Black voters were disenfranchised everywhere. Standing in long lines for 8–12 hours due to limited voting machines, our votes were tossed because they said signatures didn’t match. If you didn’t verify your vote, it wasn’t counted. People didn’t get mail in ballots. If college students didn’t get mail in ballots and couldn’t afford to go home on their own to vote in person, they did not get the opportunity. There were so many ways all of us, not just Blacks, were cheated out of the right to vote to keep this con artist fucker out of jail.

I am so disgusted so many White people vote for him. It’s unbelievable. It’s amazing Biden wins with all the cheating done. We Black folks have been down this road so many times before. I requested an early ballot and personally dropped it off at the Board of Elections. The first day of vote counting, I verified my vote was counted. I know any human being with power has the power to make our votes disappear, remove our names from voter rolls, or allow a judge to dismiss our Black signature. So I was vigilant. I’m always vigilant. If you’re Black, your vote can be purged.

It’s always something. It’s hardwork being Black which is why I’m exhausted and angry.

We don’t deserve this, yet our reward from saving America is more fighting. I really wished White people would fight the way we had to. Dealing with White Supremacy is like a constant Chess game that never ends.

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