Blacks have known this for sometime. It’s the same way with foster care. Black and Hispanic kids stay in longer than any other group. White kids are removed the least and when they are removed, they often stay in foster care less time (see pg. 10). Now that there is the opioid epidemic and meth WHite children spend more time in care than they have previously, but still every effort has been made to ensure they rejoin their families are adopted.

Race is in everything in America. Everything. The only reason people are walking around who don’t know this is they aren’t Black, Brown, or a Black or Brown immigrant and are the default. They don’t have to worry about race because they come from the dominant one. Thanks for writing this essay to share the secret ways America’s adoption markets devalue Black and biracial children.

Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | | | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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