White person says to me that we need to wait on all the evidence, I just lay right into their asses because it’s racist. If we all can see the same thing, how is that only White people need more evidence and have no empathy or can’t muster up any empathy until the results of their stupid investigation renders the results they desire?

Racism, that’s why.

Anyone needing more information is racist. The pathology of Whiteness smh

Great essay and wonderful teachable moment.

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