Bravo! I love how you broke this down. I have seen this happen time and time again in my old home state. These companies come because there aren’t any unions and the state is an at-will-employer (they fire you for any reason). The county and city governments offer all of these incentives with the hopes these people buy homes, cars, shop, and put their kids in schools. What happens is that these people move to affluent communities where their home purchases end up funding schools and communities that don’t benefit more needy communities.

Employers like Amazon also have bunches of temp jobs in addition to the promised high paying jobs where they lay people off before it’s time to hire them permanently. People lower on the totem pole in the company stay chronically unemployed. After the 10–25 year tax incentive agreement runs out, -the county/city government re-ups and passes the incentive (county budget shortfalls) onto local home and small business owners. At the end of the day the corporations get richer — and middle and low-income get to say this big name company is in their county/city. And let’s not talk about the work environment

It’s bullshit. It’s trickle down. It doesn’t work. I’m glad people are calling out these politicians on their bullshit. That’s how you drain a swamp!

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