Bravo Sister! Bravo! I couldn’t clap enough.

Our jobs are NEVER done. As a mothers we are confidants, cheerleaders, and diversity coordinators for race relations in our homes — until the day we close our eyes. My children are adults now and after all the lessons and all the teaching on the inequality in our systems before they turned 18, there is always more to teach and counsel them on as adults. Always. Remember, we’ve been where they are going.

Teaching our kids about race is a life long activity. I didn’t realize this until my adult children started calling with complaints about the racist White female supervisor with a personality disorder issue who shouldn’t supervise a plant, let alone people. We also discuss being overlooked for promotions, or even the uncomfortable feelings of being a Black man with a Spanish name in a White space. The discomfort never goes away. We also talk about racist work place codes they need to be on the lookout for. God forbid they have high expectations without understanding the truisms of being a Black person in America.

Our jobs are never done mama. The talk changes — the racism experienced evolves, and the band-aid remedies and solutions are modified. Be strong and know your job keeping your children safe from covert and overt racism does not and will not end until you depart from this earth or you lose your voice and your mind.

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