Boy…… lemme tell you sure do know how to cut somebody a new asshole 😂.

You read these fake chicks their rights today boo! I just don’t understand why people are so infatuated with these fake wanna be Black women. Nothing about them is real or appealing. They can barely speak a coherent sentence. And the stupid men who just gotta have these hag bags seem to not be able to see all the skeletal remains of men they’ve sucked the life out of and left behind. These chicks and their momma use and abuse — that’s all they do. Any Black person signing up for that bullshit gets exactly what they deserve. The K Klan operates just like America does. They have a capitalistic mentality. Everything they do has a motive. They have used their backs and vaginas to gain entry into classes they don’t deserve to be in, and they used our race to accrue all of their wealth — starting with Ray J! Oh wait, I meant O.J.

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