Bowing to you Queen Audra!

I’m astounded at your courage, your bravery and your moral fiber. You are a rarity. I can’t tell you how many people waffle when it comes to disclosing sexual abuse. Your daughter is a good friend, and her friend felt confident enough to disclose her abuse. Your home must be a safe space. She is a natural advocate, and that’s what we need more of. Your daughter has learned so many valuable life lessons a book will never teach her.

Like being a friend, and helping your friends when they are in need. She learned some secrets are bad, and they need to be disclosed. She learned she can trust her mom…she’s the real MVP. She learned some problems can’t be solved alone, sometimes you need mom’s wisdom. Most importantly, your daughter and her friend learned what family is all about. Good families don’t allow their family members and friends to be harmed. Protect this house.

The ass whooping part had my dying. It doesn’t happen enough in my opinion. Too many times prosecutors don’t bring our cases before a grand jury to try them, so our women and girls don’t get justice.

A good ass whooping by the family in advance will suffice when the justice system fails our girls. I am here for all of this lol.

Thank goodness for people like you and your daughter. Keep helping. Keep healing. Keep teaching, and keep fighting for us. We’re all we got. I’m going to do my part. There’s plenty of work and few workers.

Marley ❤

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