Boy was this refreshing. Sisters in the struggle. I tell people all of the time that no amount of meds will help you deal with the issues of our minds if you don’t have serious mental health issues. It’s a long slow, road to walk, but it must be done. And usually alone with the occasional aid of friends, clinicians, and life. Psych drugs only work for only two people most times: the doc prescribing them, and the pharma company who created the bullshit. Doctors know this, but until they are thrown into jail for practicing bad medicine… nothing will ever change. Holistic medicine heals. Thanks for sharing your story. There are many of us like you who have been labeled so the world doesn’t have to deal with how evil it is.

The healthcare industry is in large made up of men. From the hospital ER, to the research industry, to the pharmaceutical board room. I never let that escape me.

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